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Chris Cooke: Nobody Does It Better

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Spyboy chronicles the sexcapades and marauding adventures of dashing British spy James Bonk, played enthusiastically by 19 year old Chris Cooke. Cooke, a Eurocreme discovery, has ample acting skills, not to mention a fat uncut cock, which will propel him into stardom. (see him later in Soldierboy from Eurocreme)

The movie is also written with enough wit to invoke numerous James Bond jokes around its rather silly story. (of course aren't many Bond movies silly stories as well?) The movie begins with Bonk called to the head office of where he works, MI69.

Chris Cooke plays James BonkWatch Now
James Bonk (Chris Cooke)
gets it in the end
Before he goes in to see his supervisor, he gets it on with the gay male version of Moneypenny - a cute blonde. They have a kissing and oral suckfest over the new copy machine. Here we get a first glimpse of Cooke's hard assets, as they inhale each other's cocks hungrily.

Bonk finally makes his way to the boss to learn of his assignment. Apparently an evil Swiss scientist has invented a shocking new drug called Orgazmadrine, which would create mind boggling powerful orgasms. Bonk must go and keep this chemical from getting into the wrong hands.

Moving on location to Zurich, Bonk settles into his hotel. The concierge proves extremely hospitable. After getting his room in order, he gives Bonk a lengthy buttbang in his room.

The two appear to have a great time, and not just with the anal action. Bonk deep throats the Swiss fellow's rather long log, as they both curl together in a sixty nine. Not to be one for roles, Bonk returns the favor, driving his own thick dick into his friend. Then he pulls out and squirts onto the bottom's cheeks.

The concierge unloads a big multi-spurt money shot all over the bed sheets.

James Bonk: Everything He Touches Turns to Excitement!

Afterwards, Bonk makes his way to the Institute for Sexual Research, where he finds Professor's son, a dark skinned brunet with fine smooth body. He tells Bonk that his father was unwillingly abducted, and is not missing. Frightened and in need of comfort, Bonk decides to soothe the youth with an official love session by Her Majesty's finest.

Quick-cut to heavy groping in the shower, and the film's temperature quickly rises to boiling point. The guys take turns deep throating their dicks all the way to the base. Water from the shower runs down their faces, and the stimulating electronic music accompaniment throbs. Then they eat out their butts.

Hands pull Bonk's legs forward, and the spy's cock slams easily inside the boy. He gives him one wild humping on a large white bed. The bottom does not stop moaning until Bonk whacks out a geyser like money shot with his fist.

Fortunately, Bonk meets up with his fellow spy-friend Dick Veiny, a olive skinned guy with a very talented ass. He takes Bonk to a private area where he explains that an evil guy named Braunfinger has the Orgazmazine. After receiving this tip, Bonk and Veiny pull in a shaved-headed skinny guy for a rambunctious three way. The two go to town on Veiny's hole.

An evil guy named Braunfinger has the dreaded Orgazmazine. Then not to have just a simple scene, the two make a sandwich on a doggie arched Bonk. A grinning Veiny pounds Bonk's pale skinned ass at rapid fire speed. The music pulses along with the trio, stopping just in time to hear the heavy sighs sing as they all dump their loads.

On his friend's information, Bonk goes to Berlin to hopefully find Braunfinger at an underground bar. He missed the villain, while alerting him. Braunfinger sends his minions over to Bonk's hotel to eliminate him with the dreaded Orgazmazine. Who should appear to do the evil work? It is a collared and spiked James Alexander from Skaterboy

Alexander gives Bonk a frisky multi-positioned screw in his bed. Then he cums in Bonk's mouth. Fortunately Bonk stops the guy before he could harm him, instead insisting that Braunfinger meet him the next day. Without getting too bogged down in story, we will just say that the subsequent sex action scenes are more examples of splendorous humping.

Braunfinger has a three way with his chain wearing minion boys. One skinny blond turns out to have a mammoth dick, which gets sucked as Braunfinger screws his ass. This blond slave also gets it doggie from fellow minion Alexander. Then Alexander stuff his dick up Bonk's plump butt cheeks to form a three way train.

The film has a sexplosive finish as Bonk boinks the two slaves, including giving his big meat to the blond slave in a sling. Bonk's higher-ups back in London watch this on the DildoCam, getting so aroused they begin their own round of screwing.

From Britain with love, Spyboy is a fully rounded sexfilm bursting with eight action scenes, delicious looking twinks, huge hanging cocks and seemingly endless spurts of energy. The DVD also has a number of nifty extras including a nice interview with Chris Cooke. This fine film has spawned an excellent porn sequel. This is hopefully the first of a franchise about Eurocreme's Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

The movie is definitely Cooke's show. He is in almost all the sex scenes, but the spry youth does not ever tire the viewer, nor does he ever tire himself.

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Spyboy Photos:

Chris Cooke and Jason AlexanderWatch Now
Bonk (Chris Cooke) about to suck slaveboy Jason Alexander
Chris Cooke in SpyboyWatch Now
James Bonk boinks the concierge in Switzerland

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