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Summer Cruising

Robert Boggs
AYOR Studios  
Benjamin Bloom , Bryan McCain , George Michaelo , Mark Zebro , Niall Phoenix , Nikolas Markov , Philip Denin , Pierre Berling , Samuel Hoffman , Thierry Aulin , Thomas Merhar
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Summer Cruising

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Mark Zebro and buddies visit Prague in this dynamite video.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Robert Boggs and AYOR Studios once again sets the standard for twink movies filmed in the Czech Republic. Summer Cruising tells a simple, but consistent story of four friends traveling to the Golden City of Prague for a free-wheeling vacation. The producers utilize Bel Ami-style quality in the attractiveness of the models and in the smooth editing and sharp lighting. In fact, this film marks the beginning of a business partnership with A.Y.O.R. and Bel Ami. Judging from this first production, this line will be highly enjoyable.

Mark Zebro heads up the tourist battalion, which also includes Benjamin Bloom (a Bel Ami denizen - Pillow Talk 2), Niall Phoenix and the hunky Bryan McCain, who we thought had essentially retired. With his clothes on, Zebro has turned into the camera monopolizing jester of the group, along the lines of Tim Hamilton's or Paul Valery's antics at Bel Ami. Boggs' skillful direction gives Zebro an endearing touch we've never seen, which comes off even stronger in his long interview in the behind the scenes.

Samuel Hoffman and Bryan McCainWatch Now
Samuel Hoffman looks up
to Bryan McCain

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Another reason to pick this film from the deluge of imports, the producers have invested the time to add English sub-titles to the film. In so many other pornos, we have to sit watching the non-sexual parts completely lost.

The guys arrive at their rented suite, and after some relaxation, they go upstairs. An impressively oversized bed and spacious shower in the bathroom inspires the guys to strip out of their clothes. Naked bodies fill the shower. Sweet boy flesh develops into jaw-dropping erections as everyone gets wet.

The squeaky clean foursome jumps onto the bed in a lengthy frenzy of oral sex. The result is that the viewer gets to see all their hot bodies in beautiful detail. McCain's muscular body is perfect. Zebro's cock is humongous. Phoenix is a devoted pleasure giver. And Bloom, despite his frosty high hair, is very sexy.

After moving through a surfeit of acrobatic sucking combinations, the boys all lay back and watch each other ejaculate their creamy loads. A most inspired beginning, a scene devoted to oral foreplay essentially becomes the teaser foreplay for the rest of the movie.

Later, some sightseeing leads Bloom off to meet his local hook-up, a long haired, smoothie named Philip Denin. (Denin later appears as Elgin Lars on the boxcover of Lucas Entertaionment's sojourn Inside Prague) Denin does not know how to suck dick; he stumbles through a performance of giving head to Bloom, who wields a very nice, big one.

Fortunately, Denin handles getting fucked far better. Bloom bangs his pretty ass in several hot positions, his big balls slapping against Denin's smooth skin. Bloom produces a delightful fountain of a money shot.

Cruising Samuel Hoffman

McCain peels off from his pack of friends to meet Samuel Hoffman in a woodsy park. A cute little brunet with a million dollar smile, Hoffman is one hot little number. (Don't miss this guy in eBoys' bareback frolic Seed My Hole 2)

Hoffman enjoys sexual skills far higher than that of Denin's. He seems quite enamored with his co-star, sucking him, and ultimately raising his legs up high on a park bench so that McCain can fuck him.

Hoffman plays with his hard dick while McCain tops him. McCain shoots an impressive load that reaches up to his chest and runs down.

Zebro does not like hanging around the hotel suite. He tells everyone that he's going out on the town to find something to do. Zebro has no problem finding action, he catches two boyfriends (Thierry Aulin and George Michaelo from More Tales) prowling around some castle steps, who just happen to be seeking a three-way.

They take Zebro back to their home, where they proceed to suck each other through their underwear. Aulin turns out to be a hot blond bottom, who brunets Michaelo and Zebro take turns on. Watching them fuck Aulin's ass doggie style is one of the movie's many high points. It is easy to see why Boggs has used Aulin in his subsequent movies.

Summer Cruising Four WayWatch Now
Liam Phoenix, Bryan McCain, Benjamin Bloom and Mark Zebro (above) enjoy their visit to Prague
Later on, the guys run into two of the Czech Republic's finest in merchant marine: Nikolas Markov (aka Nico Sideropolus) and Thomas Merhar, a stud with dreamy eyes who performs over at Eurocreme under the stately name Thomas Jefferson. The guys all enjoy a drink on their boat, followed with Phoenix, Bloom and Merhar peeling off for a three-way.

Phoenix's bottoming skills shine here as Bloom and Merhar plant their wood deep inside his hungary ass. Not to be stopped, Bloom continues by shoving his dick inside Merhar, takes it on his back, legs up in the true Jeffersonian tradition. Merhar shoots a yummy hot cum load.

Mark Zebro: Unstoppable Top

After this, Zebro returns, this time running carelessly through a master planned technical office park community, where he grazes against Pierre Berling, another of the films long haired bottoms (Joey Martyn for Eurocreme). Berling turns out to be a pretty good cocksucker, giving Zebro's dick a respectable workover. Berling's ass gets fully stretched out in a hot sequence showing Zebro sliding in and out in measured, full thrusts.

Another bravo performance from Zebro!

Not skipping a beat, the movie closes on a hot note when Sideropolus finds Phoenix walking along the river, where he invites him for a ride in his boat. A lovely trip down the River Vltava turns into a dazzling ride on Sideropolus' perfect cock. Their relaxed one on one features sensual foreplay, kissing and Phoenix getting banged in several hot positions.

Sideropolus continues to be one of the hottest tops performing in Central European porn. And frankly, Phoenix has never had better sexual performances, even compared to his Bel Ami scenes.

Summer Cruising heralds a promising new partnership in movies. Director Boggs has a separate touch, but one that we have always lauded in our reviews of his movies here on Friskyfans. Watch Summer Cruising to see the first stanza of what should be some truly beautiful music.

NOTE: Like most Robert Boggs films, this DVD includes a lengthy behind the scenes short interviewing most of the movie's models, who answer looking back into the camera. These interviews are subtitled in English. Endearing and informative, these are worthwhile to any Czech movie fan.

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Summer Cruising Photos:

Mark Zebro Three WayWatch Now
Thierry Aulin and George
Michaelo share Mark Zebro
Niall Phoenix and Nico SideropolusWatch Now
Niall Phoenix (Marco Filipi) tastes Nico Sideropolus
Summer Cruising Three WayWatch Now
Mark Zebro, George Michaelo, Thierry Aulin
Mark Zebro and Pierre BerlingWatch Now
Mark Zebro extends across Pierre Berling
Nico Sideropolus and Niall PhoenixWatch Now
Merchant Marine Nico Sideropolus welcomes Niall Phoenix to the Golden City

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