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Matt Hughes as the straight boy.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Why is Straightboy an instant classic? The Eurocreme film is a true stand-out. The big reason for this: the titanic sized cocks in the entire cast. This point cannot be overemphasized. The guys in this entertaining 2008 film are all some of the biggest dicks we have ever seen in one single film. One has to wonder, what is in the water over there?

The centerpiece of the film is Matt Hughes, who in the story of the film is the straight boy who ends up living at the flat of gay friend Lucas Layton, a sweet-faced blond who ends up narrating the story of the film.

The film starts with Layton awakening one morning after a night of going out and partying. He's cuddling on a couch with his hook-up for the evening, Shane Stone. (This Shane Stone is not to be confused with the Florida twink porn star with the same name from several years earlier -- e.g. Ashton's Eleven)

Straightboy snapshotWatch on Eurocreme or Watch VOD
Lucas Layton sucks Shane Stone

FriskyNews Blog: Straight Boy Matt Hughes Gets Seduced
Two other guys apparently ended up joining them for their after-hours, and they sleep on the couches nearby. The guys all awaken and break into an impromptu four-way.

The guys begin arranging themselves into pyramids on the couch, sucking each other's dicks. Stone, a brunet who dyes his hair blond, carries a long fat cock with a heavy foreskin. It's a daunting weapon which he uses very well. Hughes and D'Angelo end up bottoming for Stone and Hazzard, switching off drilling their asses in a hot side by side visual.

Later that day Hughes arrives at Layton's flat, where he hops in the shower to give all of us a sneak peak at his third leg. Layton's eyes pop out at the eleven inches between his legs. And he's also turned on by him because he's straight. This is a devilish combination, so much that Layton finds himself blowing off the follow-up telephone calls from last night's tryst, Stone.

"He's apparently hung like a donkey!" quips friend Jordan B, who starts scheming with another buddy (Nathan Cox) on how to seduce him. In the meantime, Jordan leaves for a job interview.

Walking to his prospective employer in a tight t-shirt that reads I Am Not a Terrorist, Jordan shows up at a bar where two employees drop what they are doing to start kissing and rubbing him. The employees, Dan Roberts and Ollie Richards, are typical cute, skinny twinks, who, once the pants fall down, all possess enormous wangs.

Jordan B is hung like a donkey himself. Using convenient barstools, they make a Dan Roberts sandwich that drips with love and mayonnaise. Kudos to Roberts, who effortlessly takes Jordan's nightstick up his ass in full thrusts, drenching his stomach in lots of his own hot cum at the end.

Seducing the StraightBoy: Matt Hughes

Nathan Cox seduces Matt Hughes; sucks his huge prick. Afterwards, Jordan and Cox decide to execute their evil plan - seduce the straight boy with lots of scotch, despite that fact that their good friend has admitted to falling for him. And the plan works! The three end up going out. Return back to their flat, Jordan evilly pops in a porno, and the tension builds as the guys quietly move closer to Hughes.

Sure enough, Hughes is up for some gay sex action. In a great visual, the very cute Cox begins by jawboning Hughes' free-standing erection, which is no easy feat, as this "straight boy" is the size of a cruise missile.

Cox submissively switches off sucking the giant pricks standing at attention on each side of his face. Finally, he eases his ass down onto his meat. This boy's butt stretches to impressive capacity, taking it all both by riding it and later flat on his back. Afterwards, Jordan gets to have sloppy seconds.

Their impressive three-way ends with big, juicy money shots coating the bottomboy in their cum.

The next morning, Jordan telephones Layton to brag about their big conquest. Layton is crushed. He calls an ex-boyfriend (Bailey Onice) for consolation. Onice advises him to stay cool, after which he gets proceeds to get down with an thick phallused mate in bed named Brett Carter.

Carter is cute! And his ass is durable enough to take yet another one of the horse-hung top in this film. Onice definitely has a big one. These two fuck so hard they work themselves up into a visible sweat.

After plowing Carter doggie, the bottom sits down on Onice's pole, showing off his dreamy spread apart inner thighs. They cum shortly afterward with Carter taking Onice's load in his open mouth.

I'm Not Gay, I'm Open-Minded

The movie ends with Layton confessing his attraction to Hughes, who says that he's flattered. He assured him that he is truly straight, but just open minded. On that note, Hughes offers up his tube steak cock to his admirer for a farewell fuck.

Layton is a sweetie and all, but he looks he rather scared of Hughes' giant equipment. He sucks it a bit, and later offers up his pretty and pert petite ass. Hughes seems to take it gentle, ramming him is measured thrusts. The session makes a nice capstone to the film. However, Hughes' first sex scene, the three-way with Jordan and Cox, is the movie's best moment. (Matt Hughes keeps fucking guys in Eurocreme's Partyboy)

When it comes to the doughy white British twinks, armed with huge cocks, Eurocreme may have hit the jackpot with Straightboy. Combined with the movie's boy-filled photo gallery, this DVD is well worth the price, which at this point is typically for sale at a generous discount.

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Straightboy Photos:

Shane Stone fucks Lucas LaytonWatch on Eurocreme or Watch VOD
Shane Stone tops Lucas Layton
Juston D'Angelo and Zak Hazzard stand left
Matt Hughes fucks Lucas LaytonWatch on Eurocreme or Watch VOD
"Straightboy" Matt Hughes behind Lucas Layton
StraightBoy Matt HughesWatch on Eurocreme or Watch VOD
Jordan B, Nathan Cox & "Straightboy" Matt Hughes
StraightBoy Three WayWatch on Eurocreme or Watch VOD
Ollie Richards, Dan Roberts, Jordan B.

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