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Sperm Bank

Max Sohl
Treasure Island Media  
Antonio Montez , Brad McGuire , Chris Neal , Chris Rod , Christian , Cory Brandon , Daniel Bradford , Dano , George Glass , Jace Hawk , Jared Marshall , Javier , , Johnny Farrell , Kurt Kaiser , Ligee , Marc Short , Marcelo Masko , Mark Sergeant , Matt Walker , Pat Jackson , Rippedstudx , Sean , Sean Victor , Sergio , Will St. John
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Sperm Bank

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Christian opens a Treasure Island bank account.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Well let's not kid ourselves; after all we're not kids. If any consumer out there decides to watch a gay porn movie named Sperm Bank and thinks it might be a moderately tame affair, a walk in the park, hell even a walk into your average bathhouse scene, well you've got to be fucking joking.

Stick Sperm Bank in the DVD player and the powerfully epic violin sounds of Mussorgsky's Night On Bald Mountain assault your ears, and add an empowering kick-ass feel to the montage of forthcoming footage. Man on man sex taken to debauched extremes - tantalizing cum dripping ass rogering spit fucking tongue licking nasty raw scenes of man to man action. And that's just the friggin' titles.

Not only is the opening epic, but Treasure Island Media continues to indulge us in excess. If you're going to be decadent, why not be decadent through and through? And so they ARE - with at least 26 models, 2 ½ hours of airplay, and 7 (5 on VHS) heart-stoppingly hardcore scenes of bareback sex.

So here's a rundown (and yes, cum runs down plenty of asses and legs in this movie) of the seven spunk-soaked specials:

"Truck Stop" - The bottom of this scene is Pat Jackson, a built (check out those biceps) smooth bottom who takes dark skinned Matt Walker (Breeding Season) in his mouth, while his bent over butt gets a power fuck from diesel dicked top Mark Sergeant. Bent over a truck he snorts poppers and switches back and forth to give each guy his ass and mouth.

Christian plays a drive-in sperm bankWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Christian stars as a drive-in sperm bank.
Two punks join the gang bang, uber-hot Jace Hawk, who has a goatee and mohawk, a lean built body and superb looks, and super hung skinny suedeheaded Kurt Kaiser (Damon Blows America 6 – New York). There's so much cock around Walker can hardly decide which way to turn, but he manages to live up to the title of Sperm Bank even though he seems to be done before the tops are. But they don't stop until his hole is sloppy and full as a wet rag.

He's allowed to snort on poppers while these long and fat bare penises get up inside him, and its just as well he's a little out of it. His ass is so sticky by the time he's done, and he's made it through multiple onslaughts and a number of internal cum shots. The poor guy is soaked by the time they're done - it's a miracle he can still remember where his poppers are.

"Head" (DVD Only) - Head showcases cocksucker George Glass (Dawson's 50 Load Weekend), who makes out with smoldering uncut Hispanic Antonio Montez to the backdrop of an industrial concrete hallway. They are joined by white army-looks Sean, and Glass gets down on his knees to service them simultaneously. Glass is an oral Sperm Bank and he proves it by stretching his mouth wide open, sticking out his tongue, and taking some creamy loads from his friends.

"Anatomy Of A Gangbang" - The camera pans in on 8 guys already in the middle of some hardcore action. Bent over model Christian (What I Can't See 2) wears a hot red jockstrap and had a roomful of cock already in full swing by the time the viewer is privy to the action. Kurt Kaiser is first in, but it looks like Christian has had some cock up there already, judging by his must see perfectly formed smooth puckered hole.

Ringleader Kaiser says "next" and top Daniel Bradford steps up to the anal challenge. Bleached blonde tatted Cory Brandon is next, and the group sex flows with the cum, with dark skinned cock ringed Javier, Chris Rod, with his extremely sexy arm inking, and tanned man Sean Victor, who all take turns at cum lubed Christian. Multiple jizz shots in ass, up ass, on ass, fucked into ass, in mouth, on mouth, fucked into mouth, just nasty guys at it.

But not done with this extreme debauchery just yet, slutty cumhole Christian lets Treasure Island Media newcomer Marcelo Masko tongue, felch and finger fuck his well used hole. And in an extra extreme moment he pushes out reams of wet thick cum onto Masko's extended tongue.

Johnny Farrell takes cum deposits

"Sling" – The camera pulls out (unlike some in this movie) to a brick warehouse setting where cute 30s dark haired boy Johnny Farrell (Plantin Seed 2 : Folsom Underground) is suspended on said harness. In almost no time daddy type Mark Short is on top of him, and swiftly inside this slinged-up slut. He pumps it deep inside, kissing him passionately and practically melting on the boy, as he shoves it back inside for a hot as shit in and external cum shot.

Through the magic of camera angles we see what Farrell was doing at cumshot time – swinging away while sucking on Pat Jackson. This guy is pretty verbal and he really gets the scene going, fucking ropey strings of spooge in and out of Farrell's rectum as if he was fully responsible for the degradation of this boy. Farrell is so stuffed full of cum its dribbling out all over the place, and the fourth fuckee hasn't even entered stage left yet…

Johnny Farrell takes depositsWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Johnny Farrell takes deposits
But skinhead Dano does enter indeed, fucking that ass even as his cock sprays forth, jetting left, right and center, then moving aside for Short to get right back in for one of the noisiest cumshots ever preserved on celluloid.

Farrell is practically drooling by the time Sergio enters scene and ass. He's aware of this new top, but he's already been fucked into oblivion. The men just keep cumming, switching around and around with more and more cum for that ass. The sling has done him in - he's spooged.

Here director Sohl offers up instant slow motion replays of the best cumshots jizzing up Farrell's nasty asshole from different angles. In-fucking-tense.

"Back To School" - In theoretically the most contrived scene of the movie (rather than just letting the sex happen there's the semblance of a plot – night school students), but that doesn't get in the way of the hard core fuckery for long.

One second Treasure Island exclusive cute clean-cut bottom boy Jay Ross (Barebacking With Carlos Morales) casts his eyes over his four fellow class mates and the next he's in piggy fantasy land, bent over a desk with top man favorite Brad McGuire (Brad McGuire's 20 Hole Weekend) slipping him that famous length skin on skin. Black goatted skin-stud LiGee (Leatherpunks) fills Ross' throat up as McGuire spills his seed up Ross' hole. He's replaced by shaggy blonde Chris Rod as McGuire, LiGee and Mark Sergeant all vie for his oral orifice.

Sergeant slides in after Rod has spunked deep inside, and LiGee gives his sloppy smooth opening a horse hung internal massage. The continue to use the boy until he's got sperm dribbling out of his hole and running down his cheeks like the used little whore that he is. Sloppy sevenths anyone?

"8 Ball Center Pocket" - We are next transported to a game room arcade, and soul patched broody newcomer Jared Marshall who plays the center pocket of the scene. Already spread open with his back on the pool table, Marshall wears a thick metal cock-ring and is having his ass eaten out by Javier. Other familiar faces joining this gangbang are LiGee (man you really should should see his stiff black rod sliding in and out of Marshall's puckered slimy rosebud) and Brad McGuire, along with every bottom's dream stud Chris Neal (Meat Rack) and his massive tattooed piece of equipment, girth gifted stocky top dad Will St. John, and an "anonymous" contributor, Rippedstudx (a dark skinned meaty giant of a black dude who wears a hat and glasses to preserve his identity).

You'd have to be castrated or dead not to get crazy hot enjoying the ensuing action between these seven men as they pummel, pound, and yes, pocket their cocks into Marshall's pussyhole. Well opened up and used by these 6 huge pool sticks, the guys chalk up their wins with generous helpings of spunk in his willing eager mancunt. He doesn't even know who it's coming from as they gush over his creamy cheeks and up his sweet little opening. And nasty top St. John can't resist tonguing and sucking on that hole when they're all done. Marshall may be a newcomer, but something tells us he'll be back for more.

Sperm Bank DVD Extras

"Storage Room" (DVD Only) - For those lucky enough to have purchased the DVD the film draws to a close with the second of two bonus scenes. Storage Room has Hispanic Sergio and Dano reunite, only this time Dano is the sperm bank to Sergio's brown member. Dano's ample cock is standing right to attention as he sucks his man off among beer kegs on a concrete floor, and he bends over a workout bench and spreads wide open for Sergio's raw sex. Dano is a noisy bottom, able to take it deep and hard, but not without moans of painful pleasure. Liking his doggy bitch, Sergio pulls out his cock and shoots over Dano's opening, then slams it back inside to fuck that cum in good and proper in a fitting end to the movie.

Sperm Bank is a sexually nasty onslaught of cock, hole, cum and ass. It makes no apologies and more power to it for being exactly what it claims to be. So if you've never set a foot in the realm of sleazy slutty bareback cumsex, then be afraid, be very afraid, because Sperm Bank is as explicit as its title suggests and lives up to every expectation. And if you're cool with that, then great. After all…We're not kids. Aside from the two bonus scenes already discussed Sperm Bank includes a long cum shot review (let's face it there's plenty of them) and 11 amazing hardcore previews.

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Sperm Bank Photos:

Jay Ross takes depositsWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Jay Ross takes deposits
Jared Marshall takes depositsWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Jared Marshall takes deposits

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