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Stryker Force

Matt Sterling
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Doug Cory , Gavin Jeffrey , Jeff Stryker , Jim Pulver , John Farley , Kevin Williams , Robert Harris , , Ted Dowell

Stryker Force

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Bareback Superhero Jeff Stryker

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Jeff Stryker Plays the 1980s Gay Porn Live Action Hero

Stryker Force presents both lead actor Jeff Stryker and director Matt Sterling in their top form. When released, no gay adult film had reached the razzle-dazzle of a Hollywood extravaganza like this film. In the spirit of a old Flash Gordon serial, Sterling introduces a super-hero - an Indiana Jones / John Holmes played aptly by Stryker. Stryker lives up to the challenge turning in what is probably his best performance.

The movie is a tale of two rival cousins, Stryker and Dutch, played by the blond Steve Hammond in his first film role. (See also the Big & Thick video compilation) The two set out to find two million dollars worth of hidden diamonds that are hidden deep in the remote jungle.

Before starting on the journey, the two cousins have a run-in at a railroad yard where Dutch and his five buddies observe Jim Pulver and Ted Dowell slipping into a boxcar for a very hot quickie. This scene is a sizzler, too. Pulver always demonstrated that he knows how to use his big dick.

Just as the gang closes in on the preoccupied pair, Stryker arrives on his motorcycle, strips out of his leather jacket and starts knocking out the gang with uppercuts and karate kicks. Our gay super hero saves the day from yet another potential gay bashing!

Steve Hammond barebacks Kevin Williams

The rival teams make it to the jungle, where they are spied by one of the natives, Gavin Jeffrey. WIth a painted face and skimpy loin-cloth, Jeffery appears as a sexed-up Tarzan. The hunt begins with Stryker joined by blonde Robert Harris and Doug Corey, while Hammond is accompanied by super-star blonde Kevin Williams, all with ammunition slung dramatically slung over their shoulders and brandishing weapons. The teams push through such dangers as mosquitoes, live snakes and hungry alligators. At one point, a python slithers across Stryker's pecs.

That's not all either. They brave treacherous cliffs, monsoons, and quicksand. Despite all these pitfalls and diversions, Sterling manages to deliver a full film's worth of sexual heat. During a break, Hammond boasts I'm an animal, or so I've been told. He then goes into an electric standing doggy-fuck to Willams's amazing ass. After that, Willams squats on Hammond taking them to orgasm.

The film's highlight is a threeway with Stryker, Hammond and Cory. It is raining, and the team is sheltered in a hut. The sexual energy is full throttle between Harris and Stryker. Cory joins in, and Harris forms the center of a sandwich. The scene culminates in three giant money shots.

After a solo by Jeffries, the treasure seekers realize they are on a wild goose chase, so they return to civilization empty-handed. Back home, Hammond chooses to apologize to Stryker for his bad behaviour. He ends up delivering a coming-to-terms speech that arouses the pair into a torrid sex scene. Unlike his previous films, Stryker caresses and kisses his partner with affection. Stryker tops Hammond - however rumor is that the scene was stunted. Frame through the sequence to make your own decision.

Despite this, the film delivers a satisfying and happy ending. This ambitious film is one of Jeff Stryker's finest. It's also a great opportunity to see 1980's stars like Kevin Willams and Robert Harris in their peak performances.

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Jeff Stryker
Jeff Stryker in Stryker Force

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