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Sleaze 3

Ben Baird
SX Video  
Aaron Summers , Aaron Summers , Angel Rocha , Antonio Vela , Diego Cruz , Dusty Rivers , Franco , , Patrick Ives , Sebastian , Steven Richards ,
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Sleaze 3

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Kevin Rocha and Lito Cruz: It's easy being sleazy!

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

SX Video's Sleaze 3 picks right up where Sleaze 2 left off, with an extremely verbal Dusty Rivers assaulting Aaron Summers (GRUNTS: Misconduct) - here being extra submissive - as they frolic in a dungeon playroom.

Being the third in the series from the steadworthy SX Video you just know there's going to be some nasty horse hung guys assaulting their equally piggy bottom counterparts, you just know there's gonna be toys, huge-ass rubber schlongs to prize open their holes, but amazingly Sleaze 3 manages to go even a step further, usurping previous titles with something sleazier than ever before… But more of that later…

So Rivers' vicious tongue is now deep inside cover star Summers shaved hole. Summers is slumped over a black leather sling as Rivers tongues, fingers, slaps, and eventually works his raw manmeat far inside for a hard powerful fuck. Summers chews on his own arm to calm himself down, moaning and groaning in ecstasy.

He gets upside down in the sling so Rivers can really slam him, the latter doing so with an increasingly moistening huge prick.

Next the only downside - Rivers turns to the camera uttering acringeworthy cheesy line, but this is thankfully soon forgotten as he lubes up and starts to bury his digits in Summers while sucking on his prick.

He fucks him some more, gets his fist RIGHT up inside that hole, then pulls out a ridiculously thick and long dildo which amazingly gets most of the way inside the hole as well. He then cums on the toy and fucks it back inside.

But this is Sleaze 3, fellas, so the scene doesn't end there. Twisting and contorting the cum laden toy he gets bored, his uncut cock still hard as a rock.

Dusty Rivers tops Aaron SummersWatch on or Watch VOD
Dusty Rivers tops Aaron Summers
And we'll be damned if he doesn't work his foot up Summers' orifice. Yep, we said they went even further this time and we weren't kidding. Move aside fisters, there's a new fetish sheriff in town.

Finally back on top like a bunny, Rivers fucks, lubes, cums, fists and pummels Summers' butt to oblivion. Intense shit.

Scene two opens with the dark haired submissive and sexy latino Diego Cruz bent down close to some bunk beds, servicing three naked guys with his mouth. SX fans will recognize the 9" wonder that is porn star Lito Cruz (Monster Cock) - who, we think, is no relation…, as well as a tall hung Steven Richards and the shorter stocky singularly named Franco.

Diego tangos with all three guys, and especially with Lito's cock which clearly outshines the rest in terms of sheer mass. But it's Richards who first gets up that hot willing hole, while Lito lays on his back and enjoys the suck job Diego provides.

Richards doesn't bother pulling out when he cums, and he continues to fuck Cruz' cum sloppy hole, before positioning Lito deep inside the slick wet tunnel.

Franco spurts up him next with his own impressive shaft, making it a true trifecta, and Diego's ass is still wide open, taking yet more cock with 3 oozing cum loads up him already.

The third scene brings in the brawn, showcasing the manly Patrick Ives (Real Men Have Hair) who is gobbling an engorged Sebastien B. (Anything Goes), as the action starts. Impressively, B. gets on his back and with Ives help he performs autofellatio on his ample uncut cock, which is enough to get Ives into the playroom sling for some of that bare cock. His eyes roll back in his head as B. penetrates deeper and deeper. The supple B. even manages to give Ives a suck or two while his long cock is buried deep inside.

Then shooting his jizz way in there he gets on all fours for Ives to do him like a raw doggie, then he gets in the sling and the twosome take turns sucking on B. It's steamy nasty stuff, and B. celebrates the occasion by jetting forth streams of piss all over himself. Finally, there's a cum filled climax for them both.

The Rocha Brothers Tag Team Antonio Vela

The closing scene features gay brothers, as Angel Rocha who some will recognize from Monster Cock, is joined by sibling porn star Kevin Rocha. Their plaything? The submissive skinhead Antonio Vela (Barebacking with Carlos Morales).

"Wait till my brother gets here" says Angel ominously, having just ordered Vela down to his knees to suck his truly huge Latino member. With still just the two of them in the playpen Angel fingers Vela's soft rear opening that looks, for now, like a huge fat cock couldn't squeeze up it if it tried. But of course it does - he wants it and so does Angel, and he's soon bent over letting Angel's huge shaft slide in and out of him while he sniffs a little poppers. Angel wastes no time at all cumming up there, and he pulls his wide brown prick out at just the right time, so we can see his tasty glistening manjuice as he slides in again, and out again, giving Vela's hole some natural lube.

Vela is told to ride on it next, and he doesn't have a problem with that at all, ably milking him like a true expert in sluttiness. And now who should walk in but Angel's brother Kevin, ready to play with their toy like all good brothers who share.

Vela uses his mouth around the cock (with a brotherly helping hand on his head) and then Angel slides back in from behind, in a sleazy moment where you can see the cum dripping from Vela's well fucked anus.

They turn him around and Kevin gets some of that butt, fucking him more rigorously than his brother, and enjoying the already wet ass. It's a nicely nasty scene keeping well in the spirit of this title. Although the brothers never touch, they clearly love seeing each other get off, and share their bottom sluts.

Back and forth they take him until Vela is dumped in and drenched, pumped in and pummeled, opened wide for the fraternal duo to seed him.

Vela is next had on the floor, taking direction from each of the Rochas on how to please the other better (from each end).

He's ultimately used up in the sling, with intensely hard flip flop fucking from Kevin and Angel, and we defy any viewer to count the number of cum loads Vela takes between his legs. Left alone and totally satisfied he displays his own HUGELY thick erection and jerks it to a satisfying climax all over himself.

Bonus footage includes some sixteen plus minutes of cut footage from the first three scenes, bringing this director's cut Sleaze 3 just shy of two hours. There are some exclusive stills in the photo gallery if that's your bag, and then another whopping 30 minutes of hot trailers.

So the amazing footage (pardon the pun) from the first scene notwithstanding SX Video have again proved in Sleaze 3 that they can match their own previously set standards and then take it on a step further, like all good Sleazy merchants. Roll on, Sleaze 4!!! How many more taboos are there to bust?!?!? We await your next offering.

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Sleaze 3 Photos:

Kevin Rocha and Angel Rocha sandwich Antonio VelaWatch on or Watch VOD
The Rocha brothers top Antonio Vela
Kevin Rocha and Angel Rocha sandwich Antonio VelaWatch on or Watch VOD
The Rocha brothers top Antonio Vela
Steven Richards and Lito Cruz top Diego CruzWatch on or Watch VOD
Steven Richards and Lito Cruz top Diego Cruz

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