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Strong Will: The Assertion

Kristofer Weston
Buckshot Productions  
Danny Malone , Dean Phoenix , , , Omer , , Trystian Sweet , Zack Randall
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Strong Will: The Assertion

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Buckshot Men embody the triumph of the will.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Arthur Schopenhauer. Friedrich Nietzsche. Aristotle. What are Western philosophers doing in a Buckshot movie?

Perhaps Strong Will: The Assertion tackles two of director Kristopher Weston's favorite subjects: philosophical ethical constructs and hot boys fucking. The result is a great film that, needless to say, leans much more heavily on the fucking.

Philosophy 101

The opening episode explores the subject assertion when Trystian Sweet decides that it is time to drill Tory Mason's ass in his bedroom. Sweet has come on really strong this year in twink flicks from 8teenboy (Twink Time) and CitiBoyz. It is easy to see why the studly top has everyone sweet on him.

I think. Therefore, I fuck.
Sweet enjoys a long, leisurely lapping of Mason's bubble butt with his tongue. Rimming his sweet hole serves only as an appetizer here. Sweet moves to the main course of pounding the bottoms melon shaped ass cheeks with his hot cock. Sweet has a pretty strong take charge attitude for a guy so young. But this actually is a perfect combination for a Buckshot Man.

Sweet finishes off Mason by screwing him on his back. He squirts a tasty looking money shot.

After his orgasm, Sweet shows concern that he cannot find his dog eared paperback of Schopenhauer's The World as Will and Representation. (Yes, I'm sure we've all been there)

Dean Phoenix and Omer Watch on COLT or Watch VOD Dean Phoenix tops Omer Watch on COLT or Watch VOD

Ecce Homo! Dean Phoenix tops Omer

Honey, I'm Home!

Turns out, Omer has his philosophy book. Tonight he's on the couch, reading at home wearing the traditional San Francisco college study outfit. (You know, a black muscle shirt and torn blue jeans painted on his hunky frame.)

Dean Phoenix arrives home, and he's horny! Watching Phoenix's body collide with Omer's is like watching the music of planets. Phoenix's deft topman moves collide sway in synchronized harmony with the picture perfect muscle boy.

Their scene is augmented by a great view of passing automobile traffic on the busy street below, creating an authentic look and feel.

Phoenix musters up another one of Strong Will's excellent scenes of rimming, driving his tongue long and deep into Omer's muscular butt. Soon he's working his long snakelike cock inside, pounding the bottom on the couch. There is also a wonderful sequence showing Phoenix thrusting himself up into Omer's seated body, often kissing.

Fans of the cute Israeli will like this pairing, a far superior match then in Big Rig back in 2006.

Next, Mason Wyler ends up the book. He strips down to some sexy Ralph Lauren underwear before diving into the dense tome. Wyler's boyfriend (Donny Malone) arrives home. Asking Wyler about what he's reading, Malone quickly decides that it's the time for a little less conversation and more action.

Trystian Sweet and Tory Mason Watch on COLT or Watch VOD
Trystian Sweet probes Tory Mason
Malone is an interesting brunet newcomer, giving the tall Texan a nice ass pounding. Wyler, as is his wont, seems happy burying his face down in the bed sheets and moaning loudly while getting fucked. Wyler always is so fun to watch.

Zach Randall and Guy Parker

The movie's book in question ends up in the hands of Zach Randall. Mr. Randall is enjoying the role of being the thinking guy's favorite porn star nowadays. Both in and out of Clark Kent glasses, Randall has burned up the screen all year with his cute looks and versatile body (Paradise Found).

Joining Randall is boxcoverboy Guy Parker, who has piggybacked onto the movie scene over the past year due to the success of his real life boyfriend's, Jesse Santana, numerous successes (On Fire!, which also stars Dean Phoenix).

Strong Will is Parker's first box cover, which nicely shows off his welcoming smile. Randall has a great time chowing down on Parker's cock, followed by a full exploration of his tanned, hairless ass.

Randall tops him on his fours, which is followed by the brunet flip flopping, riding him at length in his lap. Here they seem to be in their natural positions, both obviously enjoying their sexplay, and proving it with mutual eye-popping money shots, which are the best in the entire film. Randall and Parker make for a hot couple to watch, and closing the book on the film in a very satisfying way.

The film's philosophical commentary concerns guys' unyielding sex drives, which come from beyond their own individual free will. Perhaps Schopenhauer would say that sexual lusts wash over us, asserting itself over our own individual identities.

Strong Will: The Assertion gets good marks for taking what would be just a typical college guy romp, painting it with interesting academic devices.

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Strong Will: The Assertion Photos:

Donny Malone and Mason Wyler Watch on COLT or Watch VOD
Donny Malone above Mason Wyler
Zack Randall behind Guy Parker Watch on COLT or Watch VOD
Zack Randall behind Guy Parker

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