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Straight Men Fuck and Suck

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Bobby , Franco , Jason Reed , , Nico Capulet , Shawn Blossom
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Straight Men Fuck and Suck

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Jason Reed's silky hole puts a group of new straight guys through their bareback paces.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

In this AlmostStraight release, a sideline of SX Video, Straight Men Fuck And Suck introduces a variety of new guys (and a few familiar faces as their playthings) who are first interviewed by a certain off-screen individual, and then probed (or do the probing) in other ways.

First up is the extremely cute Miguel Teman, who is masculine, Latino, and has a thick sexy accent. (Monster Cock 2) Teman freely admits he is straight and doing this for the money. He is surprisingly verbose after just a little interrogation, and although attempting to come across as macho there's a certain vulnerability in the way he looks at the camera, and its not only heartwarming but extremely erotic.

Teman, a 21 year old immigrant from Mexico, wears a muscle shirt and a baseball cap, and comes across as genuinely sincere as he speaks of his money woes (so many "straight" men movies are phony, but we truly do believe this guy is straight - just watch his guilty, darting eyes during the interview, and later, the way he reacts when he is given his first male playmate). Teman is asked about his ex-girlfriend, whom he says he enjoyed fucking and getting blow jobs from. When asked to take his clothes he complies, posing and playing with himself, but that tell-tale nervous shifting continues.

Brief respite for Teman comes off camera with some straight porno graciously played for the guy, and, as if on cue, in walks one of the hottest young men in porn right now - Mr. Jason Reed (Game Room) - blonde, versatile, and extremely good looking - his still photos oddly never do him justice but the guy is a demi-god. Reed turns out to be the interrogator of this straight boy. Reed attaches himself to Teman's hard-on as Teman shamefully casts his eyes back to the straight porn with lightening speed. Teman obviously doesn't know how lucky he is.

Shawn Blossom fucks Jason ReedWatch on or Watch VOD
Shawn Blossom fucks Jason Reed
His cock does though, and it's soon deep inside Reed's raw hole, as this blonde boy milks his straight boy suitor. Teman mostly watches the flick during their fling, but it doesn't matter. He fucks Reed's first class ass like its all he knows.

Reed encourages him, "go on, fuck me like that last girl you fucked", which causes the thickly curved cockboy to climax in Reed's asshole. And he sticks it back inside too, eyes firmly on the screen and cums again on Reed's silky buns.

He sits next to Reed and lets him jerk off to a climax, but never once touches his cock.

Nico Capulet is the next straight man on the agenda - a totally different affair. He looks to be in his thirties, business casually dressed. Capulet is sincere also; although "almost straight" he does admit he once had a dick in his mouth in a bisexual threesome from his past.

Capulet is a lot more comfortable than Teman when it comes to getting nude, and he is happy to chat on about his fringe "gay" bisexual encounters. He's also much more receptive to Reed who turns out to (happily) be the voice behind the camera again.

Reed sucks him for a bit and moves in for a kiss, which causes Capulet to giggle for a second before getting serious, and into it. Reed moves back down to his cock, and produces a modest pink dildo for Capulet's hole. Capulet doesn't disappoint, and he let's Reed fuck him with it. When offered a finger, Capulet closes his eyes, moans and sucks, with the pink toy working in and out of his rear. Ultimately Reed gets his chompers back around Capulet's modest but tasty looking cock. Reed kisses him till he shoots a nice thick load, and sucks it off.

Franco provides the third offering, a handsome ex-marine, a shaved-headed dude with a soul patch and a relaxed easygoing manner. He's quite happy to talk about his past, and quite happy to strip off too, revealing a well tattooed body and a nipple piercing.

Reed quits interviewing and sucks his darkly colored prick, and he bends Reed over and shove it up him bareback. With cum now over Reed's fresh cheeks Franco slides back up him. The pair sit side by side on the couch while Reed jerks his above average meat till it spurts.

Puppy eyed twenty-one year old "frat guy" Bobby sits on the couch for Reed's next session of questions. Bobby is completely confident when he says he's straight, and is quite comfortable talking about girls. He does look quite shy when he's told to strip in front of the cameras, and he actually blushes.

Reed begins sucking and Bobby looks pensive - another genuinely straight guy here if you want our opinion. In a complete surprise moment Bobby agrees to have a dildo placed in his ass, and Reed actually uses a couple of them on him before Bobby shoots a huge passionate wad.

Blossom deflowers Jason Reed's rosebud

Reed's final encounter is with a hot tough black guy named Shawn Blossom. Blossom wears a black skull cap and looks distinctly "street" as Reed interviews him. Blossom has a "try anything once" attitude and admits he's watched gay porn in the past, and liked it.

Reed sticks one on as Blossom strips off his clothes to reveal a well defined toned smooth body. Blossom's flaccid cock gets rock hard in Reed's mouth and Blossom is enticed to 69 with the white boy.

But he's not too into it in truth, which makes the turn around even more exciting when he sees Reed's pale ass cheeks and his cock just can't help slipping in between them…raw…

Reed milks as Blossom fucks, doggie style. His black cock buried up to the hilt, he hits a groove and has his friend lay flat on his front. He shoots a huge load all over Reed's behind and leaves him to jerk off in solitude.

Straight Men Fuck And Suck occupies a certain niche fetish-wise - straight guys performing gay sexual acts. The chemistry between Reed and his counterparts are stronger in some scenes than others (they ARE straight, after all). This reviewers' personal favorite has to be Reed with Teman, perhaps because watching him react on screen is absolutely real and absolutely priceless. Fetishists will LOVE this film, and there's also enough fun sex there for casual viewers who aren't so much interested in the psychology of straight boys gone bad as some good hard barebacking fun.

Oh and there's just under twenty minutes of more straight guy previews for those who wish to delve further. Not bad at all.

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Straight Men Fuck and Suck Photos:

Miguel Timan fucks Jason ReedWatch on or Watch VOD
Miguel Timan fucks Jason Reed
Miguel Timan fucks Jason ReedWatch on or Watch VOD
Miguel Timan fucks Jason Reed
Jason Reed fucks Miguel TimanWatch on or Watch VOD
Miguel Timan fucks Jason Reed
Jason Reed sucks Nico CapuletWatch on or Watch VOD
Jason Reed sucks Nico Capulet

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