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Sportsfruende (Cazzo Films)

Jorg Andreas
Cazzo Films  
Diego , Flo Haper , Florian Manns , Kai Harth , Lars Freimann , Stephan R. , Torsten Tomm
Men of Germany / BerlinAthletes / SportsDaddies / Men

Sportsfruende (Cazzo Films)

Hot Berlin studs screw each other around a gym.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Berlin Guys Do It at the Gym

I continue to greatly enjoy the releases from this Berlin-based studio for many reasons: the actors appear to be twenty-something, totally aroused by the sex, well-built but not too defined and nasty.

By nasty, I mean that the actors sport cockrings on their upturned, uncut cocks, and they may sport a body piercing or two. The actors gleefully moan while getting fucked, fucking, rimming or sucking. The actors tend to have shaved crotches, closely cropped pubes, but nevertheless sport a gotee or slight facial hair per the current fashion.

Sportsfreunde is about guys who hook up for sex at a local gym the Apollo Sportsstudio, which apparantly is an existing facility in Berlin. The film starts at a washateria, where the long blonde-haired gym-built Kai Harth is cruised by a reddish-blonde guy named Lars Freimann. Harth is wearing a tight tank top, and tight jeans that show off his ass, so hes definitely in cruise mode. Harth surreptitiously leaves a note in Freimanns clothes basket SportsStudio, today 6PM.

However, before he can find the trick note, Freimann travels to a sex shop to view the large array of ass toys. There he cruises the clerk, Stephan R. Stephan R has lightened the blonde in his hair and has a very hot bod. The two get it on right there amongst the dildos. Both have big uncut cocks and appear completely turned on while sucking each other.

Stephen R gets fucked hard by Freimann, while bent over a table. Then he gets fucked on his back holding his legs high.

In the second scene, we are at the Apollo Gym, where brunet Diego and bald heavy-hung Torsten Tomm are pumping iron. The exercise gets the two horny, and Tomm approaches Diego who quickly begins devouring Tomms very large uncut cock.

Diego leans over a weight bench, opening his ass up to Tomm. Tomm eats his very tasty looking ass, and he is soon inspecting the hole by rubbing his prick against it. Soon Tomm is pumping Diegos buns. Then he shoots a big load of cum on Diegos chest, and the two kiss.

In the third scene, Freimann has apparantly discovered the trick note, because he has made it to the Apollo Gym and is showering. He walks in on his trick Kai Harth, who is carassing the ass of Florian Manns. Manns sports a go-tee and has long sideburns. In Cazzo style,. Mannss pants come off revealing a very large uncut cock, totally hard with a metal cockring around it. Manns also has a small navel ring.

Joining in, the three guys give each other head, completely chowing down on each others pricks. Then Freimann is rimming Manns, and he then tops him. While fucking Manns, Harth begins rimming Freimann who is busy pumping away. Then Harth mounts Freimann and the three guys daisy-chain fuck.

Then Manns tops Freimann over a bench, who sucks Harths cock. Harth then sandwiches Manns between him and Freimann.. Unable to retrain himself, Harth cums all over Mannss ass. The other two cum standing over Harth. Thats just scene three! There are two more to go.

In the fourth scene, the go-teed Manns and blonde Harth are working out on the gym equipment, and quickly get it on again. Since the actors are hot, this second sex scene is still very hot. On a workout bench, Manns has his legs raised high, so Harth can give his ass a full tongue-bath. Then Manns is bent-over doggie-style over the bench, getting fucked by Harth.

Harth cums while sitting on Mannss cock, while Manns shots a splattery load lying on the weight bench while Harth slowly licks his balls.

In the final scene, bald, hung Torsten Tomm is reading at home. He gets a telephone call from Flo Haper. Haper is a clean-cut, dirty blonde who can effortlessly take Tomms big cock up his ass. First, Haper works his mouth admirably around Tomms fat, uncut cock. After rimming Haper, Tomm fucks him from behind while lying on his side. He then drills Haper missionary style, then doggie style. Haper keeps his butt raised high so he can get all of Tomms cock. Tomm finishes by shooting his load on Hapers chin and face. Haper cums on his back while Tomm slowly licks his balls. They kiss at the very end.

Dont overlook these hot movies from Cazzo Studios in Berlin. The models are typically late-20s/early 30s, German-looking and totally focused on sex.

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