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Straight Edge, Volume 1

Chad Donovan
Jet Set Men  
Chad Clovis , Jeremy Bilding , Kash Satal , , , Ludovic Canot , Mason Ross , Max Schutler , Rocky Star , , Vince Ferelli
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Straight Edge, Volume 1

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Vince Ferelli and Kurt Wild do it to it

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Many major studios filmed original scenes for their pay websites, and packaged them into an off the shelf DVD series. This strategy has worked extremely well for Hot House Entertainment with their first rate Backroom series, and Jet Set has followed this with their own new series titled Straight Edge.

We always enjoy watching such volumes, perhaps because it's like waiting for a new episode of a favorite television series to air. Watching the maiden voyage of Jet Set's Straight Edge indicates that there is a lot of very good stuff here heralding their new line. It's a little more uneven than a Hot House Backroom show, but it's still pretty damn good.

Volume One contains five one-on-one sex scenes and two solo performances. The solo from Chad Clovis in particular should get gay for pay fans highly aroused. First up is a nice hook-up between Mason Ross and porn star Kurt Wild in a group shower.

Mason Ross tops Kurt Wild Watch Now
Mason Ross tops Kurt Wild in the shower
Wild arrives to clean himself onto to find Ross standing shyly on the sidelines caught right in the act of playing with his boner. Ross' dick is quite big, and apparently does all the thinking for him. He gets on his knees and starts sucking on Wild's cock, blowing him so that we see his blossom from soft to hard in his mouth.

Wild's looks here are pretty wild: his face is unshaven, as are his pubes and ass, which makes him quite the convincing straight guy. Of course, Wild ends up getting fucked. He takes it doggie style in the shower and later on his back on a conveniently placed pleather bench adjacent to the shower area, a critical piece of furniture for any sports locker room frequented by sweaty, horned-up jocks.

Kevin Cavalli knows how to fuck

Things get even hotter when Kevin Cavalli (aka Kevin Rocha) walks in on Max Schutler as he's working the internet for a booty call. When questioned, Schutler explains to an incredulous Cavalli (and us as well) that getting laid for him is difficult. Cavalli, a prominent porn star who has gained large notoriety filming bareback scenes for SX Video, that he's always happy to fuck. (See also Brothers Bareback and Hot Men Barebacking)

Kevin Cavalli inturrupts Max Schutler's cruising for sex. Rocha is actually a very hot top who knows how to use his dick. Schutler matches him point for point by sticking his round Argentinean ass up in the air so that Cavelli can drill him in several great positions. The ideal bottom boy, Schutler easily cums all over himself while getting fucked, followed by Cavalli's own creamy blast.

Next up comes a weak solo from a newcomer named Rocky Star. This is okay, because the subsequent three scenes easily make up for it. First, Cavalli is back for a nice encore performance, this time with a sultry Hungarian model named Ludovic Canot. Canot first came to our attention several years ago when Michael Lucas was cruising Budapest with Ben Andrews.

Canot is just as eager to please here, giving Cavalli an enthusiastic blowjob before riding his dick. They do it in several hot positions, however Canot fails to cum unfortunately.

After this, straight model Chad Clovis ventures out to a quiet stair well for a cigarette break. The blond ends up stretching back on the steps, flicking his cigarette away so that he can attend to his own hard-on growing in his pants. He lays back putting on a very impressive show. He makes eyes to the camera, touches his body with his free hand as he whacks one off. He's cute.

Following this Rod Daily shows up leading Jeremy Bilding by the hand to what looks like some kind of cave grotto. (Are they lost somewhere on the Hefner mansion estate?) Since filming this, Bilding has moved on to become a big time model over at Rascal Video. (Tread Heavy)

The out of the closet bisexual makes good work of Daily's assets, fucking him on the floor while the bottom jack himself off, forming a big pool of cum on his torso. Bilding's money shot is also very nice.

The film closes with a weak scene, this time with Vince Ferelli topping Kash Satal. Probably filmed at the same time as Jet Set's Screwed, it looks very rushed together, and Satal looks like a deer in the headlights. Basically check out both guys engaging in much hotter sex in Screwed, a very engaging film about life in prison.

Despite the lagging last episode, Straight Edge, Volume One has some good stuff inside, featuring guys who genuinely are straight, or at least swing both ways. Kevin Cavalli in particular proves once again that guys who know how to fuck always really hit the spot.

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Straight Edge, Volume 1 Photos:

Kevin Cavelli tops Max Schutler Watch Now
Kevin Cavelli tops Max Schutler
Ludovic Cadot rides Kevin Cavelli Watch Now
Ludovic Cadot rides Kevin Cavelli
Vince Ferelli sucks Kash Satal Watch Now
Vince Ferelli sucks Kash Satal

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