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SpyBoy 2

Max Lincoln
Movie Series
Alistair Hill , Aurelien Duval , Bastien Pommery , Chris Cooke , Jamie Summers , Reece Richards , Samuel Neuchatel , Stefan Anderson , Tom Jordan , Torsten Stiffler , Vallentin de Bodault , Zack Jones
Bareback SexTwinks, InternationalHorsehungCum EatingMen of England / British GuysParody / SpoofMystery/Thriller

SpyBoy 2

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James Bonk is back! And with brand new boys!

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Eurocreme's Spyboy series delivers a continuous stream of hot and hung lads, torrents of sexual spunk and seamen as well as extremely clever storywriting. The series' star, the slim and vibrant Chris Cooke, seems equally at home with screwing every guy he meets as he is dead panning clever dialogue. Nobody does it better!

We know how history has enshrined the Bond women, like Ursula Undress, Maud Adams or Diana Rigg. The Bonk boys deserve special glorification all their own. Eurocreme discovery Jamie Summers is an alluring blond, named Will Blondini, the wicked villain that threatens the peace of the world, and it is up to dashing James Bonk (Chris Cooke) to save the day.

Jamie Summers and Chris CookeWatch Now
Willy Blondini (Jamie Summers)
inspects James Bonk (Chris Cooke)
SpyBoy2 packs six action sex scenes plus several solos into one DVD. Get ready. Dropping this disc into the player yields hours of erect enjoyment. First up is a solo from Summers, who tenderly touches and strokes his smooth body to a gushing climax. A few minutes later, the movie's first sex scene starts the balls rolling.

Cooke meets his male secretary (Mr. Lovering played by the adorable Zack Jones) to get his mission orders. The spy easily sweet-talks Jones right out of his clothes into some kissing and mutual cocksucking. These two would easily tie for first place in a Big Penis contest. They have huge endowments, which are fasciniating to watch. Cooke easily inserts his powerful weapon into Jones' tight tan hole for a rapid piston fuck. This ultimately leaves the secretary's back coated with Spyboy's white DNA. Cooke licks up his own creamy cum.

Aurelian Duval: Friendly Barebacking Secret Agent

Bonk travels to France, where he meets a friendly agent, the blond Aurelian Duval from DreamBoyUSA. Duval is kind enough to engage in his trusty servant Samuel Neuchatel for a three way with the superspy. Cooke and Neuchatel eagerly blow Duval's big, pierced cock, who relishes the attention. After this, Duval pulls Neuchatel's sweet legs back so he can bareback him. This scene (since it's bareback) has generated a lot of buzz on the net because it is so hot.

The commotion is deserved. Duval is a hot top to watch, and after screwing Neuchatel in two positions, he shoots a big money shot in, out and all around the bottom's hot hole. Not to be left behind, Cooke feeds Neuchatel's equally hungry mouth with his own cock and cum. Cumlovers rejoice!

Next, Bonk sets out to get some information from a tattoo artist, a young Scottish bloke played by Alastair Hill, the power bottom of Beachboy. They end up working each other over mutually with a remarkable brightly colored double headed dildo. After snaking it in and out of Hill's ass, Cooke eventually sets himself on the other end so they can mutually enjoy the toy. Often times twinks using sextoys looks awkward, but here the models look very much at ease, totally into it.

In a high point Hill sits his lithe body down, easily taking Cooke's enormous prick up his cute butt. Hill's anal capacity is impressive, and Cooke's ballsack slams against it. Despite being a middle scene and with a minor character, this movie does not lose any steam throughout. After going through a myriad of positions, Cooke showers hot cum all over the tattoist's face and mouth.

The last scene is a twink orgy with James Bonk, the villain and all his evil henchmen. Don't relax yet, Cooke's mission takes him next to a hot and frisky sauna, where he gets naked with two hot attendants - redhead Ben Taylor and brunet Reece Richards from Barboy. Every frame of this scene is dominated by any one of their big, stiff cocks either getting sucked, going into an ass or just waving around in the air. Cooke performs his first on-screen bottoming in this film. Both Taylor and Richards ram him with their thick cocks and the dance beat plays on and on.

Taylor's cockhead turns a deep purple color when he shoots. Richards explodes with dazzling blasts of jism into Cooke's face and mouth. After the loads are blown, the attendants disappear and Cooke is locked in the sauna.

He awakens to find himself face to face with Blondini (Summers). Cooke offers to make a DNA donation to the villain's evil cause. Upon acceptance of the offer, Cooke whips Summers' towel off his body and starts sucking. Summers screws Cooke's outstretched body on the floor followed by a copious money shot from Summers.

Summers begins his career here of impressive loads.

The final scene is a lively, always moving swirl of twinksex with five guys: Cooke and Summers, along with blond Duval from earlier, and two cute yet evil henchmen, Bastien Pommery and Vallentin de Bodault. They all suck each other in a flurry of positions on the floor. Dick sucking turns to ass plowing. More snappy dance music plays as Cooke slides Her Majesty's majestic penis up inside henchmen Pommery. Summers delivers a hot doggie style screw to the lube soaked ass of de Bodault.

Duval slides on into Cooke as he's bonking Pommery. The loads fly in all directions when they finish. Summers delivers another big money shot here, caking de Boudault's back.

One hallmark of Eurocreme movies is their original music. The sex is complimented by a professional sounding, electronic score. The film concludes to rolling credits and throbbing music, making an impressive finish. The DVD also includes an interview with the charming Summers, and two well-done photosets from the film.

Get Your Hands on SpyBoy

Spyboy 2 is an even hotter sequel to the already worthwhile Spyboy. Fans of the series will love seeing more of the dashing Chris Cooke. Newcomers can jump right in and they will love every minute of it. Pass the canapes and vodka martinis, and enjoy!
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SpyBoy 2 Photos:

Aurelian Duval barebacks Samuel NeuchatelWatch Now
Aurelian Duval barebacks Samuel Neuchatel, Chris Cooke (right)
Jamie Summers and Chris CookeWatch Now
Jamie Summers inhales Chris Cooke
SpyBoy Five Way OrgyWatch Now

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