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Straight to the Zone

National Club Management  
Jay Corey , Johnny Rahm , Mark Steel , Matt Gunther , Ted Matthews , Wes Daniels
Bathhouse / Sex Club

Straight to the Zone

Johnny Rahm and his straight frat buddies end up at sexclub, bottoms.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

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Bathhouses and sex clubs haven't been quite the same since disco went out of style. If you remember the early 80s and all the things that went with it, you know that the fast and loose sex scene hasn't been quite the same since Laura Brannigan stopped making hit singles. If you're hungry for a fuck flashback to this era, The Zone, an LA sex club, has dug out an oldie hoping to appeal to your sense of sex nostalgia - Straight to the Zone.

When three straight "frat" guys - Johnny Rahm, Jay Corey and Mark Steel - start bitching about a long, horny, no-pussy weekend, Johnny Rahm (secretly harboring a crush on his two buddies) goes into action, casually mentioning a new "club" that opened up. Well, the happy prospect of getting some hot head - forgetting of course that it's from another guy - sends our carefree trio into their car and over to The Zone.

Only you the viewer are quickly made aware that all three of these guys are secret and insatiable bottoms. Jay Corey is the first to score, meeting humpy Ted Matthews around a darkened corner. Now instead of dropping to his knees for Matthews - an obvious top if I ever saw one - Corey manages to get serviced instead. Matthews, a staple in late 80s/early 90s gay porn, looks incredible here - buff, tan, perfect chest and enough 'fuck-off' attitude for three men.

He squats with his legs spread, working on Corey's pretty-boy cock, giving himself some firm strokin' while he covers his new buddy's prick with spit. Look closely enough and you'll catch a little glimpse of the metal snap on Corey's black cockring - which he probably didn't want to be caught dead wearing during Hell Week.

Meanwhile, Mark Steel and hairy stud Wes Daniels are watching two topless lesbians making out. This may be the first and last time anyone will get to see dykes in a gay sex club; you're more likely to stumble across a herd of pink elephants cruising the sling room.

Unfazed, Daniels puts the moves on thin Steel, who steadfastly claims to be straight. But like many a horny queer before him, Steel succumbs and lets Daniels suck his cock for a while. Reaching over his head, Steel finds a used leather cockring on top of a locker. Daniels tenderly snaps it on and then gets back to sucking. Maybe it's Daniels' hairy forearms, the greasy used cockring now cradling his frat-boy balls or the bare-breasted girls making out three feet away, but Steel suddenly gets inspired, kisses Daniels like he means it, and then stuffs his mouth with Daniels' dick. That a boy!

Johnny Rahm, the most secret butt boy of all three, is grabbed mid-cruise by Matt Gunther. Even though Rahm has "never done this before", apparently neither has Gunther. Still, moments later Rahm is happily slobbering, his face buried in Gunther's neatly trimmed bush. Gunther's cock is near perfect - not too big, not too fat, but just right. He only looks slightly bored while Rahm works it, but you have to forgive him - he's got a pole that just begs to be sucked.

Simultaneously, our three straight buddies are getting treated to some deep dicking, spread out in their respective corners of the sex club. Matthews bends Corey over and shoves his prick deep inside Corey's guts. Daniels puts Steel's legs over his shoulders and pounds him on the floor. And even Rahm is getting it good from Gunther; Gunther holds Rahm's legs apart by the ankles, and rocks his dick in and out of Rahm's butt. This last one is the most furious fuck of the three; Gunther practically bends Rahm's spine in half while he enthusiastically drives his cock home.

So as you watch, you end up wishing that our three secret college-boy bottoms would stumble upon one or the other getting ass-fucked, and then haze each other silly back at the frat house. Sure enough, with their ass-rings still wet and greasy from the reaming they were just treated to, Mark Steel and Jay Corey find Gunther putting it to Johnny Rahm.

Seconds after Gunther laps up his own load, they immediately dive in for sloppy seconds, Rahm blowing his buddy Steel while Corey takes first crack at his buddy's used hole. Midway through the fuck, the boys start kissing each other passionately while fucking, making for some dick-swelling intensity. The scene ends with some spectacular money shots as the three lie in each others arms and jerk their dicks to climax.

The film does show its age in a few spots - grainy quality, dark lighting, poor sound editing. But if you look past the obvious flaws, you'll find a cute little tongue-in-cheek porno about three unlikely fuck buds. And yes, The Zone ( is still open in Hollywood. They don't have much of a website, but you gotta wonder if the action is anything like you get in Straight To The Zone.

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