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Snap Shots

John Rutherford
Falcon Studios   FVP130
Addison Scott , Alex Wilcox , Anthony Lafont , Brett Michaels , , Dylan Reece , Karl Tenner , Matt Spencer , Scott Austin , Tristan Paris

Snap Shots

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Anthony Lafont and Corey Summers snap high fashion

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Snap Shots is billed by Falcon as inspired by Abercrombie & Fitch catalogs. The film features some models wearing A&F-style clothes, quickly getting down to sex. If you like this fashion look, matched with the well-scrubbed and chiseled Falcon model, then Snap Shots is for you.

Snap Shots consists of four loop scenes with no plot.

Each scene dives directly into the action. The first scene is the strongest - the two stud puppies Corey Summers and Dylan Reece (Absolute Arid) screwing on a back yard picnic table. Both actors typically bottom, so it's arousing to the see them both top each other.

Corey Summers in Snap ShotsWatch on or Watch VOD
Summers is the latest Falcon hottie: he's thin, smooth, blonde and ready to roll. Coupled here with Dylan Reece, the two begin their encounter with some tender kissing atop a picnic table.

In fact, they picnic on one another, slowly undressing one another. Summers proves himself an adept cocksucker, working Reece's cock down to the dark hairy bush. Brunet Australian Reece fucks Summers, plying his sweet blonde hole. Later Summers plows into Reece's ass.

Thick-dicked veteran Brett Michaels (Up Close) and Anthony LaFont next team up to assult Tristan Paris's bubble-butt in a poolside romp. All three men look wonderful stepping out of the pool, water glistening on their smooth bodies. I found the sex to be a little flat in this scene. All three guys deliver nice cum shots as the scene winds down.

In the next al fresco sequence, blond Euro-stud Karl Tenner, blond Matt Spencer, tall and lanky Alex Wilcox, and Paris get together for some post-volleyball sex.

Brunet Wilcox has clearly moved into far better videos then the low budget productions in which he started. Tenner, Wilcox and Spencer all royally screw Paris. The latter ultimately cums all over his own face while Spencer's still inside him. Tenner's load flies a few feet in front of him, with some landing on the camera lens.

Billed as a Falcon exclusive, Scott Austin (Eye Contact) is a wonder-bottom wrapped in a nice body and gorgeous face. He shares screen time with Addison Scott, who - with his head shaved Mr. Clean smooth - has a sexy/threatening edge. Not exactly a A&F-inspired scene, but hot if you like buttplay.

Scott works Austin's hole with giant dildos, Scott's cock, Scott's cock simultaneously with dildos. . .you get the idea. Austin also performs a number of water enema tricks, with Scott egging him on. At one point Scott rubs Austin's belly, eventually getting him to evacuate what looks like gallons of hose water out of his remarkable sphincter. (Imagine what transpires with Austin's glory hole in the version with additional footage!)

Director John Rutherford, and videographers Todd Montgomery and Max Phillips clearly have their formula down pat. Snap Shots fits like a comfortable set of good looking clothes.

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Snap Shots Photos:

Karl Tenner and Tristan ParisWatch on or Watch VOD
Karl Tenner tops Tristan Paris
Corey Summers fucks Dylan ReeceWatch on or Watch VOD
Corey Summers tops Dylan Reece

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