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Streetboy (Jordan Sins)

Max Lincoln
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Alex Stevens , Caleb Moreton , Dante Knight , Gabriel Meneghin , Jonny Ryder , Jordan Sins , Leo Marco , , Sam Barclay , Trojan Rock
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Streetboy (Jordan Sins)

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Streetboy Jordan Sins encounters Hard Times

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

It cannot go without mention the irony of a gay porn being produced in what is the industry's own Dickensian times. Much has been written about these hard times, which naturally fuels Eurocreme's pretty good sex riff on Oliver Twist.

Streetboy is, to our knowledge, the first English porn retelling of the classic Charles Dickens story. However it is not the first. For that readers will enjoy watching and comparing StreetBoy with PZP Productions' Oliver Twink back in 2007 with Dillon Samuels and Kyros Christian. The PZP production contains director Peter Z. Pan's own style, which aggressively included a number of inside jokes and riffs on the musical Oliver. Street boy is much more a typical porno, that is a collection of six scenes strung together with some brief character narration that presents the story.

The Oliver Twist character (Ollie) is played by a sweet faced youth named Jordan Sins. Sins has a nice body, supple ass and looks equally good fucking and getting fucked. He has a nice long penis, putting him in the same Big Dick Club as other Eurocreme dream boys like Chris Cooke, Reece Richards and Kai Cruz. As far as we can tell, Sins has never appeared in any other professional porn videos.

Technically, StreetBoy is not up to par as the Eurocreme standard - the sets looks too dark, the models cast shadows on the walls immediately behind them. And in today's age of EDM, there's precious little dance music like the rich electronic backgrounds that cemented earlier Eurocreme videos like SkaterBoy and SpyBoy into gay porn classics.

Jordan Sims and Sam Barclay Watch on Eurocreme or Watch VOD
Jordan Sins and Sam Barclay
Jordan Sins and Gabriel Meneghin.jpg Watch on Eurocreme or Watch VOD
Jordan Sins tops Gabriel Meneghin
That being said, there's a lot to like in StreetBoy, beginning with Mr. Sims' enjoyable wank at the start of the film. The first sexual episode occurs when he's picked up off the street by a businessman played by Sam Barclay, a handsome guy with a fat dick who fucks the street boy in a sling.

Barclay keeps various articles of his clothing on while plowing Sims. It's a nice sling fuck right down to the audible klang of the hanging chains. Sims cums while getting fucked. If anything, this scene is too brief.

Teased By the Artful Dodger

Caleb Moreton has a huge dick. Later on the street, Sims meets "Jack", aka Jack Dawkins, "the Artful Dodger." played by the Emo-looking Jonny Rider. Rider is attractive in a funky sort of way, but on camera he's a shy presence. Jack takes Ollie back to his place, a den run by the evil Bill Sikes.

Ollie is attracted to Jack, but he's got a boyfriend, who he proceeds to fuck in plan view of Ollie, who can only sit quietly and watch. It's a nice voyuerism scene, starting with Ryder laying on his back while boyfriend (Lex Blond) rides him. Blond ends up on his back getting fucked rapid fire by Ryder, who finally pulls out so they can both jack off to orgasm.

Jack pulls Ollie into breaking into rich peoples' houses. While they are robbing the well-appointed home of Dante Knight and Gabriel Meneghin, our hero is caught red-handed. What do they do? Adopt him into becoming their houseboy, of course. Meneghin is a petit, raven-haired twink whose ass gets pummeled by both Knight and Sins.


Band of Heathens

Later Sins (somehow) ends back up at Sikes' lair, this time it's populated by three different twinks, who proceed to have a four-way with our hero. Here we meet Caleb Moreton and his massive meat (which is the impressive shlong pictured on the DVD boxcover). Moreton ends up fucking a cute kid named Leo Marco, while Sins gets fucked by Staxus Studio Royalty Alex Stevens.

As a coda, the films ends with a romantic scene between the returning Johny Ryder and Leo Marco, who somehow end up together. They enjoy leisurely lovemaking, kissing and holding hands while gently engaging in sodomy. There's some good visuals of Ryder drilling the bottom from above, and both guys shoot hot money shots. On it's own, it's a nice scene, but it's just tacked on at the end without any reason.

As the film progresses, the story arc deteriorates. Eurocreme movies are certainly not known for elaborate stories, but it would have been nice for us to make it through to the end rooting for our characters. Unfortunately, we never see Sins make it with Ryder.

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Streetboy (Jordan Sins) Photos:

Leo Marco and Caleb Moreton Watch on Eurocreme or Watch VOD
Caleb Moreton behind Leo Marco
Jonny Ryder and Lex Blond Watch on Eurocreme or Watch VOD
Jonny Ryder and Lex Blond

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