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Spellbound Cummandos

Roman Senko
Hot Desert Knights  
Frantisek Svach , Jiri Suchanek , Jiri Zikes , Marian Kovac , Martin Hlavacs , Oldrich Smidl , Radoslav Plavcko , Vaclav Kubant
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Spellbound Cummandos

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Tad Harrison Enters a Barebacking Spell

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Hot Desert Knights has crossed the ocean, finally capitalizing on our obsession with the uncut, non-English speaking Euro-hunk. HDK is synonymous with unfettered and frenzied barebacking. Their International release, Spellbound Cummandos certainly delivers on what we've come to expect from this studio.

The soundtrack sliding underneath instantly puts you in mind of mystic Native American blood/sweat rituals. And indeed, this flick has models running around in war paint and practicing spooky rituals. Oldrich Smidl (aka Tad Harrison of Tribal Pulse / Suite Service) may be under a spell, hypnotized to be a sexual slave. He hooks up with hung Jiri Zikes (Hung Hotel) in the first scene in Cummandos. But as the sex quickly sears the viewer, you may soon decide to ignore the plotline and concentrate on the models, as it quickly becomes difficult to follow.

Oldrich Smidl and Jiri Zikes [Watch on]
or Naked Sword
Oldrich Smidl sucks Jiri Zikes
Smidl and Zikes are sensational together, and their segment is easily the best in the entire film. Like both blondes and brunettes? Here's a mix of models that'll send you into a state of bliss, not to mention that both models are also exquisitely built. Plenty of kissing and groping for openers, no easy feat as both models are hung.

Zikes makes the most of it, barely able to lick and suck more than a few inches at a time. When Zikes pulls out his pecker, it's one to rival Smidl's in sheer beauty. Neither model loses wood while they play, and when Smidl offered his furry hole for rimming, the scene took on a new, furious intensity. The fucking is bareback here, and the models give each other-- and the furniture-- quite the workout.

The next vignette features Vaclav Kubant and Frantisek Svach, two lads who might be college roommates in another filmed fantasy. Their intimate kissing, complete with long gazes, makes the viewer think there's more going on here than merely models having sex on-camera. Add to that lean, sexy physiques and you have youthful, blockbuster chemistry.

Enthusiastic fingering leads to a more thorough cornholing; the topping Svach receives is so raucous that he's forced to grip the bed for support. Svach's facial expressions tell the story, the feeling of bareback sex superior to the alternative. Both pups aim for the head and neck when they're getting off, concluding their scene with some awesome facials. However the highlight here is undoubtedly their foreplay.

Jiri Suchanek and Radoslav Plavcko like it messy, their entire bodies marked with war paint. It's difficult to focus on the tribal designs covering their skin when the eye constantly focuses on their large pricks. Maybe it's something in the water, but being uncut and hung is the trend in Spellbound. Plavcko dives into Suchanek's pucker, rimming him thoroughly.

After all that sweet oral attention, his cock slides right home, stuffing Suchanek's naturally hairy hole. No whimpers emerge from Suchanek, even when Plavcko buries his cock completely time and time again. Plavko delivers a vicious money shot, volley after volley of cream shot directly onto Suchanek's face.

The finale is a heated threeway between Martin Hlavacs, Marian Kovac and Jiri Zikes, here making his second appearance in Spellbound. Jiri Zikes is a stud to drool over - a sexy, flat belly, meaty chest and cock. Kovac is quickly tag-teamed, getting hit from both sides, making for luscious dilemmas. If you have two bloated pricks in your face at the very same moment, how does one decide which to suck first? Kovac is the most traditional bottom boy of all three; Hlavacs and Zikes take turns using his ass before they spray his cute face with juice.

Spellbound Cummandos is a racy delight for fans of European models, especially if you like models who don't waste time talking. Another layer of excitement is added with the unabashed bareback action, voluminous cumshots, facials, and an element of voodoo mystery. The combination of elements makes for an excellent porn diversion.

Spellbound Cummandos Photos:

Jiri Zikes and Oldrich Smidl [Watch on] or Naked Sword
Jiri Zikes sucks Oldrich Smidl
Dimitrij Davidov and Roland Somsak [Watch on] or Naked Sword
Dimitrij Davidov slides into Roland Somsak

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