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Stand At Attention

Julio Kadetti
Frenesi Films  
Eduardo Galisteau , Gilberto Larusso , , Luis Ferreira , Marcio Smith , Pablo Picaco , Roger Vianna
BraziliansOutdoor SexDaddies / Men

Stand At Attention

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Julio Vidal Stands at Attention

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Stand At Attention is one modest little production that turns out to be first-class winner for films in the Brazilian genre. Set in the Brazilian army, the movie has wide appeal - fans of military, fans of Latinos (especialy Brazilian guys), fans of uncut cocks and, naturally, fans of hot sex.

The action from the beginning to end is energetic and enthusiastic powered by an indefatigable cast that's led by the hunky Brazilian porn star Julio Vidal. Beyond Vidal, everyone is uniformly attractive. Another stand-out in the film is Marcio Smith, a smooth-skinned, brunet sex puppy with an incredible bubblebutt that calls out for dick.

(It often is!)

Marcio Smith in Stand at AttentionWatch Now
Brazilian soldier Marcio Smith
The first scene is initiated by the movie's only blond, Eduardo Galisteu from Brazilian Heat. He entices officer Julio Vidal into his private quarters, and sniffs his combat boots while Vidal showers. Vidal catches him in the act, prompting an order to suck his thick cock.

Galisteu has a talented set of lips, working Vidal's very hefty meat like a pro. After examining Galisteu's butt with his tongue and fingers, Vidal tops him in three positions. Galisteu - always hot to watch - provides inspiring moans and groans.

The second scene is initiated by boxcover Brazilian stud Gilberto Larusso, who discovers a dildo in the backpack of barracks mate Luis Ferreira. Larusso confronts Ferreira when he returns, who responds by blowing him.

Larusso reciprocates with more good oral action to his buddy, and then he tops his in three positions. This another hot scene.

Next, Private Marcio Smith is driving Sgt. Pablo Picao in his jeep, which suddenly breaks down in the middle of nowhere. As Smith checks the engine, Picao checks out the driver's wonderful ass. This obviously leads to stripping from their uniforms, and some hot assplay.

Picao tops the hot bottom in three positions all over the Jeep. Crystal-clear penetration shots from underneath highlight this memorable scene.

Larusso comes back for more action in the fourth scene, where he seduces Roger Vianna in the stable. Vianna sucks Larusso into a rock hardon before the two exchange rimjobs. Larusso then gives another first-class demonstration of his topman skills, pumping Vianna in three positions.

Brazilian Sex Finale

The final scene is the movie's showpiece. Officers Vidal and Picao overhear privates Smith and Galisteu talking about "faggot" officers. The stong, brown-skinned beauties decide to assert their authority and teach these soldiers a hard lesson.

Vidal picks Smith and Picao picks Galisteu for a double pairing of simultaneous screwing and sucking. This is very nicely photographed, and makes a fine end to this hot video. This scene is clearly get the juices flowing.

First rate videography and a uniformly sexed-up, good looking cast makes this stand out. One quibble is that the continuous loop of military music is distracting. That is easily overlooked though.

Stand at Attention is without question director Julio Kadetti and his Frenesi Films line of Brazilian gay porn at its finest hour. It's a real treat not to be missed by fans of Brazilian guys, or for that matter, almost any kind of steamy hot gay porn.

This movie is now available on DVD, a very worthwhile purchase.

Stand At Attention Photos:

Julio Vidal in Stand at AttentionWatch Now
Julio Vidal stands at attention over Marcio Smith
Gilberto Larusso and Luis FerreiraWatch Now
Gilberto Larusso and Luis Ferreira
Pablo Picao and Eduardo GalisteuWatch Now
Pablo Picao above Eduardo Galisteu

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