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Sweatshop Video  
Alex Bana , Corbin Michaels , Dick James , , Jack Sanders , Jason Crew , Johnny Law , Mario Cruz , Sean Steele
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Short guys are hot.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

It's difficult to say no to a good revenge flick, especially one that has Jason Crew in the cast.

Squirt is a cleverly-named film, evoking images, not only of stiff pricks propelling their goo, but of all those unfortunately-nicknamed kids in high school . You know the guys I'm talking about - under 5'6" and slight, but with an irrepressible attitude borne out of years of ribbing and half-hearted verbal abuse from taller guys.

Boxcoverboy Corbin Michaels (Man Made) has issues. He walks around his office with a chip on his shoulder, fed up with his boss (a very bald-headed Sean Steele) and bigger guys in general. Confronting Steele, he makes it clear that he's been passed over for promotion for the last time. Steele foolishly suggests that Michaels' lack of stature is holding him back. The cleaning crew (Mario Ortiz and Alex Bana) overhear Steele's slight, and being short themselves, aggressively confront their him right after Michaels leaves in a huff.

Corbin Michaels and Jason CrewWatch VOD
Squirt Corbin Michaels
sucks Jason Crew
The sex here is filled with aggressive malice, amplified by a strange and dramatic soundtrack. But as is the case with most gay porn, once the dicksucking gets underway, any negative vibe is tossed aside in lieu of getting off. Ortiz forces Steele onto his Latin prick while Bana masturbates nearby. Steele loudly slurps, chokes and gags in protest, but his own hard cock, freed from his suit pants, tells a different story. Ortiz, with his gorgeous pecs and satin skin steals the focus here, even though his cock is little more than average. Bana for his part is mostly forgettable, and when Ortiz drops down to blow his cleaning buddy, it's easy to mentally cut Bana out of the equation. Predictably, Sean Steele opens his hole for the janitorial staff. He's a submissive bottom, protesting and making a fuss, while still obviously enjoying himself. When the cum flies, Ortiz delivers a memorable facial. The hot goo on Steele's cheek puts him and Bana over the edge.

The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Bottom
Corbin Michaels bitches to a colleague (the 40ish Jack Sanders) about the discrimination he's been subject to at work. Jack, another tall, powerful-looking gentleman, is sympathetic to a degree, but still manages to poke fun at Michaels and his inadequacies. He cockily challenges Michaels, asking him to touch the top of the Christmas tree, which is something, unfortunately, Michaels can't do. Michaels response? He roughly grabs Sanders' crotch and forces him to his knees, giving him an ultimatum of sorts, one which guarantees him a leg up in his company.

A few sparks fly right off the bat, mostly due to the intergenerational pairing of a youngish Corbin Michaels and Sanders, a daddy type if there ever was one. Sanders' face is worn and his eyes are strangely hollow, but it's wonderful that a studio like Sweatshop is putting 40+ guys in front of the camera. With Christmas music blaring underneath the action, Sanders makes a huge show of licking and sucking the front of Michaels' jeans, obliging both Michaels and the viewer to wait until he tires of the taste of denim. Several long moments later, Sanders finally gets Michaels' cock in his mouth, busy both giving head and slowly shedding his own clothing at the same time. Michaels blowing Sanders is more interesting to watch, probably because Sanders has more cock to work with. Before long, Michaels once again takes the lead and fucks his older pal, needles from the Christmas tree grinding into their knees. Better than the short guy/tall guy sexual dynamic is the younger guy/older guy dynamic. Unfortunately, shaky camera work and the odd soundtrack fail to make this scene a memorable one.

Short guys get sexual revenge

Just when you think you've seen it all, you haven't. Another bald-headed stud, Dillon Press, is luxuriating in his bathtub, watching porn on a large flat-screen television perched on the tiled wall just opposite the shower head. Press has been sexier in other ventures (like Husband by Day, Hustler by Night), but twice-baked dialogue between him and the goateed Johnny Law (Dorm Days) throws a wet towel on the sex. Law, for his part, is a cute, slender pup, committed to helping his pal Corbin Michaels climb up the corporate ladder. And if giving Press what he wants speeds the process along, he's willing to accommodate, including fucking the bigger, more muscular stud tubside. Law can't keep it up while getting blown. Then the camera is perched right on Press' chest while he sucks Press off, giving it a strange, in-your-face quality which is infinitely off-putting. But for those who enjoy watching twinks top their daddies, this scene delivers. There's even some spectacular shots of Press riding Law, his engorged cock flopping wildly.

Before he can fully ascend to the ranks of the business elite, Michaels must pass by two more tall boys - Jason Crew and Dick James. When Michaels fails to get their attention, he tries a technique I wouldn't personally recommend. In one shift movement, he drops his drawers and presents a very engorged, very appealing cock to the management staff. Crew and James barely raise an eyebrow, opting instead to drop to their knees and seal the deal with a blowjob. Few things in porn are more appealing than two collegiate types politely sharing dickmeat, and watching these two handsome young men go to town makes for some nasty viewing. Both Crew and James bottom for Michaels, who is a passable top. Michaels, for his part, seems to finally be coming into his own, sealing his first deal and taking charge of more than a few assholes.

The film has some comic moments, like Mario Cruz having to stand on a couple of phone books to get his dick in Sean Steele's open mouth. It's also nice to see models who aren't in their 20s (Jack Sanders) having such a good time onscreen. Corbin Michaels won't be up for any acting awards anytime soon, and the stylist who greased his hair for this film should be burned with a hot curling iron. But put aside the cheese and average production values, and you have an enjoyable little film where big guys get their just desserts.

Squirt Photos:

Squirt Mario CruzWatch VOD
Mario Cruz
Short guys are hot in bedWatch VOD
Squirt: Short guys are hot in bed
Squirt Corbin Michaels fucksWatch VOD
Corbin Michaels tops Dick James, Jason Crew standing aside
Squirt Jounny Law fucksWatch VOD
Squirt Johnny Law behind Dillon Press

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