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Stiff Sentence (HIS Video)
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W A T C H  Y O U R   F A V O R I T E    P O R N

Stiff Sentence

Tony Matteo
HIS Video  
Blake Cass , Chris Burns , David Ashfield , Eric Ryan , Justin Rhodes , Kevin Wiles , Leo Ford , Melchor , Michael Cummings
Pre-CondomTwinks, American

Stiff Sentence

Justin Rhodes Faces Judge Woodcock

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Leo Ford was never so platinum blond as in the scenes of Stiff Sentence. The movie, an old fan favorite, tells the story of a kid (Justin Rhodes), who gets arrested for soliciting sex. Leo Ford, his ex-bf, describes what happened in a terse voiceover - I was in Rio the week they pulled Tommy in....

First, Justin Rhodes is sent before Judge Woodcock (Eric Ryan), who wears nothing under his judicial robes when sitting in chambers. The handcuffed kid gives head to the Judge, and quickly trades his ass for a light sentence. Rhodes is a versatile strawberry blond with an strong intensity and handsome demeanor.

A Bonanza of Juvenile Delinquents

Instead of going to prison, he is shuffled to a home for juvenile delinquents. Here is where Blake Cass, Michael Cummings, Kevin Wiles and David Ashfield reside. Toughguy Chris Burns plays the warden.

The two group scenes, one in which Michael Cummings is gangbanged, and the other where Burns is serviced, is lustfully hot.

Sandwiched between these two scenes is a long solo with Rhodes who recalls the better days when he was with Leo Ford. Their flashback scene takes place before a roaring fireplace, and the two get it on with enthusiasm. Ford always exhibited great enthusiasm in everything, of course.

Ford gets Rhodes released from jail, and they set to catch the vice cop who entrapped him. This sets up the final scene, a three way with Ford, Rhodes and Melchor who demonstrates his human vacuum cleaner abilities, and Hoover ass.

Crisp directing and videography, Stiff Sentence is well done. Every money shot appears at regular speed, and then as a slow motion instant replay. The film is a real turn-on for fans of all the actors involved.

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Stiff Sentence

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