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Taken Down Under (JVP 095)

Chi Chi LaRue
Jocks Studios  
Clint Williamson , Craig Everest , Dylan Reece , Ian Curtis , Jake Slade , Josh Kane , Josh Stone , Matt Spencer , Mike Kendall , Paul Miller , Spike , Stephen Owens
Australia / AussiesHunks

Taken Down Under (JVP 095)

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Spike gets taken Down Under (in Australia)

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Taken Down Under is one of Chi Chi LaRue's and Jocks Studios' more exotic, interesting films.

The movie features a clever little screenplay that augments the sizzling sex, all of which is set in the undisputed gay world mecca of Sydney, Australia. Shot on location in Sydney, it includes a number of the same models in Falcon's Absolute.

The four searing sex scenes evolve naturally out of the story about a young man (Spike - Stock Sentenced & Released) who heads to Australia to forget his just-ended relationship. Spike knows only one person in Sydney, but before he can contact him, his bag gets switched at a public phone.

Spike in Taken Down UnderWatch on
Spike gets taken Down Under
With no money, passport or even his friend's phone number, he looks in the other fellow's bag. Inside, he finds an appointment book with the owner's name - Dylan Reece (Snap Shots). So he sets out to track him down to get his own luggage.

In this hunt, he falls into one sexual situation after another. The movie is a Spike-fest, with his enormous presence dominating everything. His first stop is the address listed for Reece. He no longer lives there, but the new tenants (Paul Miller and Josh Stone - Absoulute Arid & Aqua) are empathetic of his plight, allowing him to stay on their couch.

The hosts spy on Spike who is unwinds with a leisurely jackoff session. Stone and Miller are both very handsome and well-hung. They are inspired to couple-up in their own session of sucking and rimming, concluded with some hot anal footage.

The next day, the hunt continues. Spike is mistaken for Reece at a photo shoot. He ends up in a great three way with the photographer (Josh Kane) and the lanky, strawberry blond Stephen Owens on a lovely boat in Elizabeth Bay.

The famous Sydney Opera House and the Harbor Bridge provide a postcard backdrop to the action. All three guys are greatly endowed, and devote lots of attention to kissing, sucking and rimming. Spike and Owens take turns on Kane's hole, which apparently is bottomless. They all finish with high-flying money shots.

Ya Better Run, Ya Better Take Cover

Spike shows up to the orgy. The next appointment in the book is a party. Spike arrives, and he pulled into a seven man orgy, where becomes the center of attention. The orgy is classic ChiChi. At one point Spike, Mall Spencer and Ian Curtis are all standing over their partners, facefucking them simultaneously.

The scene also broils as Spike effortlessly penetrates the insatiable Spencer. Spencer, a tall, verbal blond, appears to have no problem with anything asked of him at the orgy.

The final episode finally brings unites Spike and Reece. The apologetic Aussie makes up for his mistake in no time. Reece has a look and ass that reminds one of Joey Stefano, which swallow Spike's sword no muss no fuss. He can also deepthroat it repeatedly. After coming up for air, his legs are in the air, and we see the entire session in vivid detail.

Kudos to the fine videography and direction team for making Taken Down Under one of the top films produced for the Jocks movie line.

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Taken Down Under (JVP 095) Photos:

Watching Paul Miller and Josh StoneWatch on
Spike jacks off to Paul Miller and Josh Stone (background)
Dylan Reece and SpikeWatch on
Dylan Reece readys himself to suck Spike

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