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Soloboys #9

Color Ink Corp.  
, Adam Sebastian , Adon Diaz , Dakota , Harold Angel , Sammy Case , Sky Blue
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Soloboys #9

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Sammy Case headlines Soloboys video

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

A new studio has released the ninth of its soloboy video series, Soloboys #9. It features seven young models, who all lend their own unique enthusiasm to the screen. The guys' looks very from pretty cute to a bit streetworn. For an all-solo flick, it is very interesting to watch. The headliner is blond Sammy Case from Seducing Sammy, who has, since filming, become a new in-demand twink for the industry. Here everyone seems to have something to contribute, including their hot cum.

First up is a lanky 19-year old Brit, who casually explains that he is bi and working on designing an adult website. Sitting on a workout bench he lifts up his shirt to show his six-pack. He then carelessly undresses out of his baggy pants.

Just do it! quips AJ as he takes of his belt, shoving the buckle into the camera. After a bit, he adjusts the position of his leg to reveal a glorious nine+ inch uncut dick. This springs out from his thin frame like a tree. It is thick from the base up to the head, and his foreskin is large.

AJ jacks it until some pre-cum seeps out, which is lets the camera gaze upon at length. Then he flicks it off and continues. This sixteen minute sequence ends with AJ shooting a five spurt geyser over his body onto the nearby wall. That's the way us British boys do it!, he says. This guy is really hot, and definitely the hottest stud of the flick.

Next up is a 22 year old Canadian named Adon. A little nervous before the camera, he says that he is a versatile bottom, and talks about his first time going to a gay bar. He has a nice uncut cock, which he gets pretty hard. Adon's sexual role preference is corroborated by the fact that he always keeps his legs spread apart at every opportunity.

Sitting is a chair, he raises them up so he can show off and finger his hole. Ringed with pelitos he caresses and spreads his hands around his out turned ass. Adon's bottom seduction dance is very enticing!

Turned around with his butt sticking in the camera, he keeps on hand on his hard-on. Adon finishes by spraying his bottomboy goo all over his tummy twice in a row. That was two for the price of one, he says.

Boxcoverboy Sammy Case is next. He starts his sequence with some upper chest exercises on the weightbench. He explains that he's 18, and mostly a bottom. He says that he likes guys topping him who are bigger, and he like the jock-straight acting look. The first thing noticeable on Case are his big, bedroom eyes.

He innocently says that he hopes the viewer will enjoy the solo he will perform. He strips and jacks himself on the weightbench. At one point, a very tasty looking thick cock comes up to him (never showing the owner) and pushes into his mouth, which he slurps on.

Case mounts several positions on the bench. He bends over to show off his completely hairless hole, effortlessly shoving some fingers inside. He finishes by laying back and squirting arcs up onto his stomach and chest.

Brunet Sky Blue follows with own self pleasure session, this time in a comfortable looking bed. He begins with an interesting explanation about his likes and what he loves for guys to do to him. He talks about how he likes to be dominated by older guys. He gets his cock worked up to a nice erection, and shows off his ass, ultimately shooting a creamy finish which he licks off his fingers. This is followed by some rough moments with go-teed Adam Sebastian.

Next up is a younger blond fellow named Dakota (Camp Twink). He describes how he is looking for the right guy, before whipping it out. He performs his deed lying back on a black leather couch. He also shows off his unshaven ass, which looks like it is worth a visit. His money shot is a nice high-flyer, which he also licks off his fingers.

Finally, Harold Angel arrives to finish the film by showing off his hefty uncut cock. Angel explains that he is 21 years old and likes to go out and party with his friends. Despite his big meat, he is a bottom. Angel has a very interesting tool, which is gets quite big and hard.

At one point, he lays on his stomach and spreads his cheeks revealing a very hairy crack. The brunet soars to the scene's finish by laying back and juicing up his stomach.

Fans of the twink look and rough-type young guys will find a lot of entertainment value in this solo film. Sammy Case fans will enjoy his best on screen performance as a ranchhand in Buckshot Productions' Buckleroos, which is a great little teen boy site chock full of pics and clips of cuties.

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