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Brent Corrigan's Summit (Director's Cut)

Brent Corrigan
Dirty Bird Pictures  
Adam Wells , , Brooklyn Ray , Damien White , Jacob Powell , Justin Tyler , Keegan Kemp , Kodie Payne , , Reese Reynolds
Amateurs / First TimersOral SexTwinks, AmericanRimmingHorsehungHunksTattoos

Brent Corrigan's Summit (Director's Cut)

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Brent Corrigan takes friends to his own little Camp David.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Crafty entrepreneur / sex kitten Brent Corrigan decides that now is time to reset his relationships with his buddies. In this extended-length DVD, he takes them all on a summit meeting cum vacation in Lake Tahoe. Filmed at an attractive lodge, Corrigan captures lots of hot moments, steaming up the screen with his friends while the Winter temperatures outside stay frosty. The DVD also contains some lengthy endearing moments showing the guys goofing off in town together, as well as playing a game of Truth or Dare.

When shopping for Brent Corrigan's Summit, pay careful attention to purchase the "Director's Cut." This edition, released several months after the original reedits everything into a superior final product. Some very wooden introductions spoken by Corrigan are removed, replacing them instead with a more enjoyable selection of behind the scenes extras and some nice new sexual episodes.

The cast features a pleasant cross-section of well known sex kittens, mixed with some new young faces, and some marine meat pulled in from the co-producer,

The film plunges into Tahoe titillation with showing military twink Damien White starting a game of billiards with Jacob Powell. After knocking some balls around, they decide things would be better if they were knocking their own balls around, so White gets on his knees and pulls down Powell's shorts. A long and think upturned erection springs out.

White gives him a steady and determined blowjob, being careful to work as much of it into his mouth as possible, as Powell starts making his own thrusts into his mouth. Once naked, White displays his own long dick and a very pert, round ass which he spreads apart by perching himself up onto the pool table.

Mason Wyler and Brent CorriganWatch Now
Mason Wyler explores Brent Corrigan
They move over to the couch, where at this point we hear Corrigan's own "Gonzo style" hand held camera direction moving the couple through several hot positions. On his back, White jacks himself off as Powell drills him. The top ends up dousing his friend's bottom with lots of hot cum, followed by an afterglow sequence of expressive "wows!" by the team.

Mason Wyler Deflowers a Virgin

Brent Corrigan films Gonzo porn. "God, Mason, you're huge!" exclaims Kodie Payne, one of the film's newcomers, and who gets broken in on screen by one of the industry's finest - porn star Mason Wyler. "I'll go easy." assures Wyler. Being the expert sexualist that he is, he takes the magnificant first-ever plunge into the virgin's asshole with his wonderful long cock, topping him in several hot positions.

Payne. gets through everything via lots of audible, deep gasps, often stroking his always hard cock with his free hand. After this comes a wonderful bonus surprise - Wyler decides that he's going to have some fun, so he sits down on Payne's cock, easing it into his smooth ass. Payne shoots a giant load onto Wyler's backside. One of the film's new added scenes, their rousing flip-flop is one of the movie's high points.

Next, the perky White lays resting on the bed, dozing after getting his little brains fucked out earlier. In this position, he's not safe for long. Hung Tight Ass Twink Brooklyn Ray and buddy Keegan Kemp decide that it's time for a three-way, forming White into the center of their own meat sandwich.

Ray is is hot top. He fucks White, making him come. Afterwards, he takes his poker to Kemp's furry hole for another round of poking.

Mason Wyler in SummitWatch VOD
Mason Wyler
Damien WhiteWatch VOD
Damien White
Brent Corrigan sells Flash Jacks Discount Prices
The action continues with a fun four-way that has been added to the Director's Cut DVD. On some comfortable looking couches, Ray, along with tattooed Reece Reynolds starting fucking Adam Wells and Justin Tyler.

Following this is a very fun episode depicting Corrigan and the returning Wyler as they tear up the wet area of their lodge. They trot into the sauna, which we see thanks to the Gonzo-style filmmaking buns pushed up against the wet glass, touching and sucking. They emerge from the hot chamber with big boners.

After cooling off in the pool, they start a rousing round of passionate kissing and touching. This leads to hopping onto a convenient bench where they fuck each other in another one of the film's rousing flip-flops. Viewers can hear the actual moans and sex noise as it echoes through the cavernous indoor pool area - no post-production sound effects track added here!

Watching these two power bottoms get off taking each other's big dicks is clearly one of this film's major selling points, and it's worth every penny! Wyler cakes Corrigan's face with a great cum facial here, too.

Brent Corrigan gets down with Active Duty marine Adam Wells

The final episode on disc one of the Director's Cut is a feisty four-way. It starts when Corrigan gets down one on one with another Active Duty trooper boy named Adam Wells. He sucks Wells for a bit, but the kid's seems irresistible. He's gotta get a piece of it.

Corrigan bangs Wells, when the door opens and in walks tattooed Reece Reynolds and the returning Powell. Now, it's time for bottoms Corrigan and Wells to give up their asses to the newly arrived tops. By the end of their four-way, everyone has fucked Powell.

The second disc includes a very interesting back and forth interview with the chatty blond Wyler, who talks to Corrigan about his experiences and work in the adult industry. Following this, Corrigan decides to jump on the interviewee, where they play around rubbing on each other, dry humping until they both cum.

There is also an interview with the charming Justin Tyler, who was one of the most underused assets of the entire film, and a Truth or Dare scene that involves a lot of nasty tequila.

Brent Corrigan's Summit: Director's Cut chronicles all the of joys and ADD twink mini-dramas that anyone can possibly handle into a two DVD disc package. Corrigan continues to effortlessly burn up with screen, and his sexual pairings with blond buddy Wyler bring together two highly potent forces in the skin flick industry that should not be missed.

Brent Corrigan's Summit (Director's Cut) Photos:

Jacob Powell fucks Damien WhiteWatch Now
Jacob Powell tops Damien White
Reese Reynolds fucks Brent CorriganWatch Now
Reese Reynolds behind Brent Corrigan,
Brooklyn Ray inside Justin Tyler
Brent Corrigan and Justin TylerWatch Now
Brent Corrigan tastes Justin Tyler
Keegan Kemp, Brooklyn Ray, Damien WhiteWatch Now
Keegan Kemp stands as Brooklyn Ray tops Damien White

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