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Spread Dat Butta

Jalin Fuentes
Pittbull Productions  
Ass Professor , Casanova Blue , Corey Corey , Kaven Sincer , KB , Lil Nellie , Loverboy , Phat Daddy
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Spread Dat Butta

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Spread Dat Butta Lil Nellie

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

If you enjoy watching Black guys spreading their "butta" all around, Pittbull Productions once again has hit the target. Spread Dat Butta contains five episodes of thug action, punctuated by some hot tops plowing a cast of impressive bottoms. The dicks are big and the butts are tight.

Pittbull keeps a very good eye for hot tops, starting of course with Tiger Tyson, and later with no nonsense big dick dudes like Supreme and Dillon. For this movie, the spotlight is on the tall, towering K.B. With his pants hanging low, and sometimes smoking a cigarette, this fast talking player cunningly works his big black cock into three of the movie's bottoms.

K.B. and Lil NellieWatch VOD or Naked Sword
K.B. above Lil Nellie
For those without benefit of an urban dictionary, K.B. is probably a play on words for "kind bud." No matter what, watching him fuck makes for a pretty good high. [K.B. post on]

The movie starts off with K.B. and chatting with ball cap wearing Lil Nellie, who actually looks quite a bit like the popular rapper Nellie. Here's the set-up: Someone has been sleeping with someone else's sister. This gives K.B. the opportunity to box Lil Nellie into a situation of insinuated blackmail. Soon K.B.'s pants are dropped, and Lil Nellie is giving his long shaft a very nice blowjob.

Lil Nellie drops his drawers and gets on his fours. K.B. throws him a long and hard driving fuck doggie style. The bottom easily takes K.B.'s battle axe up his buns. After this, he nails Lil Nellie almost literally into a leather red chair.

This opener is pure Pittbull - a powerhouse thug top driving his massive cock into a moaning black bottomboy. And more good news: the subsequent four scenes are all just as arousing.

Casanova Blue Spreads Dat Butta

For the next scene, Phat Daddy and Casanova Blue must confront a dilemma that has them confounded - their hotel room contains one queen size bed, as opposed to two twins. After some discussion, they jump into bed together, Phat Daddy proudly sleeping au naturel. Well, it turns out ol' Mr. Daddy isn't up for sleeping. He's up for plowing some ass.

He coaxes Blue out of his slumber and waves his cock around so that his friend soon has his mouth around it. Pretty soon, Daddy's pushing his latex sheathed cock into Blue's hole, who takes it all impressively.

Phat Daddy is one of Pittbull's more happy-go-lucky tops. The boyish grin on his face seems to express a feeling of "wow, I can do this with my dick and it sure feels good." After drilling him in many hot positions, he shoots his cum on the bottom's face.

Next, K.B. makes a welcome encore, this time taking advantage of his basketball buddy who sprains a leg while shooting hoops. K.B.'s friend is another tall Black guy named Corey Corey, who has a very hot, meaty ass.

Alone in a private room, K.B. pulls out his cock, which grows to its full length in Corey's warm mouth. In a hot visual, Corey lays flat on his stomach as K.B. sticks it in and begins drilling. K.B. again shows his penchant for hard, full length thrusts, which Corey meets by raising his butt into the air at a perfect receiving angle.

In another high moment, Corey sits on K.B.'s cock, dancing around atop his shaft, his own hard dick bouncing around. He pounds Corey until the bottom shoots out a creamy load.

Ass Professor teaches Kaven Sincer a lesson

Next up comes the movie's most charming scene. The young Kaven Sincer approaches his neighbor, the aptly named Ass Professor, to teach him the joys of gay sex. He explains that his homie's sister sucked his cock once, but she just wasn't doing anything for him.

Ass Professor to the rescue! After some tender talk, Ass Professor has Sincer in his lap, begging to be spanked. After a light, but firm, spanking, Sincer confesses that he masturbates all the time thinking about Mr. Professor.

This gets the Professor rock hard, and Sincer happily swallows it in his mouth. After this, Sincer sits his smooth ass down on Ass Professor's magnificent curved cock, who remains seated, thrusting his dick up into his newest pupil. The Professor throws him a five-star fucking. Sincer passively takes all of it, moaning and groaning from beginning to end.

This scene contains many hot visuals - Sincer taking it on his fours, the disciplinary spanking, the numerous angles of Ass Professor ramming Sincer's hole to the max. The top ends by dropping a big juicy load on the Sincer's boy butt. It's arguably the hottest scene of the film.

Spread Dat Butta closes with K.B.'s third scene. Here he pushes his way into the seat of Loverboy, another one of the film's nice Black bottoms. After the excellent preceding four episodes, this one is the weakest link of the bunch. They fuck mostly standing in what looks like a garage, so it's a bit uncomfortable. Plus by this time, we've pretty much seen all of K.B.'s tricks. It's not bad, but viewers will get their money's worth from the movie's other scenes.

Spread Dat Butta introduces to some swinging new tops like K.B., Phat Daddy and the truly wise Ass Professor. Hot bottoms get their seats rammedin this no nonsense thug porn flick which the fans should all enjoy.

Spread Dat Butta Photos:

Ass Professor spanks Keven SincerWatch VOD or Naked Sword
Keven Sincer is disciplined by Ass Professor
Keven Sincer and Ass ProfessorWatch VOD or Naked Sword
Keven Sincer sucks Ass Professor
Phat Daddy and Casanova BlueWatch VOD or Naked Sword
Phat Daddy stands above Casanova Blue
Phat Daddy fucks in Spread Dat ButtaWatch VOD or Naked Sword
Casanova Blue opens for Phat Daddy
Corey Corey Spreads Dat ButtaWatch VOD or Naked Sword
Corey Corey rides K.B.

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