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Swallow with Pride

Joe Budai
Lucas Entertainment  
Brent Moon , David Cain , Divko , James Jones , James Jordan , Ray Randolf , , Ted Potter
Euro-Muscle GuysKink / SextoysCum EatingWatersports

Swallow with Pride

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Helmut Muller and Divko swell and spit pride.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Is he the same individual who under the moniker Herve Handsome at High Octane Studios ushered in a completely new and exciting raft of amazingly muscled Hungarian guys into North America at the turn of the 21st century, which set a new standard of physique and energy in gay male porn?

After many years of successful DVD releases, High Octane is now owned by Raging Stallion, and the innovative French director seems to be filming new projects under new names. Swallow with Pride contains many of the same familiar fingerprints of a High Octane film that are instantly recognizable. Obviously, there is the cast of beefy Magyars, who quietly ooze heterosexuality from their negotiable Eastern European pores.

Another good indicator is to look at the behind the scenes sequence on the DVD, which move for move matches the style of similar features for High Octane. It is basically the second camera filming the models as they pose for stills to the steady tempo of flash camera photography.

Helmut Muller swallows in Swallow with Pride Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Ray Rudolph (Helmut Muller) sucks Divko
Joe Budai has been present for many of Michael Lucas' Budapest sojourns, plus he's hired Budai to film movies of his own for Lucas Entertainment. It is nice to see Lucas turn his attention to this part of the world, a place with many truly beautiful men. Swallow with Pride has some good moments, which we will discuss shortly, hut it's hobbled in particular with a final episode that falls into a deep quicksand of watersports and awkward dildo play.

First, some very good news: The movie opens with a very strong performance from the always reliable Helmut Muller (Footballers), who is credited here as Ray Randolph. Appearing in many Hungarian movies for all the local directors, Muller shows surprisingly little wear and tear. In fact, Muller looks incredible. His hair is cut very short on his closely packed body.

His uncut erection has a delicious, sloping curve, always a fantastic tool. His bottom partner is named Divko, and younger brunet who also carries an impressive dick. On a sprawling white leather couch, the two suck each other, moving through a sixty-nine.

Several figures in Renaissance-era paintings conspicuously peer down from the high walls onto the models as the build into ass-eating and, finally, a round of ass fucking. Divko is a hot guy to watch get fucked, especially when Muller screws him rapid fire doggie style on the couch. Muller shoots his load into the bottom's mouth, followed by the first of the movies embrace of watersports.

Now, we will mention here that everyone has their own personal taste. However, for this reviewer, Lucas' frequent return to male urination grows tiring, and distracts from the overall power potential that Budai aka Herve Handsome can achieve with these remarkable casts. Of course, viewers who feel differently may not agree.

The second episode shows James Jordon arriving to perform one of his signature manly dominations of a smaller, more boyish bottom. This time the blond is paired with a cute kid named James Jones (Thirsty) aka Tobias Steel.

Jones is cute! And Jordan wastes no time getting started, face fucking him at length, ramming him balls deep into his mouth. Jordan rolls a condom on and pounds him in several hot positions, including a lovely view showing Jones perches atop the top, his inner thighs spread open wide before the camera.

Jordan shoots cum in the bottom's mouth, followed with some peeing.

Bending over the Kitchen Counter

Next we go to the kitchen, where David Cain (aka David Rivera of Masters and Servants) claws onto the very cute Brent Moon for nourishment. Of course, there does not appear to be any food laying in this particular kitchen, so the guys are reducing to eating each other's meat.

Rivera sits Moon up on the counter and works over his feet and toes. Ultimately the kid is bent over taking Cain's cock up his ass. Cain cums in Moon's mouth, and this is the only episode where watersports does not appear. Such activity probably would have stained the kitchen.

Whereas, the previous episodes all had some nice moments, this reviewer was the most disappointed with the final scene. What is even more disappointing is that the models are both excellent performers, especially Rick Bauer, who got his start with Handsome in High Octane years ago.

Sitting poolside wearing sunglasses, Bauer draws Ted Potter over for several rounds of urinating. Bauer fucks him for awhile, but the guys do not look interested. At one point, James Jordan comes out, whereupon Potter receives a double fountain of piss. Bauer tops Potter in what looks like fast fading sunlight until he cums in his mouth, followed by a finishing round of urination.

Bauer has done tons more better, including we will note for Lucas himself in Cruising Budapest 2: Ben Andrews.

With no credits or fanfare, Swallow with Pride ends.

This movie has some hot moments, but fans of the Hungarian muscleguys will probably not be impressed with this particular release. If you have not seen Lucas' enjoyable Cruising Budapest series, the dvd's are worth watching, along with the porn star interview extras with guys like Rick Bauer and Lucio Maverick.

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Swallow with Pride Photos:

Ray Rudolph and Divko in Swallow with Pride Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Ray Rudolph and Divko sixty-nine
Helmut Muller image Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Helmut Muller
Helmut Muller image
James Jordan and James Jones Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
James Jordan above James Jones

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