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Sleazy Riders

Vlado Iresch
Bloc Hardcore  
Elliot Gass , Fan Marco , Fred Corba , Gery Rake , Joe Kean , Johan Volny , Kamil Fox , Mario Raffanelly , Mike Radden , Mirko Mand , Rick Farmer , Nikandro Sideropulos , Pablo Tutti , Richard Said , Thomas Dyk , Tony Koch
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Sleazy Riders

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Thomas Dyk Rallies Sleazy Motorcycle Riders

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

We do not know why Richard Said is on the cover of Sleazy Riders. Do not misunderstand, he's a hot model and all, but his only appearance is as one of the five tops who gangbang Thomas Dyk in the movie's orgy episode. Perhaps the film's narrator, Johan Volny, has been on too many boxcovers. Two other models who fuel the crackling power of the film are sexaholic Thomas Dyk, as well as the adorable Tony Koch, who performs his first ever on-screen top role in the film.

Nikandro SideropolousWatch VOD
Nikandro Sideropolous
Some fans have publically groused that some may be confused that this is the first ever Bloc Hardcore movie to not be directed by Robert Boggs. Boggs is one of our favorite directors. He probably inspired our original interest in Czech boy movies.

torial work is up to par with Boggs in this instance. Sleazy Riders does not have the same fingerprints as Boggs, like an engaging documentary film in the DVD extras, like 2004's enjoyable gay porn movie Skaterz. Nevertheless, running at six sex scenes, a six man orgy carried by top Czech talent, Sleazy Riders should not be missed.

Narrator Volny sits year round patiently waiting for vacationing travalers to visit his countryside resort area, a favorite ground for boating, motorcycling and hiking. The film's premise displays him watching and ruminating over what the guys do around there, culminating with him nailing one of the hottest visitors in the last scene.

It begins with newcomer hunk Nikandro Sideropolus, and quite a strapping hunk indeed, stripping naked with buddy Mike Radden and splashing around in the water of a rolling creek. Crafty brunet Thomas Dyk appears on a motorcycle and snags their clothes hanging on a rock. The guys chase Dyk naked, eventually stopping him.

Realizing the prank, everything quickly turns from outrage to giggling sexual frolic. Bent over the motorcycle, Sideropolous eats out Dyk's fabulous ass. Then he slams his cock inside ramming him as the bottom's mouth gets stuffed with Radden's long cock.

They move to the porch of a shed where Sideropolous screws Dyk in a new position, culminating with him jizzing all over the bottom's hole.

Radden, who does not engage in anal, squirts a hefty serving of his hot milk into Dyk's open mouth. Then, Dyk shoots a high flying money shot, which Sideropolous eats up.

Sideropolus, aka Nikandro Sideropolous in Raw Courage, is a great new face, and Dyk shows, which he will later in the same film, his five star bottoming skills.

Tony Koch's Motorcycle Mayhem

The second episode shows friends Tony Koch and Pablo Tutti floating down the river, where they get naked in the boat, and start a session of tasty cock sucking. Both have long dicks. Tutti is an interesting new face: he wears his long hair in braids. His ass also likes to get fucked, as Koch plows his long and hand on some rocks, slapping the bottom's ass from time to time.

Koch is adorable, and usually plays the bottom boy, making this episode a very arousing sight to the eyes. Koch makes some great faces, and he shoots a seemingly unending gusher of cum over Tutti's tanned skin. Koch also eats Tutti's load.

Next, Volny, Nicolas Santos and Fred Corba cap off their afternoon of motorcycle riding with an outdoor shower. Silly antics lead to big boners. They assemble themselves into standing triangles to suck each other.

Santos, who also appears in the equally bucolic Hard Riders. The lean Santos easily swallows Volny's dick, arguably the biggest in the entire cast. Santos also takes Corba's thick cock doggie style. Corba is another new face, a tanned muscular guy with a smooth chest and hair on his legs.

Corba pulls out to splatter a hot money shot onto Santos' backside, followed by the continuous shot of Santos jacking off Volny's dick until he cums.

After this, Fan Marco fishes on the riverbank, where he spys two manly guys, Kamil Fox and Gary Rake.

This sequence is another one of the spectacular events of Sleazy Riders, as euroboy fans should recall Rake from the last ball drenching episode of Bareback Road Trip, where Rake, dressed as a police officer, along with a second, fuck the hell out of twink Frodo Caspy.

This time, the tattooed and pierced Rake gets it up the ass, two round, callypgian globes with a hot hole that Fox drives his tongue deep inside before he fucks.

Fox screws him doggie style on the riverbank until voyeur Marco joins them. Rake takes the pale, smooth twink, points his feet up into the air and tops him with hard thrusts.

During this, Fox feeds a thick, creamy load into the bottom's mouth. Rake finally pulls out and covers Marco is a pool of hot cum.

Thomas Dyk's Gang-Bang

If this hasn't been enough, the movie moves to the orgy scene, where the guys let loose after more motorcycle riding. The focal point of their passion quickly centers onto Dyk's pillowy ass. He takes on a fantastic range of heavily hung studs, including Joe Kean (Bareback Chalet Boys, a big dicked blond who looks like he could be Volny's brother.

Who wants to gang bang Thomas Dyk? Dyk lays on his back and takes one mammoth cock after another. Apart from Kean, Elliot Gass and Richard Said, he also swallows the cock of cute bottle blond Marko Raffanelly, a stud who performs in Titan Fresh films as Sergej Ural.

In an memorable sequence, Raffanelly tops Dyk, pulls out, shoots his load into the condom, and sticks it back inside Dyk's wide hole.

Another hot top cutie is Mirko Mand, who fucks Dyk wearing a sporty blue shirt. This well-filmed gang bang ends with lots of loads landing on Dyk's body, face and mouth.

The final scene shows Volny reflecting over his romantic Summer of "bikes, speed and sex," just as Tony Koch rides up on a horse.

They repair inside the cabin where they slowly begin touching and kissing each other. Once their jeans are off, Koch shows off his hot bottomboy skills, as Volny's shows off his own brand of deep dick fucking.

Easy Riders couldn't end on a hotter note.

Movies from Bloc studios are not bareback, but they should not be overlooked. Filled with great scenes, it is a great mix of guys playing with each other, enjoying long days and nights of riding.

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Niko Sideropolus and Thomas Dyk in Sleazy RidersWatch Now
Nikandro Sideropolus probes Thomas Dyk
(Mike Radden standing left)
Thomas Dyk and Mike RaddenWatch Now
Thomas Dyk and Mike Radden
share Nikandro Sideropolus
Thomas Dyk in Sleazy RidersWatch Now
Thomas Dyk
Thomas Dyk gang bangWatch Now
Richard Said, Marko Raffanelly, Mirko Mand, Elliot
Gass, Joe Kean cluster around Thomas Dyk

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