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Skuff II: Downright Filthy

Steven Scarborough
Hot House Entertainment   HH011
Alex Collack , Andy Hunter , , Cody Scott , , Daxx Reed , Dick Wolf , , Jacob Scott , Joe Foster , Rob Anthony
Bathhouse / Sex ClubKink / SextoysDaddy / BoyHairy GuysDaddies / Men

Skuff II: Downright Filthy

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Alex Collack's Downright Filthy

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

A fine film interplaying between vanilla sex and numerous eye-opening fetishes, Steven Scarborough's Skuff II: Downright Filthy descends into a smokey den of animalistic manplay.

Filmed at the Power Exchange in San Francisco, the guys spend a majority of the time focused on exercising their passions through their dicks and butts. The screen drips with quiet intense pleasures from these shaved-headed musclemen.

The Retail Version is Disc One, which contains five lengthy scenes. The second disc contains several additional sequences of fetish and solo material.

The movie's "boy" is Hot House Exclusive Alex Collack (boxcover). He's the submissive, bottomboy punk who gets the tops to boss him around and dominate him. The film begins with him tied to a chair, duct tape over his mouth, eyes wide open.

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He helplessly watches the jockstrap clad Collin O'Neal and Arpad Miklos (Black n Blue) paw and suck on each other. These two scruffy faced musclepigs are sensational. The punkboy aches for attention from these two. Collack bangs his chair around, and grunts. They ignore him until he pees on the floor.

What did you do? You're in trouble now, punk! shouts O'Neal as he tears over to Collack.

Untied, Collack gets the attention he sought. O'Neal rims the punks ass, who is bent over orally servicing Miklos. First with his mouth, then his fingers, and finally with his impressive, big bone, O'Neal gives the punk's ass a nice workout.

When O'Neal pulls out to give Miklos a turn, the punk's pink rosebud peeks out. Obviously this is a punk ruled and run by his insatiable ass. Before the scene ends, the two tops double-dick Collack. Their money shots are fountain-like geysers of warm seed that cover the boy.

Never fullfilled, Collack hangs around the club to find more.

The second scene cuts to an outdoor alley, where Joe Foster startles a snoozing street bum, played by blonde Cody Scott. Foster aggressively persuades the reluctant Scott to put his lips around the Aussie's big meat. Quickly, the bum totally gets into it.

Open you mouth and spit on it, commands Foster. Take it!, he says.

Foster then pounds Scott's meaty, fleshy cheeks on a red firehydrant. After this first-rate buttbanging, Foster stands proudly over the supine bottom and dumps his load onto him.

Walk the Dog, Dick Wolf

The third scene - Walk The Dog - is the one everyone talks about, and it's definitely one of the most inventive scenes ever filmed. Hairy muscleboy Dick Wolf from Perfect Fit plays the obedient doggie. He takes a tour of the sex club walking on all fours with his benevolent master Jacob Scott (Resurrection).

After barking and performing some tricks, Scott inserts a buttplug which features an upturned doggie tail into Wolf's wagging bootie.

Scott feeds the doggie a bone by telling him to suck his dick. They proceed through some great dogowner chat, and Wolf barks and wolfs away when he's told.

The scene turns sexual with Wolf butt up on a wooden stand. Scott rims his delicious muscular cheeks, followed by doggie style anal pumping. Needing more of the same, Scott gets Wolf to top him. They finish with Wolf in the sling, where he gets his hole worked over by some dildos.

(Disk Two includes another related vignette where the doggie gets his bowl of water. Well, it's golden water. See also the Hot House's 2013 Walk the Dog reboot in The Dom.)

Next, punkboy Alex Collack hangs in a sling waiting for more attention. Rob Anthony (Addiction) comes around to give him a fine session of buttplay. Keeping his eyes locked on Anthony, Collack holds both of his cheeks apart, and gets his hole opened by a large orange dildo.

Next Anthony plunges in a bigger black one. These two good-looking muscle studs run through an intense, arousing session of assplay, all to the fine rhythm and beat of the movie's fine soundtrack.

Collack pushes out his rosebud at the end.

All eyes are on Filippo Romano's leather jockstrap. Without coming, Anthony wanders off to look for something new in the club. He spys ballcap wearing Andy Hunter, and immediately gets down on his knees to lick his long prod. Working over Hunter's knob, Anthony works his pants down to reveal that he's wearing a bright red jockstrap.

Eventually Anthony gets his butt pumps by Hunter. First he sits on it, then he takes it while hanging in the a sling. Skuff 2 eases very nicely from fetishes to anal action.

The last scene is a real scorcher. Filippo Romano (Bone Island) walks in wearing a thin leather jockstrap and tight black shirt. Looking for a target, dirty blonde Daxx Reed shows up. The gorgeous Romano let's Reed suck him, only after first licking his leather pouch, and then his round asscheecks.

Ultimately, Reed takes Romano's uncut bone all the way into his mouth. There is some fantastic oral footage as the two swallow each other. Romano then rims Reed's bubblebutt in preparation to plug it with his eveready erection.

The tan European gives the pale white boy a long, steady ass pumping, first doggie and then missionary. These nasty prettyboys cap off a fine end to a wild and edgy journey in a labyrinth of carnal delights.

Note: Viewers who like Skuff 2, will really enjoy Skuff: Downright Dirty. Kyle McKenna is just too hot to watch.

The Director's Cut DVD also includes a self-fisting sequence with Alex Collack, and a solo with Dick Wolf playing with some eggplant-sized dildos.

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Skuff II: Downright Filthy Photos:

Daxx Reed and Filippo RomanoWatch on - Watch VOD
Daxx Reed inhales Filippo Romano
Walk The Dog Dick WolfWatch on - Watch VOD
Walk The Dog (Dick Wolf)
Arpad Miklos, Alex Collack, Collin O'NealWatch on - Watch VOD
Arpad Miklos, Alex Collack, Collin O'Neal

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