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Austin Wilde: Bathhouse Denizen

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Sex club aficionados and bathhouse fanatics should rejoice at the DVD release of the torrid sex video Steamworks. This movie is Raging Stallion's first filmed foray into the world of compulsive sex in a commercial bathhouse, filmed on location at the Steamworks bathhouse in Berkeley, CA. The producers pay close attention to the venue's seemingly overflowing plate of easy to get, vigorous man sex. Directors Tony DiMarco and Steve Cruz work yields fantastic results: They admirably capture the vibe of the place, from the narrow hallway maze to the efficient, compact fuck rooms.

Such a visit has not been captured on video so well since Steven Scarborough filmed in 2003's Resurrection, when the angelic Trent Atkins takes a similar bathhouse journey, transforming from regular guy into a first class sex pig. This time, we get to watch buff studmuffin porn star Austin Wilde descend into the lower rings of Steamworks, which during this visit happens to be peopled with a collection of chiseled men, nicely mixed racially, whose fantastic bodies makes one wonder if its a designated whistle stop for the lesser male gods of Olympus.

Austin Wilde at Steamworks Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Austin Wilde takes on Steamworks
The movie starts with Wilde, representing "the everyman viewer", Wilde paying his money, grabbing the offered towel and condoms, and going inside the club.

Soon he's prowling the halls, peering into rooms with open doors. We will catch up with Wilde later on. First, we find Raging Stallion's Angelo Marconi hanging out in the shower area, waiting like a spider for his prey to appear. He's in luck: In strolls the infamous Diesel Washington, who takes position next to Marconi. Standing naked, Washington adjusting his own shower head.

Now, Washington has turned in many hot performances (see Rear Deliveries). For this scene, he's on fucking fire. The camera takes its time showing the guys wordlessly gravitating together in this communal area - a close depiction of the way real hook ups in the shower area of bathhouses happen. Washington is a really big guy too, towering over the much smaller Marconi who is about to get the fuck of a lifetime.

At one point, Washington bangs Marconi standing doggie, pressed against the wall. Then Washington turns on the shower hosing down their rocking bodies with wet spray. Marconi is one electric muscle bottom, who we've not seen light up the Raging Stallion set like this in a long time. Great first scene, and a fine lesson in how to cruise a club's "wet area."

To our immense delight, this great starter is followed up immediately by a fine Black on Black pairing, the dominant Race Cooper (Black Balled 7) and the bodacious bottom Derek Reynolds. (Roll in the Hay)

Race Cooper and Derek Reynolds fuck in the bathhouse locker room. These guys have appeared in the locker room to dress in their real time clothes and check out of the club. But their obvious attraction derails the original plan taking them to an impromptu, vigorous fuck session. If these two had to pay for extended time over their original check in, it's definitely worth it.

Reynolds sits his voluptuous ass down onto Cooper's face and just wiggles. This lengthy, delicious rim job is enough to get Cooper's cock noticeably stiff. At this point he pushes the bottom up against the lockers, slamming his cock inside for an jaw dropping course of power-fucking. The noise of big buttocks getting slammed from behind rings out.

We are treated to watching Reynolds getting fucked into several more hot positions, including laying on his back, on the dressing bench, his feet held high in the air. It's in this position that the bottom receives a gusher of hot man seed poured all over his tight body. This may be one of the most easily overlooked Black guy sex scenes filmed in 2010.

Alexsander Freitas fucks in the bathhouse maze

Next, we find Marconi still crawling through the halls of Steamworks, his heavy muscle bottom appetites still not completely filled. He snags another choice prize in the club: Brazilian macho man Alexsander Freitas from Muscle and Ink. These guys get it on in what appears to be the maze area of Steamworks, a large room full of walls and glory holes.

Marconi hunkers down on his knees to give a slobbery blow job onto Freitas' uncut rapier. In this position Fritas lights up, delivering several sequences of face fucking Marconi through the glory hole, almost tearing the wall partition out of the floor. This guy clearly demands attention.

In another one of the film's hot visuals, Freitas drills the bent over Marconi on a narrow set of stairs overlooking this maze area. This room must bare witness to lots of hot man sex every single day.

Freitas struts his stuff here with the usual aplomb, throwing in a force that's equal to his ripped, inked frame. Marconi cums while getting fucked.

The movie ends by letting us know how Wilde's evening went. In short, pretty fucking good. (That is, if by "pretty fucking good" that means finding Topher Dimaggio inviting you into his private room so he can screw your brains out in front of a full length mirror.)

Frequently in bathhouse porn, you can tell that the director has difficulties capturing sexual action in such a small, closed room. This is apparent here, but for this the room's full length mirror running alongside the bed saves the day.

It does not take long before DiMaggio plunges into Wilde's ass, dominating him in a very hot sequence. Both guys have beautiful bodies, so watching them mate is like eating a rich dessert. Because of the room's small space, we are treated to long visuals of Dimaggio's gyrating ass, working non-stop atop his new friend. We also are treated to seeing a lot of the undersides of both guys' feet, as they are typically pointing back into the camera. Wilde shoots a great money shot while getting fucked on his back, to the constant moans of DiMaggio, which do not stop until after he's unloaded.

Steamworks is a great vehicle depicting all the fun that is waiting, patiently, down at one's nearest Grandma's. There have been many fine gay porn videos taking us through these steamy lands of escape going way back to the beginning of the film genre with the now classic 1981 A Night at Halsted's. Raging Stallion's Steamworks easily fits on the list of excellent gay bathhouse videos.

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Steamworks Photos:

Steamworks Video Preview

Race Cooper Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Race Cooper
Derek Reynolds Ass Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Derek Reynolds
Topher DiMaggio tops Austin Wilde Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Topher DiMaggio tops Austin Wilde
Angelo Marconi and Alexsander Freitas at a glory hole Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Angelo Marconi sucks Alexsander Freitas through a glory hole
Topher DiMaggio fucks Austin Wilde Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Topher DiMaggio tops Austin Wilde

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