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Spokes 3

Chris Steele
Falcon Studios   FVP165
Dakota Rivers , , Jeremy Hall , Justin Wells , , Pierre Fitch , Ralph Woods , Ross Stuart , Tyler Marks
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Spokes 3

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Mason Wyler's initiation into the legendary bike club

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Spokes III, the much anticipated third installment in the legendary Spokes series has a lot to live up to. The original Spokes was, in many ways, a groundbreaking film, certainly one of the most important films that Falcon Studios has ever made. This film both pays tribute to the first two films, replaying snippets from the first two films, and brings fans of the originals up to speed with the erotic and often explosive exploits of the now legendary Spokes Bike Club.

The star attraction here is porn newbie Mason Wyler, a somewhat dopey looking hottie with a hungry ass. He's arrives at his buddy's farm (Ross Stuart), ready to work for the summer.

Ross Stuart, Tyler Marks, Jeremy HallWatch on or Watch VOD
Ross Stuart, Tyler Marks, Jeremy Hall
He's just getting his bearings when the Spokes Bike Club speeds by en masse, raising more than Wyler's curiosity. When Wyler expresses a passing interest in checking out the club, Stuart quickly warns him off.

We're thrown into flashback where Stuart himself was first getting acquainted with two of the Club's members (Tyler Marks & Jeremy Hall).

Watching Stuart get it on with blonde Marks and lean, beautiful Hall, you wonder why he'd want to keep the good news about such hot, nasty sex to himself. Taking place in Stuart's barn (the legendary barn of the earlier Spokes flicks) the premiere item on the menu is rimming. Neither Marks nor Hall are shy about getting their tongues right smack up against Stuart's pretty little pucker, licking and sucking with attention to detail.

This is certainly one of the lengthiest and most erotically filmed rim sequences done for a Falcon film. And what follows, Stuart opening his ass for the two bikers, is equally electric to watch. Be sure to keep an eye out for Marks, a very straight-acting sexpot, orally challenging himself with both Hall and Stuart.

His curiosity piqued, Wyler spies on the bikers, making sure he gets caught. When the guys circle him as if to eat him whole, he spooks and leads the entire Club on a bike chase. It's a little over the top for a porn flick, but given the hot sex in Spokes III it's easy to forgive director Chris Steele this one minor transgression.

Derrick Vinyard Hangs Back

Not everyone gives chase to Wyler. Derrick Vinyard (Up All Night) and club-mate Justin Wells hang back and grab a moment alone. Vinyard, rumored to be leaving the gay porn industry, brings a nice sensuality to his session with Wells, tenderly kissing and sucking his buddy's cock before topping him.

Mason Wyler joins the Spokes Club

Mason Wyler gets his spokes initiation. Everything up until this point in the film is a mere prelude to the initiation (read: orgy) in the dusty barn. It's Mason Wyler's moment to shine as he heartily steps up and submits to the Club at large. There's quite a bevy of talent for this sequence, including Pierre Fitch (Through The Woods), Ralph Woods (Big Dick Club) and Dakota Rivers, who looks especially good with his cock up someone's - anyone's - chute.

The initiation takes over the second half of Spokes III, simply because there's a goodly amount of cock for Wyler to service. Even buddy Ross Stuart joins the fun. Watching Wyler make his way down the line of horny bikers, sitting on cock after cock, is certainly the film's highlight. Now a full-fledged member of the Club, Wyler doesn't seem to mind having his body being used as a canvas for more than a half dozen loads of salty spunk.

Spokes III will no doubt do the trick for the group sex enthusiast. In addition, Falcon has really gotten in the swing with DVD extras, filming some interesting and sometimes comical behind-the-scenes footage in order to keep the bonus materials super spicy.

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Spokes 3 Photos:

Mason Wyler and Ralph WoodsWatch on or Watch VOD
Mason Wyler sucks Ralph Woods
Pierre Fitch and Ralph Woods in Spokes 3Watch on or Watch VOD
Pierre Fitch & Ralph Woods receive blowjobs
Derrick Vinyard tops Justin WellsWatch on or Watch VOD
Derrick Vinyard tops Justin Wells
Mason Wyler get initiated into the bike clubWatch on or Watch VOD/a>
Mason Wyler's Spokes Initiation

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