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Swim Meat 2: Twin Towers

Herve Handsome
High Octane  
Alex Lynch , , Enrique Gardinelli , Fredy Costa , Gamal Simon , Garrett Felado , Ian Lynch , Irving Hunter , , Leslie Manzel , , Marco Campbell , Percy Kirk , Rod Stevens , Zeno Alexander
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Swim Meat 2: Twin Towers

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Twin Brothers Share Bottoms

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Herve Handsome's film Swim Meat 2: Twin Towers is an enjoyable six scene frolic, full of bulging muscles and dangling speedos. The sub-title refers to the two tall, remarkable buildings in the cast - twin brothers Alex and Ian Lynch. These guys have made a splash in the European movies, working for many Hungarian studios under a slew of different names (for example, as the LeCroix brothers in Studio 2000's Twin Devils).

In this flick, they look just as handsome, and, unlike in Bel Ami's Flings 2, both brothers go bottoms up.

Chatting by the pool, the brothers succumb to the tender advances of Lucio Maverick and Marco Campbell. Maverick takes Alex Lynch's face in his hands for some passionate kissing. Campbell run his hands along Ian Lynch's smooth body.

One arousing aspect of the siblings are their identical looks, right down to the hot tattoos on their left arms.

Lynch Twin Brothers with Lucio Maverick Watch on High Octane or Watch VOD
Alex Lynch rides
Lucio Maverick, Ian Lynch
(standing right)
The brothers sit shoulder to shoulder getting sucked. Finally, each one gets fucked by their respective topman partner.

Maverick is a fantastic, handsome top. Campbell is a tall, cool drink of water. He tops under the moniker Albert Halmos in the equally sporty Footballers. But the scene's centerpiece is watching the dual bottoming of the Lynch brothers, who with their legs up and / or bent over starts the film off on a very high note.

After this, Julian Vincenzo saunters into the WC, where he makes his move on the youthful Gamal Simon standing at the urinals.

Vincenzo quickly and easily melts Simon's defences. He allows the muscular powerhouse to fondle him into a full erection. Soon, Simon is on his knees running his tongue along Vincenzo's thick meat.

The highlight of this episode shows Simon standing bent over a urinal, his other foot balanced on another pissour, while the camera captures the underside view of Vincenzo's cock ramming in and out of his ass.

Vincenzo's dick moves fast. It looks so thick that the condom could split apart at any second. They finish with Simon riding the top while seated in a toilet stall.

After this comes the movie's best episode - a poolside three-way between Fredy Costa, Claudio Antonelli and a beautiful looking Leslie Manzel. We have not seen Manzel on screen for awhile (Frat house Bash). Here, his hair is a dark brunet and he carries a sexy go-tee.

He throws a great fuck to Antonelli, followed by Costa, who always seems happy to stick his long dick into something. Their three way crackles with energy, accented by Manzel's visible, audible moans.

Fans of Manzel do not want to miss his return to film. And kudos to Antonelli for taking on two fantastic Hungarian cocks. He, as usual, shoots one of the biggest money shots of the entire film.

Next, Irving Hunter holds Zeno Alexander back in the locker room as their teammates depart for the pool area. (Why these randy swimmers bother hiding their lusts from each other seems silly, but okay.)

Hunter and Alexander, both also appearing as soccer players in High Octane's enjoyable Score!, they do a good job here in their one-on-one sex session. Hunter is tall, very cute and has a very long dick.

He slams his hot dog deep inside Alexander's muscle butt, who takes it nicely.

Next, Garret Felade and Percy Kirk enjoy a refreshing shower, when the bald Enrique Gardinelli (Passions of War 3: Celebration) arrives. He gets on his knees, taking turns sucking them. Both Felade and Kirk get their turns at hammering Gardinelli's ass, standing at each of his ends, making a sandwich out of him.

They turn him around in several positions before shooting their cum loads.

Leslie Manzel snapshot Watch on High Octane or Watch VOD
Leslie Manzel
Irving Hunter snapshot Watch on High Octane or Watch VOD
Irving Hunter
The movie finishes with a poolside union between the Rod Stevens and a returning Vincenzo. They enjoy a hot scene by the pool, the highlight being Vincenzo banging Stevens doggie style. Vincenzo is one of the hottest tops working today, as is Stevens working as one of the hottest bottoms. Some viewers may note that they have seen this all before, as the two models are paired up in Csaba Borbely's Construction Island and Roland Dane's Leather Weapon.

Any of these scenes are hot to watch, so perhaps check out all of them!

Swim Meat 2: Twin Towers nicely brings Euro-muscle hunks together in hot looking speedos. There is a thirty-five minute DVD extra which shows director Handsome instructing and positioning the models, as well as posing them for the excellent set of photo stills included on the disc.

Swim Meat 2: Twin Towers Photos:

Fredy Costa, Claudio Anntonelli and Leslie Manzel Watch on High Octane or Watch VOD
Fredy Costa, Claudio Anntonelli, Leslie Manzel
Irving Hunter and Zeno Alexander Watch on High Octane or Watch VOD
Irving Hunter tops Zeno Alexander

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