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Sweet Temptation

Leo Botelho
South American Pictures  
Frank , Jack , Marcelo , Pedro , Ricardo , Rock , Troy
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Sweet Temptation

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Rocky Is a Big Temptation

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Brazil is a land of unending temptations. Why be tempted with an apple when there are an endless supply of gorgeous, sexually explosive men? One company satisfying these persistent desires for hot mansex is South American Pictures. Their movies are all well edited, reliable products. Also, they typically end up without any subtitles, use simple setups, and rarely go to the trouble to properly credit their models with names. Despite this, it is difficult not to hit the target with all of the pure sexual energy pumping through the models' veins.

Sweet Temptation has four scenes, the final two being particularly eyebrow-raising. The first scene is the first of two that take place in a nice pool/wet area, which sort of appears like a bathhouse. Rodrigo emerges from the pool and immediately gets lathered by the slightly stockier Frank.

Rodrigo, with his slim build, tattoo running down his stomach and thick oversized erection is a fascinating figure to watch. Rodrigio rims Frank a bit with his pierced tongue, and then proceed to give him a first class ass hammering. They switch through a variety of positions for over twenty minutes, spending lots of cameratime showing the top's ass pumping in and out of the doggie Frank.

Rodrigo finishes by raining down a copious load like a water sprinkler onto the well-plowed bottom.

The second scene has Ricardo carrying in a package, where a tall shaved headed Black guy named Troy gets to pay for the delivery with his ass. The camera spends a long take showing the top's superfine butt gyrating in the camera, along with the penetration of Troy's own hot ass. Some viewers may want quicker camera cuts, but we found this sequence, where obviously the model's were in rapture without the help of camera tricks, to enhance the effectiveness of the scene.

Sweet Temptation
Rock standing over
Ricardo and Pedro
The large figured Troy can pretzel himself into some impressive positions, notably with his legs flown far back. And he shoots his cumload up all over himself and his partner.

Next up, it appears Rodrigo, that wiley top, is at it again. In the same setting as in the first scene, he proceeds to hammer the cum out of a lanky, youthful bottom named Marcello. This twenty two minute ass hammering is a study in serious top action. Marcello, who has tufts on hair on his backside, becomes a deeply drilled wide receiver, submissive to the point that he drops two separate loads without the top stopping even for a moment.

As before, the scene contains just several long unedited takes. Rodrigo is a tireless top, who pants loudly, often speaking to the guy is his drilling in Portuguese, using words like puta. After plowing his balls deep in lots of different frenzied positions, the two lay side by side, sixty-nine style, and jack off into their mouths. Bottomboy Marcello gets the gold star here for cumming a total of three times!

The movie's final scene starts in a romantic, quiet campfire setting. Cute as a button boxcoverboy Pedro might have expected a quiet evening with his two buddies the Rock and Ricardo. However, with these two butch bodybuilders there is precious little romance, but instead, copious amounts of hard driving, ass slapping humping of their smaller, smooth skinned friend.

He rides the Rock's cock at length as Ricardo stands next to them getting sucked by the bottom. Brazil fans should remember the mysterious powertop Rock from South American Pictures The Renegade, which is another delight.

Filmed outdoors at night, the cinematography is surprisingly good. As in the previous scenes, the bottom clearly gets his brains screwed right out of his moaning little skull. In a surprisingly arousing finish, Rock shoots his load which rubbing the underside of his cock along Pedro's tongue. Afterwards Ricardo finishes up on Pedro's still gooey face.

Sweet Temptations is a simple, hard driving package that yields plenty of stimulating enjoyment for fans of Brazilian guys or just unpretentious hot sex in general. Look for nice discounts on this DVD.

Sweet Temptation Photos:

Sweet Temptation
Rodrigo tops Marcello
Sweet Temptation
Pedro sucks Ricardo
Sweet Temptation
Rodrigo sucks Marcello

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