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Ski Trip

Alain Eclair
Tribal Pulse Productions  
Adam Kubick , Aston Martin , Billy Elliot , , David Masters , Luke Masters , Roland Brooks
Czech BoysTwinks, InternationalCum Eating

Ski Trip

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Adam Kubick and Brock Wilder go skiing

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Ski Trip is a seven scene twink playfest, showing seven hotties letting loose at a frosty ski lodge. The idea of a group of horny teens cloistered away in a ski chalet has not been done any better since Jean Daniel Cadinot's 1985 classic Ski Fever. It also includes seven nice models, many of which are now appearing in numerous tasty productions from the Czech Republic, both bareback and non-bareback. Pictured on the boxcover are the two movie's star models: Adam Kubick and Brock Wilder (aka Jay Renfro).

The first scene begins with Kubick entering the kitchen, where he finds curly haired Aston Martin making breakfast. Unhappy with the typical rolls and coffee continental fare, Kubick offers up his juicy uncut sausage. Martin gobbles up the tasty morsel, first in his mouth, but then in his ass. Kubick throws his usual powerhouse screw to the bottom, this time with his legs apart on the kitchen table. The plates rattle as he thrusts.

Their frisky Frühstück finishes with them spraying yummy morning loads. Kubick licks his all up. Later the boys all show up for breakfast. Brock Wilder saunters in looking like he rolled right out of bed, and grabs a roll.

Aston Marten and Brock WilderWatch VOD
Aston Marten blows Brock Wilder
The guys go out for some cross country skiing. No sooner have Luke Masters and Billy Elliott returned, then the two pull off their clothes and lather each other with their tongues. Masters is a breathtakingly handsome tall boy with a thick, memorable cock. He's quite the bareback bottom in Virgin Tales and others as Taylor Brooks. Here he struts his topman abilities with Elliot bent over doggie. Elliott ends up squirting out a nice money shot.

Next Wilder takes a leisurely shower, attracting the attention of curly haired Martin. Martin wants to give Wilder some of what he received that morning. He is extremely fortunate to have blondie Wilder right there naked and hard for his carnal needs. Wilder gets his boybutt drilled in the intimate confines of the small bathroom. Their arousing display has Wilder bent over doggie, holding his balance using the sink and toilet as necessary props.

The scene ends with two remarkable money shots: Martin's load coats over the bottom's back. Wilder curls up and, while still standing and getting rammed, blows jets of jism into his open mouth.

After this, the guys sit down to a chatty lunch. But the still peckish Roland Brooks needs more. A knockout brunet, Brooks deep throats Masters's thick meat, who tantalizingly keeps wearing his underwear. The two switch positions for more hot dick sucking. Then the lanky Masters gets behind Brooks, and shoves it into the brunet's tan butt. Masters goes to town, slapping his big balls right up against the skin.

Suddenly Kubick walks in and sees his friend getting plowed. He goes up and starts gingerly kissing him. Masters decides not to be a hole hog, and let's Kubick in for sloppy seconds. In a fine finish, Kubick fires out heavy strings of juicy goo, which he laps back up with his tongue. Apparently this boxcoverboy's cum is too good for the others to share. The now thoroughly reamed Brooks hoses Masters down with his load.

Sandwiching Brock Wilder

Next Wilder, Kubick and Elliott are playing what looks like a Czech version of the game Connect 4. Their carefree competition turns into a naked threeway, with Kubick and Elliott making a finely pressed Brock Wilder sandwich. The dishwater blond's plump rump causes the two to break into a real sweat here. Once again, the star cumshot is Wilder's who bends up while standing and blasts his cream into his mouth.

The final scene is an encore performance of Brooks and Luke Masters. They only just plowed through the same territory earlier, but here they do it sideways on a bed, and the results are just as visually stimulating as the first time. Brooks keeps his smooth legs raised high to the audience sees everything.

The two star standouts here are clearly Kubick, with his Hollywood movie star looks, and Wilder. The credits bill Wilder as introducing Brock Wilder, and his bottom star qualities are clearly visible right from the beginning. The DVD includes a nice seven minute compilation of shots from behind the scenes. There is some sexy in-camera Q&A with Kubick, which is the only interview we have seen with this hot European model.

There also is a preview of the very hot Suite Service, which includes many of these same models. Ski Trip is playing right now online, just click the WATCH NOW button on this page.

Ski Trip Photos:

Adam Kubick, Roland Brooks, Luke MastersWatch VOD
Adam Kubick, Roland Brooks, Luke Masters
Adam Kubick and Aston MartinWatch VOD
Adam Kubick licks Aston Martin

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