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Straight Edge, Volume 6

John Tegan
Jet Set Men  
Adam Campbell , Cameron Adams , David Dakota , Drew Cutler , Dylan Roberts , Hayden Stephens , John Magnum , Justin Jameson , Landon Mycles , Spencer Whitman , Zack Randall
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Straight Edge, Volume 6

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Adam Campbell leads Jet Set's Straight Edge

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Who that beaming from the box cover of the Straight Edge, Volume 6 DVD? It's porn star Adam Campbell, the confident, bubbly heterosexual who walked us through the 5 Easy Ways to Fuck a Straight Guy. The six foot tall jock once again takes us on a fun and wild ride buoyed by his piercing blue eyes and happy dick.

Campbell bookends the movie with two great scenes, both times playing the sexual instigator. First, he decides to score with his boss, the perennially submissive Dylan Roberts. Forget traditional workplace roles here, Campbell orders his superior of suck his dick, quickly getting it hard, where it's clearly relishing all the attention.

The baby faced Roberts gets his pretty uncut dick sucked, followed by a bouncy butt fuck in which he spends lots of time riding Campbell in his lap. (Since Dean Phoenix fucked him just this same way in Straight Edge 5, perhaps this is this straight boy's favorite was to get fucked. Anyways, it's hot to watch, especially since it shows off his inner thighs and abs moving in a full fuck rhythm.

Campbell finishes him off by throwing him over the convenient desk, pumping Roberts' snug butt hard and fast. Campbell shoots a great long shot load of cum, followed by the bottom's own shaky climax.

Adam Campbell and Dylan Roberts Watch Now
Adam Campbell tops Dylan Roberts
Following this is the first of the DVD's two solo performances. It's an engaging self-pleasure session from Justin Jameson. This Jameson does not seem to be the same one whose acted under the name "Justin Jameson" or "Justin James" which confused us for awhile. He's quite good and stroking his big dick though. And in an impressive display of talent, he positions himself so that he's ramming a sizable dildo up his ass, while his spare hand jacks his cock in simultaneous rhythm. This is how he ultimately cums.

Hayden Stephens' Doggie Fuck

Following this comes an exciting show from Hayden Stephens, whose delicious ass could be served up as a main course on a holiday platter. The charismatic studpup breaks the ice with cigarette smoking Spencer Whitman. Whitman's a well matched fucker with a beautiful, curved cock - a perfect device for exploring Stephens' ripe posterior.

Their standing doggie fuck is arguably the high moment of the entire film. When Whitman announces to Stephens that he's going to make the bottom cum, all without missing a beat, everyone's dick grows. Stephens easily milks a sweet shot of jizz as Whitman, still sweating, quickly follows.

Following that act is admittedly difficult, but spunky Cameron Adams gives it his best shot. The bodacious bottom boy takes on Drew Cutler's massive dick, starting by getting on his knees and sucking it.

Leaning against a wall, he spreads his ass cheeks wide apart for a glistening tongue bath. Bending over, the bottom balances himself by grabbing his own knees while Cutler rams him long and hard from behind. After topping him missionary, Cutler pulls out and creams Adams' face, caking it in sugary sperm. Not to be outdone - and in one continuous take - Adams follows up with his own multi spurt money shot that leaves him literally soaked in cum from head to torso.

Zack Randall stll looks magically delicious. After this comes Zack Randall's solo. We're not sure if this scene has been in the vaults for awhile, or if it's new, but Randall is still looking magically delicious. Laying back in Jet Set's permanent jail cell set, which was famously used in Hung Country for Young Men, the sensuous brunet plays with himself at length.

His scene is punctuated by the appearance of a dildo, apparently a furnished item unique to the state of California's penal system, which he uses to fuck himself with. He cums all over his hot little body with the toy stuck up his butt.

After this we return to the same jail cell, where John Magnum gets tossed inside with David Dakota from Slide. Both apparently have endured an evening of public intoxication, although they sober up pretty fast when they realize that it is time to use the time to get it on sexually.

Magnum is aptly named - he has a big and thick dick, which he uses to fuck Dakota around their jail cell in a brief moment of rapture. Dakota is, as usual, a very sensual bottom, who seems to always enjoy getting fucked.

The DVD ends with a great episode featuring the returning Adam Campbell, who once starts chattering endlessly until his screen partner gets naked and erect. The scene's premise is cute: Campbell is waiting with Landon Mycles wearing nothing but towels for some kind of college boy physical sex exam.

Campbell decides that he should be the one playing doctor. Mycles gives him some great head. This is followed by a very hot sequence showing Mycles getting energetically fucked several hot positions, which brings the DVD to its gushing finish.

Watching both Campbell and Mycles in the sexual act has become one of Jet Set's most reliable pleasures

Straight Edge, Volume 6 Photos:

Hayden Stephens and Spencer Whitman Watch Now
Hayden Stephens invites Spencer Whitman
Drew Cutler fucks Cameron Adams Watch Now
Drew Cutler tops Cameron Adams
David Dakota and John Magnum Watch Now
David Dakota sucks John Magnum

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