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Str8 Off The Base 1

Dirk Yates
All Worlds Video  
Adam Addams , Aiden Binks , Bill Ray , Bryan DiPardo , Clint Von , Jay Lopez , Jay Montana , Kendall Klark , Kody Henshaw , Matt , Naus Bianchi , Sledge Sawyer , Stefen West
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Str8 Off The Base 1

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Sledge Sawyer heads Str8 off the Base

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Through the years, director Dirk Yates has dedicated his considerable talents to finding humpy jugheads for us to marvel at. His self-described "sex tape diaries" were released as a film titled Str8 Off The Base, a fast-paced collection of short scenes that managed to garner a 2006 GayVN nomination for Best Pro/Am Release. Scoring with a straight recruit continues to be a hot button fantasy, no doubt one that will keep Yates scribbling notes in his diary for years to come. The set-up couldn't be simpler. Yates sets up camp behind the camera and invites these young men to take a seat on the armchair or stretch out on the bed. Recruiting new models can be a daunting task, so he's charged young studs like Sledge Sawyer (Live By the Sword) to bring in fresh meat. This is one bedroom set that sees a lot of tail.

In the opening sequence of Str8, Sawyer convinces buddies Bryan di Pardo and Clint Von (known as "Vance" to his buddies, or Bryce Van Ryan in his bareback film career - The Cum Artist 2) to show up at Dirk's for a private party, not telling them they're going to be filmed. With the cat out of the bag and with little ceremony, Sawyer fishes out di Pardo's hog from his USMC-issue running shorts and goes to town while Von watches from the sidelines.

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Of the three, Von is the best built (check out the DVD cover), but also seems the most reticent. But once the ice is broken, he jumps up on the chair like a gazelle in heat and gives di Pardo something to put his mouth around. Sawyer has the sturdiest cock, and it isn't until Von springs from the chair to the floor to suck it that we can fully appreciate its size. Sawyer is one lucky grunt; he somehow manages to get both young men to blow him at the same time. The trio finally makes use of the bed when Sawyer sits on di Pardo's cock, using it to feel good. Having had their fill of showing off for the camera, they lay out hip to hip and have a little contest to see who can blow their load first. Everyone, including the viewer, ends up a winner.

It's difficult to fake that certain look of apprehension that's writ large on Jay Montana's face. The Marine is a newbie to gay porn, just the way Dirk likes 'em. But like all first-timers, what Jay really needs is a more experienced coach like Kody Henshaw (Boyuer Fantasies). Fit and trim, Henshaw is a nice contrast to Jay's stocky frame and Latin looks. Henshaw put me immediately in mind of Josh Weston before Weston got really big. There's quite a few things about Henshaw that will raise the flagpole, including his pale, smooth skin and fat bull balls that hang real low. Jay quickly overcomes his shyness, sucking Henshaw's hot piece with considerable gusto. He must be doing something right; check out Henshaw's grimaces and sharp intakes of breath.

Sexy Jay Lopez Joins The Crew

The pair gets a welcome surprise when Jay Lopez (Erec's Little Shop of Fashion) joins the party. Lopez is already hard and rarin' to go, making a quick beeline for Henshaw's cock. Going with the flow, Jay Montana maneuvers so that Henshaw gets a turn to suck dick. And if it's possible, Lopez's dong is even bigger than Henshaw's, and uncut to boot. Could it be that Montana is showing off?

Fully in the moment, he crawls on top of Henshaw and pummels his own hole with some serious dick. Lopez keeps Montana's dark-skinned fattie primed by sucking it while Montana is busy bouncing. Montana even encourages Lopez to take a crack at his ass. Now a porn professional, Montana lays back and lets his new fuck buds coat his chest in jizz. If watching Str8 Off The Base for the first time, this is definitely the scene to start with.

A short interlude between hairy-chested Bill Ray and Naus Bianchi definitely has a scripted feel to it. Taking a risk, Ray gives Bianchi's ass a playful smack. He's quickly rebuffed but is determined to get his mouth around his shorter buddy's pole. Persistence pays - he not only blows Bianchi, but fucks him on the hood of his car.

Immediately following this somewhat forgettable encounter is Sledge Sawyer, returning to Yates' bedroom with four buddies - Stephan, Aiden Binks, Kendall Klark, and Bill Ray (Drill Bill, Vol. 1). Yates invites new pups to his bed one by one until the bed simply can't accommodate one more horny grunt. It's all elbows and asses when these five lovelies suck, kiss, and 69. After the zealous foreplay, the fucking focuses on one model in particular. The majority of what we see is from the back, his very fuzzy hole easing up and down on dick after dick. Near the climax of the orgy, he's double-dicked and his cries of pleasure can be heard over top of the cheesy soundtrack. This spectacular group gathering comes to a head with some particularly messy facials.

Yates' final diary entry is an eager encounter between a recruit simply known as Matt and a guy named Adam Addams. Both are average looking and somewhat stocky, but their shaved heads, tattoos, and no-bullshit demeanor lend a great deal of authenticity to what follows. Matt's completely denuded bush makes his already big prick seem that much bigger. Adam seems appreciative, stroking and slobbering with enthusiasm. Without really speaking to one another, they make their way to the bed and ease into a 69. Adam can't help but sniff out Matt's hole and gives it a few hearty licks. It's obvious that Matt's sphincter has that deep down itch which Adam is more than willing to scratch. One of the highlights of the film is seeing a burly boy like Matt blow while being fucked. Adam caps the scene by putting Matt on his knees and spewing on Matt's shaved head.

Put simply, nobody does military like Dirk Yates. Str8 Off The Base is certainly more polished than other Dirk Yates flicks, which can be a plus or a drawback depending on your perspective. The majority of these lads are in great shape and seem eager to please Yates, playfully interacting with the director as he coos from behind the camera.

Standouts are Kody Henshaw and Jay Lopez whose hot bods and enthusiastic performances may have the viewers heading down to their local recruiting office to enlist.

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Matt and Adam Addams
Jay Montana, Kody Henshaw, Jay LopezWatch Now
Jay Montana, Kody Henshaw, Jay Lopez
Str8 Off the Base Three WayWatch Now
Jay Montana, Kody Henshaw, Jay Lopez

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