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Steven Daigle Stalked

Chi Chi LaRue
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Steven Daigle Stalked

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Adam Killian stalks Steven Daigle into a sex club.

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Since reality TV star Steven Daigle become hamstrung in last year's Internet sex tape scandal (see Steven Daigle XXXposed), the dishwater blond has apparently morphed into what most California porn stars constantly do, which is spend their days and nights prowling the streets of Los Angeles cruising for sex.

Well, maybe that is just the image that's projected in the movies. It's certainly a very popular image. Director Chi Chi LaRue has used this successfully many times with her fold of maniac sex men. (Recall the enjoyable video depicting What Men Do with Johnny Hazzard early in his career)

What is it that men do with Steven Daigle? He gets abducted by Adam Killian and thrown into a dark sling room for an hour and a half. With his wavy hair grown out a bit, and sporting a go-tee and sideburns, Daigle's evolved into a highly sexual creature, moving through the film and its many men with care-free ease.

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Leo Giamani tops Steve Daigle
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Killian, who for several years worked either behind the cameras for many movies, or as a Playgirl tease, today headlines gay the porn video scene striking a visual chord with his strong facial features, 5 o'clock shadow and high n' tight mohawk.

Daigle buries his face in Killian's backside, sitting on the newcomer's face wearing nothing but a black jock strap. Daigle's stirring ass eating abilities find their match when Killian throws off his jeans. It turns out he's wearing a white jock there any black / white symbolism here?... escalating the guys into an ass wide open frenzy of tongue buttplay with lots of spit.

Killian's eyes roll back in his head as his tight ass accepts Daigle's erection. They guys flip-flop, moving into a sweaty grunt-filled fuck session on a black couch. Both guys delight in stuffing each other's manholes with their rock hard dicks.

Leo Giamani squeezes in

It's often a drag with you're interrupted fucking in a public sex club by uninvited onlookers, unless if it's by Leo Giamani. These places frequently attract guys who delight in just standing there, getting serviced, and for this, Giamani is a complete natural.

Daigle and Killian take their own sweet time sharing Giamani's horsedick, nibbling on his huge nuts. Daigle, on his back with legs up in the air, frequently looks at himself in the mirror while Giamani's fucking him. He's left coated in the everyone's cum.

Later, we find our star propping himself up against a mirror, where he seems to be overcome in some kind of blood fever. It is in this state that he's discovered by the rest of the cast, all wielding black flashlights.

This parade of torches turns into a massive suckfest, with the debilitated Daigle performing the honors. How would it feel to look up and see that you have Alessio Romero's dick in your mouth? Looks great from here!

The action builds in what becomes the movie's orgy finale. The scruffy faced Tommy Defendi hops into a sling getting fucked by Daigle. Defendi, by the way, maintains a fantastic look on his face, staring directly back at his top while keeping his position in the sling. He sure has become a total sex pot.

Around this time, Tyler Saint decides to break out the dildos, which get swallowed up by Daigle and Rod Daily. Romero decides to strut his top man stuff on Drew Cutler. There's more frenzied fucking, culminating in the cast's money shots. Daigle, exhausted, drops his load onto a supine Drew Cutler.

Steven Daigle Does Porn

All in all, Stalked doesn't blaze into any new territory. But it's a perfectly enjoyable vehicle showing off some wall to wall fucking by a very good looking cast.

Congratulations to Daigle, who has successfully taken reality tv to its next level, porn. He's showing the world how to fuck and get fucked in a sex crazed daze. There are plenty more actors in this popular genre making television waves now. Who's going to be next?

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Steven Daigle Stalked Photos:

Steven Daigle holds Tommy DefendiWatch on C1R - Watch VOD
The guys surround Steven Daigle
Adam Killian rides Steven DaigleWatch on C1R - Watch VOD
Adam Killian rides Steven Daigle
Alessio RomeroWatch on C1R - Watch VOD
Alessio Romero
Steven Daigle and Adam Killian share Leo GiamaniWatch on C1R - Watch VOD
Steven Daigle and Adam Killian share Leo Giamani
Rod Daily, Steven Daigle and Tommy DefendiWatch on C1R - Watch VOD
Rod Daily, Steven Daigle, Tommy Defendi

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