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Souvenirs (Bel Ami)

George Duroy
Bel Ami  
Alan Greksa , Alex Petersen , Daniel Valent , Erik Kovac , Gerard Kilian , Gynt Klein , , , Lucien Barre , Michal Tarkus , Milos Janek , Milos Voinar , Oliviero Dantes , Oto Burian , Pavel Otava , Sebastian Bonnet
Czech Boys

Souvenirs (Bel Ami)

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Hot Memories of Erik Kovac

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Souvenirs consists of three separate stories, which seem to be extra footage filmed while DuRoy worked on other projects. So, if you especially liked Frisky Summer 2 or Wide Open, you will enjoy seeing more footage of the same actors doing it.

The film is set in both the Czech Republic and in Portugal. In the first sequence, we see a hockey team finish practice and hit the showers. Lots of young jock bodies and floppy uncut dicks fill the dressing room and showers. Incidentally, this reviewer spied an individual who bears a very strong resemblance to the Wim Hof pornstar Pavel Dubcek. Any verification of this would be welcome.

Afterwards, two teammates remain in the empty locker room and proceed to get it on. The dark haired Gerard Kilian kisses and blows the blond Milos Voinar. Unfortunately, Kilian's boyfriend Kristian Jensen is impatiently waiting for him outside the building. Jenson eventually walks in, interrupting the two and dramatically punches Kilian.

Later on, Jensen sits at a sidewalk caf remembering their sex. We see Jensen fuck Kilian and deliver one of his dependable splashy money shots. Soon he eyes and hooks up with the boyish Lucien Barre. The story is nice and contains some good sex, but the following two stories in comparison are much better.

Jiri Lubov, Oliviero Dants, Erik Kovac, and Kilian again, play naked in a pool, then pair off: the muscle-bottom Lubov and Dants staying outside, and Kovac and Kilian retiring to a white-on-white bedroom. Lubov and Dants trade blowjobs. Soon the can't-get- enough-plowing Lubov has his round ass in that air, and is fucked by the hunky, hung Dants. Lubov is just my bottom-boy. Woof!

Erik Kovac kissing
Gerard Kilian
Inside, Kilian and Kovac serve up the video's best sex. The long, lean Kilian is the surprise here, proving once again that the bottom often rules the show. They both suck dick, rubs the cocks on their smooth bodies, soon fire awesome cum shots. Then, Kovac mounts the Kilian and bangs his butt missionary all over the bed. We get to see Kovac in what he does best, that is fuck a good bottom. Here, the camera captures Kovac's rockhard rod pumping in an out of Kilian's fuzzy butthole, and the two boys both come copiously a second time.

The last scene appears to be an extension of Falcon's Wide Open. As soon as the boys bunk down, Sebastian Bonnet, Daniel Valent, Gynt Klein, Alex Petersen, and Milos Janek jack off and come a lot. But the action doesn't stop there. Pavel Otava meets the always sexy stud Michal Tarkus in the bathroom. Tarkus sucks Otava off, and immediately afterwards Daniel Valent walks in. Valent is soon hard, undressed and getting it on with Tarkus. Tarkus slides his nice looking pole into Valent's muscular ass and both come a lot.

Meanwhile, the guys back in the bunkroom have broken into a full-flung orgy. Several lucky studs take turns as Sebastian Bonnet's hot ass. Bonnet, who is one of Bel Ami's versatile performers, is in best form as bottom boy here. He also sucks the guys orally while getting plugged. Everyone cums some more, and we see a dark room piled high with skin on skin as a surprised Valent returns from the bathroom.

Although a bit uneven, and not as stellar as some of Bel Ami's classic work, Souvenirs offers lots to the Bel Ami collector.

Bel Ami has continued it's very nice tradition of bundling two delightful, older movies into one jam-packed DVD. The current DVD includes the movie Out At Last, as well as Souvenirs.

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