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Steele Ranger

Chi Chi LaRue
Rascal Video   RV1006
Chris Steele , Doug Jeffries , Eric Scott , Haus Weston , , Kyle Kennedy , Patrick Allen , Paul Carrigan , Sam Crockett , Shane Bailey , Shane Rockford , T.J. Hart , Tina Tyler
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Steele Ranger

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Chris Steele patrols the outdoors

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Chris Steele's porn resume may have been brief at the time of filmiong, but clearly indicated stellar talent immediately. The Dallas-based ex-bartender built an impressive porn career with his cropped hair, big hairy chest, and swarthy tool.

Chi Chi LaRue gets her turn with the muscle god, and the result is Steele Ranger,. The box cover of this one is a great shot of Steele in his ranger outfit, opened revealing his furry chest.

Of course, not only is Steele in this, but we get a number of current hotties as well. Jeremy Tucker ranks as the dreamiest pornstar for 1999. Patrick Allen from Jacked to Vegas is a particularly hot member of this movie's ensemble. And you've got the sexpig Doug Jefferies. (and many more....)

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Patrick Allen and Shane Rockford

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Steele stars as a somewhat gruff ranger, who, in the first scene, orders junior officers Sam Crockett and Haus Weston to get their crap together.

While patrolling the outdoors, Steele finds Doug Jeffries, porn star Jeremy Tucker, and Shane Bailey. He warns them against playing loud music, smoking and drinking. The guys laugh at him once he leaves. Pulling out some men's magazines, they stroke themselves to erections. Suddenly, Steele interrupts, more irate than before, and forces Bailey to gag on his nine-incher. Bailey chomps it down pleasurably. The trio have their own ammunition for the ranger's bark, though. Almost against belief, Steele sucks each of them in unison, jerking himself excitedly in the process. As it is getting dark, Steele suggests going someplace more appropriate.

They repair to an abandoned saloon, where Steele gives Bailey one hell of a rim job. After more oral action, Tucker throws Bailey a fuck, and in a matter of seconds, Jeffries simultaneously bones Tucker. It's an exhilarating chain fuck -- Steele sits to the side and beats himself more. After the two holes are worked, Tucker moves to Steele's lap and rides him. The scene ends with the four men dumping their loads on each other. Steele buries Doug with cum, then laps most of it off.

Jeffries, wrote a darn clever script for "Steele Ranger,".

Haus Weston and Sam Crockett gripe

Back at the office, Haus Weston and Sam Crockett complain about the tongue-lashing they have received. Weston makes a reference to his big ass, and Crockett reveals he has always wanted a share of that posterior. If you want it, you gotta lick it, Weston advises, dropping his pants. Crockett gets on knees and devours Haus' hole, grabbing his tree-trunk thighs to maneuver some better butt-munching. Crockett gives him head as well, but he just can't separate himself from that ass. Haus pulls out Crockett's cock and slicks with his warm mouth. Meanwhile, Steele sneaks up from behind and masturbates to the action. Soon, Weston has a seat on Crockett's rocket, moaning as it penetrates him. Crockett turns Weston on his back, lifts his weighty quads in the air, and pummels him more on the porch. After they've cum buckets, so does Steele, and then throws his load at the men as he walks away.

Out in the mountains, Steele finds hikers Patrick Allen and Shane Rockford, who have lost their friend Kyle Kennedy. While Steele goes to find him, Allen and Rockford climb atop a water tower and give us a very satisfying sex-scene. Both boys are extremely fit and preppy-looking, Their scene is more romantic than the others, commencing with some sloppy kissing. Allen (who also goes under the name Joe Foreman) and his partner deepthroat each other. Then Rockford lifts his lover onto the tower, where he gives him a masterful rimming. Allen squeals in delight as Rockford tongue-fucks him. Soon, Rockford slips him the real thing, and the camerawork, both the close-ups and the long shots, expertly capture the moment. Allen is one hot guy to watch get fucked.

As Eric Scott and Paul Carrigan sit with their respective wives, they decide to take a breather. Once away, they complain about their mates. Making the comment that their sex lives have become stagnant, they decide some man-on-man action will solve their problem. The two men rip into the other in near-dazzling flip-flip action. Both are gruff and masculine, and they go at it fiercely -- sucking and ass-eating, devouring their manly frames. Carrigan stands and pokes Scott from behind, until Carrigan gets his turn on the receiving end. While Eric is fucking him, Carrigan blows. Eric pulls out and shoots on Carrigan later.

Finding Kyle Kennedy

After some hunting, Steele locates lost Kyle Kennedy and takes the unconscious boy home. After awakening, Kennedy is thrilled to be in the company of Steele. This sets the stage for one of the year's most fiery scenes: Kennedy's mouth lowers itself to Steele's veiny rockhard dick, where he worships the head. Chris taunts the boy, telling him he's gonna give him his first man-fuck, and pleading with him to suck his dick like he's getting torpedoed by it. Steele returns the favor, sucking Kennedy's cock.

Ever had a man's tongue up your little boy ass? asks Steele before putting his plan in action. Steele mounts him on a table, going slowly into the blonde's hole. Then Steele literally lifts Kennedy in the air, and re-situates him onto his meat. They moan loudly as Kennedy rides Steele like a man possessed. Shortly after, Steele delivers a cumbath right on Kennedy's face, before helping Kyle reach his orgasm. Then Steele returns the lost Kennedy back to his friends, and Ranger Steele moves on to keep the forests safe for visitors.

There's not a weak scene or actor in this bunch, and the outdoor fucking is especially good. This is a great showcase for the manly top-man Chris Steele. His acting is pretty good actually. It's good to see the roles of big top-men expanded into interesting parts. Steele attacks his work with energetic gusto.

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Chris Steele in Steele Ranger Watch Now
Chris Steele in Steele Ranger

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