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Take It Like a Man (Raging Stallion)

Chris Ward
Raging Stallion Studios  
, Steven Richards , Tony Scalia , , Carlo Cox , Michael Brandon ,
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Take It Like a Man (Raging Stallion)

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Be a man, Shane Rollins!

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

This four episode programmer from Raging Stallion shows off masculine guys - from boyish to rugged - all exploring the notion of taking it up the ass is to be a man.

(Of course, we wholeheartedly agree with this premise)

The shining star of the film is supple boytoy Shane Rollins, the boxcoverboy whose puckish enthusiasm for sexual delights illuminate the screen. This modest production is further amplified by the well-chosen cast, skilled director and production crew, and last but not least the steady, entrancing rhythms of J.D. Slater's soundtrack.

Shane Rollins Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Shane Rollins
The first episode, titled Mansex, pairs the ripped Italian Tony Scalia with the equally muscular Brazilian Carlo Cox, whose appearances this year have been causing a big stir.

The two muscledaddys paw, lick and kiss each other, eventually peeling off their jeans. After working on Cox's dick, Scalia bends over to draw attention to his hole, and Cox slams in his cut meatrod with a heavy breathing, grunting enthusiasm.

Face red and forehead veins on display, Scalia moans in delight as he takes it like a man.

Michael Soldier takes it like a man from Rod Hardon

It's Too Big starts with street hustler Michael Soldier getting picked up off the street by Rod Hardon, a tall black stud with a shaved head.

Returning to Hardon's well-appointed home, he stuffs Soldier's mouth with his mile-long, thick meat. Soldier tries to get as much in his mouth, but gags. Hardon remains undeterred, obviously enjoying giving his new friend this kind of trouble.

Undeterred he continues stuffing Soldier's face, who gurgles out from time to time that It's too big.

It is an established fact that butts can take hefty cocks much easier then mouths. On this principle, Hardon spins Soldier around and shoves it in.

Soldier takes the titanic phallus like a man. He gets bangs in all positions until they finally release their loads.

The third scene is an odd insertion - Rod Hardon returns to give a lengthy solo in a barn setting. Draped in rope and wearing Enrico Vega's cowboy hat from Packin' Loads, he strokes his massive piece of black tubesteak. It's a good solo, but strange coming immediately on the heels of the previous Hardon/Soldier encounter.

The final scene is clearly the film's best. It opens with Steven Richards' snug bunghole getting poked and prodded to the point of insertion by Michael Brandon (Pokin in the Boys Room). Soon Brandon bangs the bejesus out of him. These two masculine sexpigs go through a full course of anal action until they are joined by Shane Rollins.

Keeling, he gives Richards a slow sensuous deepthroat. Then the two older guys proceed to tear his youthful, supple ass up. Rollins, who has extremely expressive eyes, often gazes up at his play partner, or into the camera.

For a long time, Rollins gets worked over stomach-down, butt held up in the air. It is a picture perfect pose. Their orgasms make a splashy finish to the movie.

The DVD also contains an interesting interview with Carlo Cox in the DVD extras. His fans will enjoy seeing him speak and answer candid questions.

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Take It Like a Man (Raging Stallion) Photos:

Carlo Cox pumps Tony Scalia Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Carlo Cox pumps Tony Scalia
Michael Brandon and Steven Richards surround Shane Rollins Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Michael Brandon and Steven
Richards surround Shane Rollins
Rod Hardon snapshot
Watch on RagingStallion
or Watch VOD
Rod Hardon

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