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Stone Fox

Chi Chi LaRue
Rascal Video   RV1048
Claudio Martin , Danny Vox , , Jean-Francis Laroche , Johnny Hazzard , Ricardo Diaz , Tristan Bennet
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Stone Fox

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Eddie Stone Guards the Henhouse

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Rascal Video unrolls another slick, four scene sexflick starring a set of "well toned, yet visibly dirty minded" models like Johnny Hazzard, Eddie Stone and Danny Vox. Don't look for blond twinks here - all seven models sport dark hair and those strong angular faces which seem to be favored by Rascal's casting.

The first scene starts with Eddie Stone and Johnny Hazzard pressed together naked in a round, transparent chair. An interesting visual image, the two play with each other's hardening erections, rubbing them together. The two exchange hungry sessions of rimming. Stone just lathers Hazzards hole, a perfect bulleye that will shortly get hit.

First though it is Stone who gets it in the end. Hazzard (In His Dreams) has a perfectly sized body that is very well equipped. He hold Stone's legs up high as he rams him from behind.

After this, the viewer gets a wonderful treat, Hazzard returns to hang in the transparent chair and Stone slides his cock right on in. Hazzard beats his erection against Stone's moving torso, and the two go at it around and around.

Johnny Hazzard
Stone Fox lathers
Johnny Hazzard
Hazzard and Stone shoot their own loads into their own mouths. Stone does a good job at getting most of his jizz to land in his own mouth.

The next scene is similar to an older Chi Chi movie, 1997's White Hot. Stone and the furry, compact Danny Vox screw on an oversized white bed, around an all-white background.

Vox turns out to be a pretty hot bottom.

Both guys are dark haired, which sets off the all white surroundings nicely. Fox humps the long dicked bottom on his back, and also doggie. They unload their money shots lying side by side in the bed.

The third scene introduced us to a brand new model - a raven haired French beauty named Claudio Martin (Deceived). Martin has a hot body all around, but of particular notice is his cock - nicely long, uncut and a perfect width. Stone spends a good time sucking on it. After some ass eating and sixty nineing, Martin demonstrates his topman skills on a very pleased Stone.

At one point, Stone grinds up and down onto Martin with his own big hard-on flopping around. Martin ends up giving Stone a superfine ass plowing in numerous positions.

The last scene is a scorching four way. Starting off with an artistic flavor, Stone is posed naked in the center of a room. Behind him, three ghostly figures press their bodies into a sheer, thin velvet wall. The silhouettes and shapes of the bodies emerge through the velvet wall. Stone reacts to this by licking the figures, and pressing back into their shapes.

This dance ends quickly though as the camera cuts to Stone and three others naked and sucking. Ricardo Dias, Jean Francis Laroche and, saving the best for last, the stunningly erotic Tristan Bennet (Köllide). Bennet, billed as a brand new Rascal Video exclusive, is a real horndawg and screws butt like a pro. A shaved head, tight muscular body and butt, he definitely needs to turn up in more films.

Fortunately Bennet turns up his own tattooed butt during the four way.

First, Laroche tops Dias while Bennet tops Stone. Then they form a hot train in the form of Dias sticking into Stone, who is sticking into Bennet, who is sucking Laroche. This is probably the high point of the film.

They all finish by jacking off. Bennet shoots by eating Stone's ass. Chi Chi Larue has done a great job lately casting guys with that hidden element in their eyes. Just behind their face, they seem to have a look like they are total sexual animals. Stone Fox is a showcase film for Rascal Exclusive Stone, but it also does a fine job at bringing out some new talent.

Stone Fox Photos:

Claudio Martin
Stone Fox and Claudio Martin
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Tristan Bennet
Tristan Bennet
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