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Maxwell Barber
Bulldog XXX  
Beau Sands , Chris Barton , Danny Cannon , Darren Robbins , Ivo Costa , James Grant , Leon Steele , Lewis Quintini , Matt Colmar , Mo , Phil Stevens
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Darren Robins gets down on a washing machine

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

The titles roll over the heavily perspiring torso of cover star Lewis Quintini in Sweat!, director Maxwell Barber's (Scum! A Story of British Sex Pigs) dripping hot addition to the Bulldog XXX line. Subtitled "Dirty Fucking Bastards" it features the best of British brawn - rough horse hung macho fuckers and nasty horny bottom boys in four explosive scenes.

Skins Darren Robins and Matt Colmar (Perfect Fit from Hot House) star in "Service Wankers", two blokes who get steamed up when on call fixing a washing machine. Shirtless and tattooed, and with testosterone levels shooting steroid .45s from their biceps, they slide that washer in with record time. But they could give two shits about the payday… Its play day they came here for…

Matt Colmar and Darren RobbinsWatch Now - Watch on BulldogXXX
Matt Colmar and Darren Robbins

Thick manly tongues probe unshaven mouths… Colmar moves his attention to Robins' pits, sucking and licking and kissing, then his nips, and then that hard cock which slides between Colmar's stubbly opening easy as the washer they just installed. Robins slaps it across Colmar's face unashamedly, reminding him what a dirty cocksucker he is.

Multiply tattooed Robins is not to be outdone in the sucking department, and he goes to town, and back again, on Colmar's sweaty tool, with its thick metal cockring gripping at the base. Naked now except for his black boots and socks, he straddles Robins' on the counter. Such a hot hole for spreading - shaved, smooth, and hungry - Colmar darts in and out with tongue and fingers. You won't argue with the director's choice of shots here, as Colmar's thick headed prick forefronts your screen, and Robins squirms (in his own manly way) on the countertop above.

A dirty fucker Colmar proves to be, fingering Robins' precum up his ass, sucking, massaging his massive prick from behind, it's a truly hot scene. Legs over his head on the floor now, Robins' ass gets drenched and stretched, before taking the pummeling of a lifetime from Colmar's engorged penis. This is two real men enjoying each other in the truest sense of the word. Colmar orgasms before getting a creamy load over his mouth, but for these men it's not so much the cumming as getting there that's the hottest part….

"Food Fuckers" hypnotically sexy soundtrack would get anyone pulling their pricks out. And the three sexy chefs feeling the heat in the kitchen are no exception in this second scene. Soon shirtless, the guys cast sly sexual glances at one another, and it isn't long before Leon Steele and Mo are exploring each other's mouths, and fucking enjoying it. Ivo Costa joins the trio and it's not just food sizzling in the kitchen anymore. Bearded boy Steele allows himself to be worshiped by the other two, offering his armpits like a new dish to taste in the kitchen.

In another hot piece of direction, the camera is placed below, as the three guys whip out their cocks (Steele's massive uncut member juts out from a patriotic pair of boxer shorts), as if the viewer was beneath. Nice…

Danny Cannon and Beau SandsWatch Now - Watch on BulldogXXX
Danny Cannon undresses Beau Sands
After some heavy wanking and oral trading, Steele parks himself against a wall, and gets covered by chocolate and cream from his two coworkers, who take turns licking it off his chest and cock… But the food fun doesn't stop there.He bends over, and Mo works his hole good with a carrot. Costa moves to the front and feeds him his own impressive curved UK cock, then switches with Mo, trading the carrot for a massively thick cucumber. Food foreplay finally over, he takes it hard and wide from Mo and Costa's own appendages. Costa becomes a cock kebab next, with Steele in his mouth and Mo up his ass, and the trio explode on each other, showing they like their dessert wet, sticky, and on their faces….

"Paint Sprayers" is next, showcasing Danny Cannon (shown in the titles gazing at a straight porno mag) and Beau Sands. Painting a room, it soon becomes apparent that Sands jeans are a tad worse for wear when he climbs up a ladder and hotly (unintentionally?) exposes his uncut shaft to Cannon below. Roller swiftly dropped, Cannon's outstretched hand explores that massive rip in the other's crotch, and painting is instantly forgotten.

Glistening with sweat, the pair kiss in masculine embrace, as Sands' hot ass is roughly massaged by Cannon's able mitts. Lusting after him now, Sands drops down to the ground and takes Cannon's huge rod in his mouth. Getting his prick and nips worked out well, Cannon bends his friend over the ladder, fingering, and then teasing him with a thick raw cockhead. Once he's got him nice and loose with his digits, he slides his rubbered cock deep inside, and gives this bottom a nice sweaty ramming right up that sweet hole. The sound of their fucking alone is enough to get the blood rushing to your prick.

Sands mouth takes that manmeat his ass has just been enjoying so much. But Cannon needs more butt, so he slips back inside, pinning his co-worker on his back, leaving him open and vulnerable. The moment Cannon whips off his rubber, Sands' mouth is gaping open, tongue hanging out and ready, and he gets his reward like he wants it – a massive stiff shaft spurting all over his face. He comes at once, still dripping with Cannon's jizz.

Opening Ivo Costa's box

The final scene of this sweaty quartet is "Box Packers", which couples Ivo Costa, the second hot bottom from the food scene, with thick chained hottie chav James Grant (Soldier Boy from Eurocreme). Shifting boxes around a warehouse can be mundane business and Grant is soon slurping on Costas' uncut curved meat, in a nice wet scene. He displays a nice stiffie of his own, which gets expertly sucked after hr rims Costa into temporary submission.

Grant lies back on the boxes while Costa's hard weapon slams into him. The pair enjoy each other in a variety of positions, before Costa pulls out, and gives Grant a cum drenched mouth.

But as if that wasn't enough, three more men burst in on the scene - smoldering cover model Lewis Quintini, bearded "boss" Phil Stevens and tatted skinhead Chris Barton.

The final fifteen minutes is a fuckfest of a fivesome. Cocks and mouths and nipples and holes and fingers and tats and tongues... These five trade out like there's no tomorrow.

There's precum dripping all over the place, one guy is snogging an ass while Grant slides his cock between the pair. Massive hard-ons greet hot assholes. The intensity of these five men together is something to be seen… as is the final climax when they gather around a floored Ivo Costa and spooge all over his willing dirty fucker of a face…

So if you enjoy your men British, masculine, buff, brawny, tatted, pierced or dirty, be sure to check out this nasty addition to the Bulldog XXX line.

The DVD includes individual access to each of the four scenes and a 12 minute stills gallery including some hot photos not available in the main flick. Woof!

Sweat! Photos:

Danny Cannon fucks Beau SandsWatch Now - Watch on BulldogXXX
Danny Cannon rams Beau Sands
Ivo Costa in SweatWatch Now - Watch on BulldogXXX
Mo screws Leon Steele,
Ivo Costa observes
Ivo Costa fucks in SweatWatch Now - Watch on BulldogXXX
Ivo Costa tops Mo,
Leon Steele observes

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