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Heat of Summer (Sommerhitze)

Jorg Andreas
Cazzo Films  
Florian Manns , Jochen , Lars Freimann , Nikolai Radov , Sebastian
Men of Germany / BerlinHunks

Heat of Summer (Sommerhitze)

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Romantic film exploring the tug between the heart and lust

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Heat of Summer (Sommerhitze in Europe) made for Cazzo's first departure from its usual kinky, rough fare, taking it to a pastoral tale of four men spending the weekend in the picturesque German countryside.

It is a knowing look at the endless battle between one's raging erection and one's heart. The result simultaneously shimmers with romance and sizzles with lust.

The two couples are first seen happily cycling to their destination. When they arrive at the farm where they will vacation, they are greeted by its caretaker, a young brunet named Nikolai Radov.

Radov quickly proves to be the serpent in the Garden of Eden. Through no fault of his own, he catalyzes all the subsequent sexual shufflings. The first couple, baby-faced Jochen and strawberry blond Lars Freimann, can barely make it to their room before they are attacking each other.

In quick order, their rock hardons spring from their bulging baskets. Both have outstanding oral skills. Then Jochen plunges full-force into Freimann's golden-fuzzed ass, which concludes with joyous orgasms.

Later that night, the second couple, crewcut Sebastian and Florian Manns fall in love outdoors in the light of the silvery moon. Sebastian first kneels, devouring his friend, and Manns quickly reciprocates.

Both guys have long, curved cocks, and they are skilled deepthroat artists. After this, their rapturous passion continues with Manns topping his lover in several positions before they deliver ecstatic loads.

After establishing this blissful status quo, the next day caretaker Radov grows more curious at the guests' happiness. When he goes for a nude swim, he spys Freimann watching. So it is just a matter of time before they connect in an attic room where Freimann seduces him.

Meanwhile, Manns catches Sebatian fooling around with Jochen. First feeling betrayed, and then furious, he eventually is coaxed into a threeway with them, which becomes the high point of the film.

All three suck and get sucked eagerly. Jochen tops the others is a session full of lust that ends with more great money shots.

Additional discoveries, recriminations and reconciliations transpire.

There is a second go-round between Freimann and Radov in a hayloft. Then there is the final conclusion, a five way free-for-all on the lawn.

Manns concludes in a voiceover that despite the four's relationships survived the weekend, they did not survive the summer. In spite of this unsentimental ending, the movie is a radiant romance glowing with tenderness and crackling with fireworks.

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