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Steven Daigle XXXposed

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Steven Daigle XXXposed

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Leaked sex tape emboldens Reality TV star, Steven Daigle

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Chi Chi LaRue and Rascal Video has scored what can be considered a pretty big coup in coaxing reality television actor Stephen Daigle to stepping out of his mainstream skin and becoming a full-fledged porn model. Daigle performed in Big Brother 10, gaining noteriety as the houseguest who was also a gay rodeo champion.

After exiting BB 10, Daigle started this new project, Steven Daigle XXXposed, which is an enjoyable presentation telling the story of Daigle's wild night at the disco getting filmed as a sex tape. Like many celebrity sex tape's, this video gets "leaked" onto the Internet.

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Josh Griffin tops Steve Daigle
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Since its pointless to close the barndoor after the horse has bolted, Daigle presses his fame by doing a full-on filmed scene at the Rascal Video production studios. The result is a pretty fun movie adds an interesting background thread to a Rascal Video production which lately has been noted for producing pretty general 1 - 2 - 3 - 4, Paint by Numbers flicks.

The movie begins at what appears to be an LA nightclub, the diverse crowd is an interesting who's who of Porn Glitterati. Dancing at this shin-dig is Italian porn star Jimmy Durano, a vivacious brunet with a bodacious smile, and who's recently been signed as a C1R Exclusive.

Jeremy Bilding's the instigator

In the opening episode, Jeremy Bilding is fingered as the instigator - whooshing an intoxicated Daigle into a private bathroom with Durano, they filming the ensuing suck and fuck action with a hand held camera. The entire scene is irregular and shakey, mimicing a celebrity sex tape.

Daigle frequently looks into the camera, beaming his humongous grin. The look on his face exhibits an giddy amazement screaming, "I'm actually finally being filmed in a true blue porno!"

Daigle trades off sucking the hefty uncut cocks of his partners in crime. The instigators remembered to bring the lube and Magnum condoms. Soon Bilding eases his cock in Daigle's butt with surprising ease, all to the loud squeals and heavy breathing of the recipient.

"Who's next?" asks the breathless Daigle. Durano goes in for sloppy seconds, throwing the cowboy around like a bucking bronco. The guys both cum nice loads all over the chest of the newly minted porn star.

After this, rumors of the sex tape spread through the Rascal studios. Johnny Hazzard hears about it on his way to a sex scene with Paul Wagner, a big square-jawed jock who ends up playing the bottom.

Hazzard fucks him passionately in a large over-sized bed, pounding Wagner's big butt at length, who's laid out flat on his stomach. Hazzard also takes a focused time-out to give him a hungry rimjob.

Lewis has been filming some hot stuff over at Raging Stallion, but he seems very happy to give it up to Channel 1's all-time favorite rascal. Wagner shoots a long distance multi spurter over himself, followed by Hazzard's own impressive money shot.

Slade bottoms for Brandon Lewis

Next, we find Slade sitting quietly alone on a movie set. He's being filmed in what first looks like might be a solo episode, pleasuring himself by jacking his long uncut dick, playing with his own hairy hole. (Slade is hung and tradey enough to have joined Jet Set's Big Dick Society - Dicktimized!.)

After a bit, he's joined by jock strap clad Brandon Lewis, who he fucks over the desk in a hot episode. In a hot turn of events, the two guys flip-flop...a first time on-screen bottoming for Slade?

Steven Daigle Does Porn

The movie ends with Daigle being presented to brawny Josh Griffin (Fuckin Around) as his on screen sex scene partner. Griffin accepts the bride gracefully in this shotgun wedding, eating out his ass, followed by fucking him over a bale of hay.

Steven Daigle clearly has a lot of pent-up energy that he needs to get out of his system, making this story of his own "sex tape" a fun entry from Rascal Video. Kudos to the gutsy reality star for crossing the rainbow and showing to the world that behind this Southern celebrity is a bottom with the enthusiasm of a spinning tornado.

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Steven Daigle XXXposed Photos:

Steven Daigle Sex TapeWatch on C1R - Watch VOD
Steven Daigle from his "sex tape"
Slade rides Brandon LewisWatch on C1R - Watch VOD
Slade rides Brandon Lewis
Rascal Exclusive Jimmy DuranoWatch on C1R - Watch VOD
Jimmy Durano, Steven Daigle
sex-tape conspirator
Slade fucks Brandon LewisWatch on C1R - Watch VOD
Slade tops Brandon Lewis
Johnny Hazzard fucks Paul WagnerWatch on C1R - Watch VOD
Johnny Hazzard tops Paul Wagner

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