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Spanish Playhouse 1 & 2

Alexander Pictures  
Adrian Perez , Alejo Mejia , Alfonso Rosas , Carlos Vega , Cesar Santos , Daniel Trejo , David Leon , Diego Vicente , Ernesto Cabral , Hugo Lopez , Juan Sotelo , Luciano Hass , Manuel Lozano , Marco Sevilla , Martin Soto , Nico Tomiar , Oscar Blanco , Oscar Blanco , Samuel Flores , Tommy Lima
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Spanish Playhouse 1 & 2

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Tommy Lima enjoys the spanish playhouse.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

It has been too long since we reviewed movies from Alexander Pictures on the website. Boy, have we been missing out! Director Alexander released at the end of 2007 a two part series showcasing his brand new star model Tommy Lima named Spanish Playhouse. Lima certainly fits in the category of smoldering hot, and unlike Alexander's earlier prize bull, porn star Ramon Mendez, Lima shows his versatility by bottoming.

Lima opens the movie talking on the telephone with Manuel Lozano (aka Argentinean model Pablo Thomas), one of his friends with benefits. Lima runs over to meet Lozano at his hotel, the Puerto De Los Suenos. He realizes that he doesn't have the room number so he spends the rest of the film exploring and quietly spying on all the different guys hooking up in all the other rooms of the hotel.

Models watching the sexual action, just like the viewer, and other types of voyuerism play a significant role in almost all of Alexander's movies. Spanish Playhouse is no exception.

Each film contains five blazing hot action scenes, with a cast, some recognizable and others completely new, all looking close or near to drop dead gorgeous.

Lima peers into the first room where he discovers Oscar Blando making out with Niko Tomiar. Tomiar immediately gets things going with his thick, fat, uncut cock. Blando gives Tomiar's giant meat a luscious blowjob. After that, Blando pulls down his pants to show Tomiar his bare ass, which he grabs and fondles.

Tomiar stuffs it in, giving him a lengthy screwing on the couch, the top's face peering down at his moving meat with concentrated facial expressions. The high point shows the bottom riding and bucking furiously in Tomiar's seated lap, their cocks rock hard. Tomair's aims his massive meat at Blando, ejaculating a torrent of seed that drenches his chest.

Manuel Lozano tops Tommy LimaWatch Now
Manuel Lozano tops Tommy Lima
Next, Lima peeks into another room where Alejo Mejia and Marco Sevilla lay in bed while buck naked Alfonso Rosas finishes preening himself in the adjacent bathroom. Turns out, Sevilla is a power top with a great dick. Rosas sits his beautiful brown ass down on Sevilla as Mejia stands aside watching and masturbating. (more group voyeurism)

With no ass safe from Sevilla in that room, he next takes Mejia and drills him doggie style on the bed. Both Sevilla and Rosas cream Mejia's back with thick gobs of milky man cream.

Next up we meet one of Alexander's most impressive cast discoveries ever - the muscular latin stud Cesar Santos. Santos gets serviced by the eager, smaller Carlos Vega. Santos smacks and squeezes Vega's boybutt before fucking it.

Santos is one power fucker, who Alexander films from all angles, including the rear highlighting the top's amazing curvaceous ass, legs and back. Santos reappears later in Spanish Playhouse 2, looking just as astonishing there.

Oscar Blando rides Niko Tomiar
Oscar Blanco rides Niko Tomiar
Daniel Trejo tops Hugo Lopez
Daniel Trejo tops Hugo Lopez
After this, we meet boyfriends Daniel Trejo and Hugo Lopez, who have just scored a third for some afternoon play. The invited guest is David Leon, another buff Latin stud muffin with a tattoo on his arm and a furry treasure trail to his cock.

Lopez is an adorable, doe faced twink. He gets on his knees to alternate between sucking their stiff cocks. Naturally, Lopez ends up bottoming for boyfriend Trejo and Leon, all while unknown to them, Lima attentively observes from behind the door.

Lopez is a pretty wild bottom, riding their dicks hard, often speaking in Spanish.

For the last scene of Spanish Playhouse, Lima finally stumbles into the correct room, and just as Lozano finishes up his cleansing shower. They stand apart and slowly undress, teasing each other with their erections, slowly peeling off their underwear.

Lima poses, showing off his thick meat, crowned by furry pubes. In bed, the guys enjoy a rousing flip-flop fuck. Lima first gives it to Lozano, followed by an even hotter sequence showing the scruffy faced Lozano taking Lima's ass for a spin.

Spanish Playhouse 2: Luciano Haas gets fucked

Picking up immediately where the first Spanish Playhouse leaves off, Lima and Lozano fall asleep in each other's arms. They dream, naturally sexual fantasies, of course. Four imagined fantasy adventures, followed by a "real life" encounter keeps the DVD pretty much on the same track as the first.

Lozano is the first of the two to begin licentious thoughts. He imagines a very hot performance starring himself! Lozano hooks up with the young and smaller brunet named Samuel Flores. With close cropped dark blond hair both on his head and chest, Lozano drips with mannish sexuality. After screwing Flores, they clear off the table so that Lozano can shoot a big load on it.

After this, Ernesto Cabral finishes a shower with Luciano Haas, a ravenous Argentinean bottom who has not made a movie in several years. (Porn star Rafael Alencar screws his brains out in Studio 2000's Ace in the Hole)

Haas seems happy to be back in pictures, particularly with Cabral, yet another one of Alexander's choice top studs collected for this film series. Tattooed, tight haircut and thickly hung, Cabral laps at Haas' hole before he screws it. Their hottest position shows Haas on his back, heels pointed directly up in the air.

In the next dream, Carlos Vega returns from the first film. He sucks on Juan Sotello's cock while Diego Vicente observes from the couch, masturbating. Vicente hold back until finally getting up and cramming his cock into Vega's hot hole. Vicente proves to be just as much a hot little fucker as in Alexander Pictures' Argentine Assets several years earlier.

Their fucking inspires Sotello to rise from the couch and get a piece of Vega's ass himself. After everyone has tapped Vera's ass, they all cum.

Following this, our favorite of this series, Cesar Santos, returns for his encore performance. He begins by muscle posing and slowly touching Oscar Blanco, another impressively built muscular stud. Santos' shoulder tattoo of an Indian looks down onto Blanco, on his knees, slurping Santos' cock.

Santos takes his time exploring and fingering Blanco's hole before he fucks it. The physiques of both models provide the best visual of the film. Santos decides to shoot his load onto an image of himself reflecting back in a full standing mirror.

The film finishes on a great note as Lima dreams up the last fantasy of the film. This time, Lima is chatting comfortably on a couch with Adrian Perez and Martin Soto (aka Bruno Bordas, who sizzled in the orgy in Roman's Holiday.)

Unlike many of the earlier, rougher models in the series, all three of these guys have performed in a good number of movies, both for Alexander and others. These three form a more typical, polished pornstar union; a very hot three way that closes the film. In a memorable visual, Soto tops Lima, while Perez sticks his dick in from behind.

Showing the models quietly watching the sexual action, just out of reach, is an Alexander trademark. It is one of the strongest elements in all of his movies. Voyeurism is what the audience at home is also doing. Seeing the models also engage in this brings us right on into the goings on of the movie.

With a stunning cast of incredible Latinos, Alexander once again delivers them to us naked, sweaty and humping furiously, and just barely out of reach.

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Spanish Playhouse 1 & 2 Photos:

Daniel Trejo, Hugo Lopez and David LeonWatch Now or Naked Sword
Daniel Trejo, Hugo Lopez and David Leon
Cesar Santos above Carlos VegaWatch Now or Naked Sword
Cesar Santos above Carlos Vega
Manuel Lozano tops Samuel Flores
Manuel Lozano tops Samuel Flores
Oscar Blanco sucks Cesar Santos
Oscar Blanco sucks Cesar Santos

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