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Still Untamed

Doug Jeffries
All Worlds Video  
Alex , Colton Ford , Danny Lopez , Drew Peters , , John Smith , Lance Landers , Marty Slater , , Paul Marsalla , Scott Jeffries , Tino Lopez , , Walt Waters
HunksDaddies / Men

Still Untamed

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Drew Peters is still untamed

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

A quick glance at the boxcover leaks to the viewer which wild boy has trouble getting tamed. Well, I guess its obvious - the irascible blonde bottom Drew Peters. Director Doug Jeffries has a lot of fun with this story, and Peters hams it up big time. Unfortunately, after starting on a very high note, the film tapers off a bit. The final two scenes are orgy sequences. And then, Still Untamed just suddenly ends - as if it came time to stop shooting. Peters just walks on essentially saying that he's still untamed.

The film contains many hot moments, particularly to fans of Peters and the strong daddy Colton Ford. The movie begins with on the phone, trying to persuade film director Dan Cross to cast his boyfriend Peters in his next porno. Cross is reluctant, moreso once Ford discloses that Peters just got off alcohol addition.

Ford remains optimistic though, and after the call ends he tells Peters it will all come together. Then they come together! The first scene is the film's best. Ford is a hot top, and he gives it long, hard and deep to Peters missionary-style. Peters is a good-looking bottom too, and he's always looking right at Form just urging him to give it to him.

The next scene is a dream in which Peters is in an adult theater watching straight porn. Other men populate the seats around him. As he watches, they all get frisky and soon there are two couplings going on. This is a common issue with the film - as soon as the scenes multiply in men, director Jeffries has trouble keeping all the elements lit. But the guys are cute, with everyday looks; just like you'd see in real life.

The last scene shows the stunningly sexy Jack Ryan getting it on with a dancer. Ryan has a beautiful dick, and we get to see his versatile skills here. And there is a potentially very hot all-hispanic four-way...but this has to go on simultaneously with the Jack Ryan sequence. These hispanic guys are all very hunky. However, the only bottom in this four-way is Danny Lopez (Beyond Perfect). He is very sexy, but I'd like to have seen Tino Lopez or Victor Rios broaden their sexual acts a little. These might just be quibbles with me; you might simply find all this very hot.

Still Untamed is a fun sex-entry from All Worlds and new director Doug Jeffries. His eye for sex and cute models is pretty good, and the movie has some hot hispanic action. Let's see more interesting use of all this next time, along with a complete finish. We'd all love to see Drew Peters finally get it in the end like he deserves.

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Still Untamed

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