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Sunstroke: Wild in St. Tropez

Csaba Borbely
Pacific Sun Entertainment  
Brian Wels , Brian Wels , , Fabrice Felder , Fernando Nielsen , Fred Goldsmith , Jack Laurel , Leslie Manzel , Ray Phillips , Tim Brensen , Tony Magera
Euro-Muscle GuysOutdoor Sex

Sunstroke: Wild in St. Tropez

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Fernando Nielsen Glistens on the French Riviera

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Back in 2001 and 2002, Hungarian director Csaba Borbely churned out his muscleguy movies fast and furiously. Two films released during this flood was a double feature filmed on location in the French Riveria, which star all of his usual models. Today that heavy deluge is over, and we can take a fresh breath. Looking back a few years later, we see that the St Tropez double feature was actually very hot.

Part One of the St. Tropez double feature picture show.
By RKO (real kinky orgy)

Both the first part, Sunstroke, and its follow-up Muscle Beach share the same set of models. And unlike today, there's not a bad apple in the bunch. There are curvaceous musclebottoms like Fernando Nielsen and Fred Goldsmith, as well as great tops like Tony Magera, Fabrice Felder and Claudio Antonelli. And the versatile blond Leslie Manzel hasn't been since in awhile.

All four scenes are enjoyable, culminating with the last one as the real barnburner of the set.

Ray Phillips on Tim Brensen
Ray Phillips behind Tim Brensen

The St. Tropez Double Feature
The first twenty minutes shows the bulky guys piling into those tiny European cars and driving across the continent to the beautiful French Riviera, to St. Tropez near Cannes. Their journey leads then to a lovely bed and breakfast populated by similar-looking Hungarian muscle guys who clean the pool and grill meat throughout the day in their bathing suits, as well as have sex with the guests.

Tim Brensen meets Ray Phillips

Tim Brensen, a lithe, compact bottomboy immediately becomes enamored with poolboy Ray Phillips (the Lovers of Arabia trilogy). They go out on their jet skis and start blowing each other on the beach. As things heat up, they adjourn to the bedroom at the hotel. Brensen does a fine job getting his hand and mouth around Phillips's thick, uncut pole. And as always, his ass never complains either about getting filled.

They have verbal, hot sex on a yellow leather couch. Phillips rams Brensen, who holds himself doggie style with his butt up. These thick-cocked Hungarians can really raise an eyebrow. After pounding his smooth hole, Phillips stands over Brensen to release his load.

Next up the others decides to go out on the Mediterranean for some boating. The peaceful, crystal-clue waters inspires Fabrice Felder (What Friends Are For) and Fernando Nielsen to go all the way in their attractive boat. Nielsen's big pecs and showboat ass glisten in the sunlight. Felder's heavy hung cock slams deep into Neilsen's round assets, creating a rocking visual feast. Watching the top hold onto the boxcoverboy's buns while plowing is one of the film's high points, which is capped off with big, splashy cumloads that gets caught in the wind.

Some of the action is filmed from a another boat circling. Kudos to the models and crew for filming what surely was an arduous outdoor scene.

Not to be outdone in boatplay, Tony Magera, Brian Wels and Jack Laurel (Chisled) have their own party on deck. Magera gets on his knees and works over the other two's cocks with his mouth and hands. Then Magera and Wels give Laurel a hot screw in full view of the beautiful coastline. Big dicked Laurel stays rigid throughout. The high point here shows Magera alternately drilled by Laurel and Wels doggie style standing up right at the fore section of the ship. Finally Laurel pulls out, tears off the condom and fires out a heavy, milky load that runs down Magera's beautiful thighs. Fans of scenic outdoor sex will love this and the previous scene. Their three-way action might result in sunstroke.

The final scene is arguably the movie's best, although we admit a bias here for Fred Goldsmith (Biker's Bang 1). The Hungarian Muscle-Tourists check out the beautiful beach where they strut in their speedos and frolic with other beachgoers. Eventually Goldsmith, along with Leslie Manzel and Claudio Antonelli return to their hotel where they start groping and sucking each other in a lovely wooded glade.

Manzel laps at Goldsmith's perfect muscular ass. In a foreplay highlight, Goldsmith lays on his back and pushes Manzel's body up and down while sucking his cock. Finally, as Goldsmith grips a tree, he is alternately plowed by Antonelli and Manzel. Then is a fine turn of events, Goldsmith drills Manzel on the ground, followed by Antonelli.

Manzel hasn't filmed anything in awhile, and this baby faced muscleboy is certainly missed. With Manzel kneeling down, Antonelli and Manzel stand closely on either side to drop their loads onto his smooth chest.

The theme here is musclestuds in speedos, glistening in the sun and outdoor sex in some beautiful surroundings. No wonder someone could have a Sunstroke. These guys rock the hell out of what now is aptly called Muscle Beach.

Sunstroke: Wild in St. Tropez Photos:

The cast of Sunstroke
The Muscle-Hungarians visit the French Riviera in Sunstroke
Fabrice Felder fucks Fernando Nielsen
Fabrice Felder tops Fernando Nielsen
Leslie Manzel fucks Fred Goldsmith
Fred Goldsmith's ass in full view while pumping Leslie Manzel.
Claudio Antonelli waits his turn.
Leslie Manzel and Fred Goldsmith
Fred Goldsmith stands erect
with Leslie Manzel behind him

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