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Take Down

John Travis
Studio 2000  
Adam Archer , Adam Hart , Bo Summers , Chris Farrell , Danny Sommers , Jason Andrews , Joey Morgan , Rick Bolton

Take Down

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Adam Hart's Coming Out Story

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Take Down was John Travis's very first release by his newly minted studio Studio 2000. This handsome film contains all of the hallmarks that Travis used in his earlier works - glossy photography, heated sex, a thematic structure, and remarkably handsome men. It also projects was was to become an extremely successful film studio under his helm.

Take Down is a tale of a young college athlete who strikes out consistently with every girl he dates. The film traces his first baby steps towards discovering his true sexual impulses. This youth is played by then-newcomer Adam Hart (Desert Hart), who was a perfect vessel to bring to life this coming out tale.

Hart, a blond with a wonderfully expressive face that suggests depths yet to be plumbed, a great physique that seems more natural than gym-built and a perfect bubble-butt. Although he functions mostly as trade throughout the film, he does caress, jack off and kiss them.

The story: Rejected by his girlfriend, Hart returns to the fraternity house where his openly gay roommate (Adam Archer) finally gets to service him. Riddled with guilt, Hart flees to the safety of his coach (Rick Bolton), where he asks to crash for a few days, making it clear that he wants no questions asked.

Rick Bolton and Danny Sommers

For the next several days, it seems that during every waking hour, he is confronted with men humping men. He spies two wrestlers in the gym (Joey Morgan and Chris Farrell) and the two students from whom he needs to borrow some chem notes (Jason Andrews and Bo Summers from Jawbreaker). His nights are no better because he is plagued by wet dreams featuring Bolton and Danny Sommers.

Finally after a well-done solo session in front of a mirror - Hart makes the first decisive steps toward exploring his gay urges by inviting coach into his bedroom.

The cast of Take Down is uniformily handsome and heated, the music is well done and the script is tight. One of the finest aspect of the movie is the videography, a style which John Travis developed and used from this point on, and which we enjoy in his Studio 2000 movies.

Travis's images are perfect - a double-focus shot of Hart watching Archer giving him head, an amazingly intimate top shot of Morgan penetrating Chris Farrell, a top shot of Summers sucking Andrews on a vibrant green carpet, and a cross-cut of the eye contact between Hart and Bolton when they eventually connect.

Take Down hits both the heart and the hard-on, and watching the coming out of Adam Hart will strike a familiar chord with many viewers. John Travis creates a great document of sexual self-discovery.

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