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Chris Steele
Jet Set Men  
David Dakota , Dean Carter , Derec Stone , , Dylan Wood , Jason Pitt , Marcus Steele , Patrick Bateman , Rusty Stevens , Shane Erickson , William West
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David Dakota and Derec Stone slide around

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

In Slide, Jet Set Productions mints two new rock hard porn stars: David Dakota and Derec Stone. In Stone's case, he continues to studio's interesting trend to name their models named "Derek" to end the names with a "c" instead of a "k". (Remember the stunning Derec Lang from The Hole?)

Nobody at the Jet Set would probably ever admit to this, but Slide's look and feel could have been inspired by Hot House Entertainment's extremely popular gay swimsuit porn video Trunks series. Of course, muscled up guys having sex around water in and out of their speedos is a frequent theme from many different studios. The good thing is that director Chris Steele utilizes top notch wide screen videography and smart colorful graphics to package their hunk free-for-all, putting this right up in the major leagues.

Rusty Stevens and Derrick VinyardWatch Now
Rusty Stevens sucks Derrick Vinyard
With his tan skin and dark hair, Stone seems perfectly happy stroking his own dick, gazing intently at the his hand moving his foreskin up and down his shaft.

Stone's not left alone for very long. He attracts the attention of of Dakota, a muscular guy with dirty blond hair and hot cock between his legs. He's today's quintessential Jet Set Man.

After eating out Stone's lovely butt, Dakota bends right over. He looks completely enthralled getting his ass plowed by Stone. Grinning from ear to ear, Dakota plays with his hard dick as his hole eagerly swallows the brunet's thrusts. A choice opening episode, the guys finish off with bravura money shots that leaves the bottom's front side dripping wet.

In a clever editing style, Slide is not composed to discrete episodes. The action scenes tend to slide from one to the other, typically by showing the upcoming set of models in brief poses near the closing end of each scene.

Derrick Vineyard Slides Up

Viewers will not have time to rest at all for the following episode, arguably the high point of the film. Slide features the shimmering return of Derrick Vinyard, who retired prematurely after filming for Falcon Studios, amd most recently popping up in Jet Set's ode to straight flirts Cock Tease.

The fortunate Rusty Stevens notices Vinyard, leaping out of the pool to suck on his wagging cock. Vinyard's lotioned skin shines in the light> He stands tall, enjoying getting sucked. They are joined by handsome Dylan Wood, the luckless sheriff from this year's excellent Hung Country for Young Men.

Wood sucks both of their dicks, followed by taking the privilege of being the first to enjoy Vinyard's cock thrusting inside his ass. Wood sure is a noisy bottom! In previous movies, the top was famous for speaking numerous "Vinyardisms" while reaming ass. It seems like he has unfortunately dropped this practice for the most part.

Stevens does not get crowded out of the picture. In a memorable finish, Vinyard and Wood lay shoulder to shoulder as Stevens drifts between their two erections, fucking himself with abandon for three hot rounds.

All three cum standing side by side.

William West is another one of the movie's intriguing new blonds. He emerges from the fleshy green leaves to join Shane Erikson and Dean Carter poolside. Carter is another of the movie's lithe bottoms, who looks best riding a hot cock. As Carter rides Erikson thrusting lap, the masculine Patrick Bateman appears, shoving his long erection into West's open mouth.

Dylan Wood returns to fuck Jet Set Man Marcus Steele. The fourgy escalates to a wild sequence of both couples rutting furiously, Bateman screwing West doggie style as Carter continues his lap ride.

Then to mix things up, a double doggie visual shows Bateman getting sloppy seconds with Carter as Erickson tops West. Everyone goes all out for this, but the winner is the strong, silent top Patrick Bateman. And he pops a hot money shot over Carter as well.

The movie finishes on a great note. Wood returns for a welcome encore, this time with another one of the film's new discoveries, a hung bearded blond named Marcus Steele. Wood nonchalantly turns the tattooed Southerner around and sticks his dick in his ass. At this point, a floppy haired dishwater blond named Jason Pitt appears. Sticking his cock into the bottom's mouth, Pitt and Wood make an very appealing Marcus Steele sandwich.

Steele doesn't miss his opportunity either for getting some ass in this slippery romp. He puts the twink on his back, ramming him hard as Pitt's feet stay wide apart pointing up to the sky. Pitt creams all over his own hand while jacking off.

Slide packs an impressive number of hot performers, many of them new to movies, all into one four episode film. The popular themes of hunks in speedos and poolside sex stay consistently very high, so look for future follow-ups.

NOTE: Jet Set filmed Slide in widescreen, high definition video. This is their first movie to be sold on the Blu Ray dvd format.

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Slide Photos:

Dylan Wood sucks Marcus SteeleWatch Now
Dylan Wood rides Marcus Steele
Dylan Wood and Marcus SteeleWatch Now
Dylan Wood and Marcus Steele
David Dakota rides Derec StoneWatch Now
David Dakota rides Derec Stone
Four Way: Dean Carter rides Shane EricksonWatch Now
Four Way: Patrick Bateman on William West,
Dean Carter rides Shane Erickson

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