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Summer Camp (Bel Ami)

George Duroy
Bel Ami  
Adam Cartier , Adrian Kinski , Ales Hanak , Andre Sorel , Daniel Avedon , Denis Aysner , Erik Kovac , Henry Bresson , Martin Eden , Martin Lennox , Mirko Polakov , Nico Tiziani , Oleg Vronski , Pascal Babey , Vadim Hausman
Czech Boys

Summer Camp (Bel Ami)

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Adrian Kinski, Ales Hanek and Martin Lennox enjoy camp

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Bel Ami builds on the charming qualities of its Frisky Summer Series with its shimmering Summer Camp. The movie follows a romping group of exuberant youths on summer holiday, releasing their energies in athletic activities, rowdy games and horseplay, not to mention spontaneous sexual encounters.

Summer Camps consists of seven scenes, all of which are identically structured and choreographed, like a ballet. Each scene begins with scenes of typical vacation activities - our boys arrive, erect their tents, play soccer and volleyball, eat lunch, skinny dip, and chug beer. Every time, a pair from the camp steels away for amorous adventure.

The first scene stars the now-super hit Ales Hanek (Jirka Kalvoda) and the blond dynamo Adam Cartier. The two steer their canoe into a secluded area of the forest. They quickly remove their wet swimwear, and before long Adam Cartier is keeling down getting a taste of Ales Hanek. Cartier's blowjob skills are obvious as he brings Hanek to a juicy climax.

Then it is Hanek's turn. He takes Cartier's impressive erection energetically, getting him off quickly. The scene cuts immediately to an impressive penetration shot of Hanek topping Cartier standing doggie. He unloads onto Cartier's nice, smooth butt.

The second scene pairs the dark-haired Nico Tizani and the glamorous Oleg Vronski. They are docking their canoe outside a cave, where they can no longer control themselves. After kissing, groping and stroking each other, Tizani kneels to devour Vronski. Like the previous scene, it begins with taking turns. Tizani gets Vronski to climax, and they reverse roles so that Vronski gets Tizani to the same place.

Also, we immediately cut to a great penetration sequence with Vronski giving it to Tizani in another standing doggie fuck. Duroy uses great eye contact shots, building the scene nicely until Vronski splashes his load onto his partner's butt.

Adrian Kinski Saws Logs

The third scene, arguably the best, shows the dazzling Adrian Kinski and blond Martin Lennox sawing wood and jousting with poles before moving over to kissing, groping and stroking each other. Lennox is the first to kneel, where he takes his partner to a splashy climax. Then, following the mode, Kinski promptly returns the favor. We cut immediately to Kinski topping Lennox doggie style, seemingly mesmerized by the experience. Kinski's money shots here are great.

By the fourth scene, the camera script is getting a little old, however the continuing presentation of the hot cast makes up for it. We see the broodingly handsome Erik Kovac topping Tizani, in his second appearance.

The next scene nicely breaks the mold. Sulty Andre Sorel and blond Denis Aysner (who looks like Oliver Krist) finish skinny dipping, and use a pile of inner tubes as a makeshift bed. The result is visually impressive, complimented by the two hot actors. Both are delectably cameragenic and great oralists. The camerawork varies from previous scenes, which makes for a exciting change of pace. And it turns out that Aysner is an enthusiastic bottom who revels in being skewered.

After a beer drinking contest, the tradey Martin Eden takes on Daniel Avedon over the steps of the camp's main hall. Eden's big dick looks good and he throws a hard-driving fuck into Avedon. Finally he splashes his money shot all over Avedon's pubes. The scene is energetic, but it is taken down a bit by Eden's tradeyness.

Summer Camp concludes on a great note: Vronski and Lennox slip away to the nearby old water mill. In this bucolic setting, they go at it, while the rest of the group continues its swimfest unknowingly. Lennox kneels and brings Vronski to climax. When it is Vronski's turn to blow, we get to take in Lennox's very impressive rod, as well as his enticingly long legs. In a nice twist, topman Vronski gives up his ass to bottomboy Lennox. The anal action simply explodes, and both prove to be adept at one role as another.

Gorgeous photography by George Duroy and Marty Stevens, along with the cast of beautiful boyish men cartwheeling from innocent youth to sexual adulthood makes Summer Camp another captivating Bel Ami bouquet.

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