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Stoked (Part 1)

Chris Ward J.D. Slater
Raging Stallion Studios  
, Julian Morino , Kyle Douglas , Manuel Torres , Miguel Leonn , , Tag Adams ,
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Stoked (Part 1)

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Miguel Leonn leads this interracial classic

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Stoked powerfully combines latino lust mixed with insatiable anglo appetites (not to mention other races) to create one bombshell of a sexflick. Director Chris Ward's ability to capture sexual intensity has never been better. Before, Raging Stallion has only poked around with white-on-latin / latin-on-white couplings. In both parts of Stoked, the interracial mixing is an all-out success.

One reason is because the films' cast includes many interesting, new figures. But first of all, who unleashed Miguel Leon? And from what lion's cage was this guy kept? Leon did some hot work in Bjorn films a few years ago (Thick as Thieves), but something, somehow kept this pot of boiling water stuck on simmering heat.... until now. The dark skinned top sails through both films completely battering the bottoms with his everhard, beautiful tool. He works over butts from every angle, ultimately rewarding all involved with torrents of hot jism.

Cory Koons and Kyle DouglasWatch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Cory Koons sucks Kyle Douglas
Another notable model is Cory Koons, a gym-built badboy who could win a prize for Newcomer Bottom of the Year. Equally at home with his legs slung wide apart in the air, or simply on his knees with his ass high, Koons looks like a pleasure to plow. It is hard to miss scruffy blond Kyle Douglas, who can take it as well as he can give it. This adept new pupil brings hot versatility to the screen.

These three models appear in both parts of Stoked, and the viewer will never tire watching them. They stud a cast that uniformly is hot, hungry and fully stoked for mansex.

The first scene alone, which pairs Leon with Raging Stallion minx Shane Rollins, is a perfect example of interracial lustiness pushing off the scale. Set in a dark dungeon of pleasure, the two are coiled in a kissing embrace. Leon madly gropes his hands all over and around Rollins' supple body. Soon Leon takes Rollins' bone deep into his mouth, often pulling it out, looking at it. This movie includes a lot of additional emphasis on oral action. In fact, the DVD has a special selection that plays all of the disc's oral action in one thread.

The two models switch positions, with Rollins worshiping Leon's totem pole, gripping it at the base with both hands. Leon delights in screwing Rollins' mouth. During this suck sequence, Rollins is poised on his fours with his ass up. White boys with creamy asses raised high in the air, should realize that in the presence of latinos, they will soon get ambushed.

Leon slowly runs his hands all around Rollins' cheeks and thighs like he's anticipating a delicious dinner. Sinking his cock inside, Rollins slowly lets out gasps and moans. Soon Leon picks up the pace, plowing his partner long and hard. Leon delivers a vigorous buttbanging, lots of which is audibly communicated in their realtime grunts and moans. This dynamite screw is highlighted with Rollins on his back, dick half-hard, as Leon never stops jamming in thrusts.

When Leon pulls out and shoots, the orgasm shakes his body seemingly forever.

The next scene starts with Leon kissing the equally scruffy-faced Julian Moreno, a sexy newcomer with a carpet of dark chesthair. From out of their tight underwear pops out two stiff brown dicks. Leon's tool is wrapped at the base by a cockring. This sequence is an all-oral segment, expertly photographed.

Moreno's mouth hangs open so Leon can shove his cock inside. Watching these hungry men eat their dark meat is riveting, making a nice non-anal addition to the film. Their delectible money shots are captured by the camera from the underside.

The third scene introduces two young men, well on the road to finding deep carnal lust. Mentioned earlier for standout prowess, Cory Koons, sporting a wild tattoo on his arm, blows Kyle Douglas, who loves the cock-worship. Koons has an amazing ass, which Douglas takes little time in finding out. He lathers the bottom's hole with his tongue.

Fully erect, Douglas engages in some hot prickteasing all around Koons' aching sphincter. Finally he allows Koons to slowly slide down on him from above. This memorable first penetration moment begins an intense one-on-one humping that will drain the viewer's balls again and again. The toned and muscular Koons shows his own leg-muscle strength by humping Douglas' cock at length, all of which is captured from underneath and the side.

The boys finish with Koons on his back as Douglas delivers the grand slam up this hungry hole. Koons is Asian, a very underutilized talent. With a P.A. on his cock, and a goatee, he's a hot little bottom that burns up the screen. Pairing two sex hungry boy-men is an ingenious combination for this kind of film. In their finale, Koons gushes his seed while getting plowed hard. Douglas licks some of the cum off, and easily finishes, pulling out and dousing Koons' entire body with long volleys.

Manhandling Tag Adams

For the final scene of Part 1, Tag Adams (Pokin' in the Boys Room) gets a latino manhandling from Tony Acosta and Manuel Torres. Once again, the music takes a pause so full realtime audio of the grunts, moans and Spanish can be heard as these three animals go at it. The hirsute Torres proves to be one powerhouse top. He drills Adams on his back. He also screws Acosta's massive muscular buns, an incredibly hot moment. Acosta relishes in watching Adams get his colito drilled by Torres.

Both hispanics drop hot leche all over Adams' already sweaty hairy body. These stoked professionals turn in a great performance, closing the disc and only making the viewer want more.

Fortunately there is! Stoked Part 2 is a fine sequel that loses none of the first installment's heat, innovation and fire.

The DVD also contains an interview with Tony Acosta, Tag Adams and Manuel Torres. Acosta does a nice job leading the conversation / interview, hopefully he will he will appear more eoften in the Raging Stallion stable.

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Stoked (Part 1) Photos:

Kyle Douglas in Stoked Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Stoked for Kyle Douglas
Shane Rollins and Miguel LeonWatch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Shane Rollins presents himself to Miguel Leonn
Tony Acosta and Tag Adams in StokedWatch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Tony Acosta, Tag Adams, Julian Morino

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