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Soldier Boy

Max Lincoln
Movie Series
Andre O'Layton , Andrew Dean , Ben Hunter , Ben Taylor , Billy Slade , , Chris Cooke , David James , Jacen Maxence , James Grant , , Johan Volny , Justin Scott , Robbie G , Tom Schwarz
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Soldier Boy

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It's a man's life in today's Army.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Max Lincoln and the British blokes from Eurocreme tell their hard luck tales from the Royal Army in the slick, micely packaged two DVD disc set SoldierBoy. The soldierboy in the film is an enticing newcomer named James Grant. Grant is a sturdy, tall guy, whose well muscled frame is highlighted with tatts on his shoulders and back.

One of the true highlights of this movie is watching him get screwed. He moans, he squirms, he grips the ground with his hands; a real treat to watch!

The film begins with Grant relating wide-eyed new recruit Andre O'Layton about his sexploits in the Army. O'Layton joined to forces to hopefully make him go straight. "No way," says Grant, who describes his own personal anecdote as to why he decided to fight for King and country.

One sunny day, Grant observed two guys having sex outdoors beside a bucolic pond. He immediately targets as his object of desire is Tom Schwarz. Shwarz, who first appeared in Bike Boy, is a real stallion. Looking of German ancestry, he's very tall and enormously built.

He and Jason Maxence enjoy some mouthwatering blowjobs, followed with Maxence taking his friend's entire schwanstucker up his ass.

Maxenxe is a cutie, deserving more screen time. He shoots a big money shot with Schwanz in his ass, followed by more deep throating until he explodes his own cream.

This opener also appears on the bonus disc in high definition format.

Doctor Chris Cooke in SoldierBoy Watch on Eurocreme or Watch VOD
Dr. Chris Cooke begins
his examination
Jason Maxence and Tom Schwarz Watch on Eurocreme or Watch VOD
Jason Maxence sucks
Tom Schwarz
After this comes one of the DVD's best scenes, which we also wish could have been offered in high def.

Doctor Chris Cooke's Nasty Physical

Grant attends his first army physical, where he places himself in the capable hands of the wylie Chris Cooke ('ol James Bonk himself). Perhaps this exercise is some kind of NATO maneuver, because three Czechboy favorites also appear in the office to get their rectums poked: Cameron Jackson, Jay Renfro and Johan Volny.

The Czech group moves off to the side so that Jackson and Volny can take turns on Renfro's stupendous ass. Across the room, Cooke steals the show by throwing one of his signature aggressive assplowings to Grant. It is an this point that Grant's energized bottom moves are at their finest.

Grant looks like he on the egde of exploding thanks to all of Cooke's heavy handed body thrusts. This culminates with Cooke exploding a hot money shot, and cooling down with Grant licking off the doctor's dribbling cockhead.

When it's time serve Christmas mess, Ben Hunter cums in the coffee. The Czech boys have a nice enough three way, but it strikes the reviewer as odd that these guys journey all the way across the continent to film with the Brits, and the two groups never intermingle. Volny has a really big dick too.

Later, Grant relates another tale, where his humongously endowed drill sargent (Ben Taylor from Skaterboy) plows him face down in another of the film's outdoor scenes. Grant's facial expressions are priceless, revealing the limits of pleasure as his brains get fucked out. Both guys possess large body frames, giving the clear picture of fucking machines.

Next the story leaves Grant, as barracks officer Billy Slade disciplines three recruits for having dirty boots and unkempt bed linens. The daddy tops Andrew Dean, Robbie G and David James in a row, the hottest of which is Dean, a real twink delight. Slade is bossy, giving them all orders with ease as he pumps all their asses.

Working on Christmas

Meanwhile, Grant gets relegated to serving Christmas mess to an officer (Justin Scott), something which he and and the chef (Ben Hunter from Barboy) absolutely detest. The crafty Hunter decides to cum in Scott's coffee, which proves to be the elixir needed for a uniforms-off three way. Hunter looks just as dashing as in his first Eurocreme appearance, Barboy. Grant takes his fabulous thick cock up his ass, followed by rearing their commanding officer until the sperm flies.

Will Hunter ever bottom on film?

All these hot stories have exorcized Grant into kissing and fondling his new recruit buddy O'Layton. O'Layton and Grant break in their friendship by flip-flopping on an Army jeep. Unfortunately their commanding officer discovers their buggery, and sentences Grant to several weeks in the brig.

Who is Grant's brigmate? It turns out to be his object of affection, Tom Schwarz, who he spied at the beginning of the film. This time, Schwarz bottoms, and watching his round ass get pummeled by Grant makes for the perfect close. Another memorable visual shows Scharz with a full, long erection as he gets plowed. Both guys finish with sweet money shots.

Fans will enjoy the numerous moments of butch bottom Grant getting his ass plowed. Along with the ever arousing military theme and good looking cast, SoldierBoy proves without a doubt that it's a man's life in today's Army.

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Soldier Boy Photos:

Ben Hunter fucks James Grant Watch on Eurocreme or Watch VOD
Ben Hunter behind James Grant
SoldierBoy Orgy Watch on Eurocreme or Watch VOD
Johan Volny, Jay Renfro, Cameron Jackson (left)
Chris Cooke tops James Grant (right)
Billy Slade in SoldierBoy Watch on Eurocreme or Watch VOD
Drill Sargent Billy Slade hands out the discipline

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