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Skin Deep (Parts 1 & 2)

Kristen Bjorn
Kristen Bjorn (Sarava Productions)  
Alex Ferrari , Alex Ferretto , Alex Ribeiro , Aritz San Juan , Armando Del Toro , Bruno Jones , Daniel Marvin , Erik Demko , Etienne Cendras , Franco Dominicci , Harry Louis , Hugo Martin , , Jordi Casal , Kaio Castro , Pedro Andreas , Renzo Belli , , Ricci Julian , Rocco Banks , Rocky DeOliveira , Rodrigo Ferrais
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Skin Deep (Parts 1 & 2)

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In one single word: amazing.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

In one single word: amazing.

Kristen Bjorn's two part dvd Skin Deep is epic in every kind of proportion. Twenty two men move through the two movie discs, each lasting over two and a half hours. Part one boils over with ten sex scenes. (Unless you skimp and do not purchase the director's cut. The regular cut contains just NINE.)

Part two brings the total number of scenes to twenty three, all bristling with multiple orgasms, oral cumshots and endless combinations of breathless fucking.

And the models - Etienne Cendras, Alex Ribeiro, Daniel Marvin, Pedro Andreas, Rocky Oliveria.... an endless parade of men so fucking hot, their sex could make the seas part. Watching this movie is so completely overwhelming, so expect a most enjoyable discovery process that could take weeks. (See also 2009's two-part Action! from Kristen Bjorn)

Etienne Cendras and Renzo Belli Watch Now or Watch on KristenBjorn
Etienne Cendras probes Renzo Belli
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Now some might complain that Bjorn has been stuck for years with his camera showing off muscular Euro-hunks dressed in all black attire, trapped in castles. But this style works wonderfully, and it is a testament to the talent of the producers.

Take, for example, the film's star Etienne Cendras. Cendras is the head of a villa of mafiosos, where the rules are strict. All of his employees refer to him as "Sir." The members of the gang may be used by the rest of the gang members for their pleasure. A story thread runs through the production in which certain gang members break the rules, sleep with each other or squeal on the boss. This is all completely overpowered by the sex.

Cendras is a remarkable male specimen who rivets the attention of anyone watching. Pictured on the box cover, he, along with other cast members, easily take home the award for best tattooed cast of any movie.

He starts the film calling Renzo Belli over to suck his dick. After trading lengthy blow jobs, Cendras steps out of his Italian suit so that Belli can fuck him. Watching Cendras is visually spectacular, led by the multi-colored ink art running up the entire length of his right leg.

The guys fuck each other in a multi-orgasm opening that leaves the viewer breathless.

Next, Ricardo Safado and Harry Lewis widely enjoy a cigarette when young villa employee Erik Demko. passes by pushing a wheel barrow. The bald headed, horsehung Safado first appeared in last year's Kristen Bjorn porn movie El Rancho. Here, his role has been expanded into more scenes, showing off his remarkable on-screen personality to the delight of his fans.

He bosses Demko into a side room where his pants quickly disappear so Safado can eat his ass. Lewis, one of the movie's new beautiful hunks, whips his big erection out of his black pants so that the kid can suck him.

Lewis is a great top here, getting behind to drill Safado who is in the midst of fucking Demko. It should be noted that Safado wears his Italian leather hat on his head throughout the entire scene. Oh the style of Skin Deep!

Daniel Marvin and Pedro Andreas man the kitchens

After a scene depicting "brothers" Bruno Jones and Hugo Martin enjoying a forbidden flip-flop, the movie moves to another intensely high caliber segment. Cendras hires gay porn's most stunning twosome, Daniel Marvin and Pedro Andreas, to work in the villa kitchen. Upon hiring he directs them to fuck Belli, and finally double fuck his own manly ass.

This scene alone contains ten money shots, Marvin's being especially copious.

After this comes our favorite one-on-one in the movie: The always amazing Jean Franko catches adorable baby faced Rodrigo Ferrais reading a gay skin mag.

Franko promises not to tell the boss, if Ferrais sucks his dick. Franko is blessed with one of the most beautiful dicks on film, so Ferrais should consider himself the luckiest guy in the world at this point. After tonguing Ferrais' smooth brown hole until he erupts the scene's first money shot, Franko throws him an electrifying standing fuck, still fully dressed in his black regalia.

Rocco Banks and Ricardo SafradoWatch Now or Watch on
Rocco Banks sucks Ricardo Safrado
And if this is not enough, after finishing, Franko reveals his own bare ass which Ferrais gets a turn at fucking. Holy smokes! This is as good as it gets, folks!

Part one of Skin Deep continues with four more scenes. The handsome, go-teed Rocco Banks appears to give a jaw dropping blowjob to Safado, whose colossal cock is the largest of anyone's in the entire cast. And if you want to see Banks take Safado's steel torpedo up his ass, you must wait. First Banks fucks Safado to climax.

After this they, long with the returning Franko, Ferrais, Demko and Lewis chow down in an oral suckfest along a very tall, narrow stairwell. After that point an orgy breaks out punctuated with Banks getting double-fucked by Safado and Franko.

The director's cut of the disc features a closing scene with Alex Ribeiro (Fire Dance) flip-flopping with the sultry and sexy Armando del Toro.

It should noted too that the Behind the Scenes feature on the DVD is not live action, but a series of fantastic still photos showing the cast during the production. Another wonderful little surprise!

Franco Dominicci and Rocky OliveiraWatch Now or Watch on KristenBjorn
Franco Dominicci & Rocky Oliveira
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Skin Deep, Part Two

Bjorn cleverly keeps things moving right along in his second part. Cendras, Belli, Safado and Franko are nowhere to be seen. However, he adds a new batch to the cast: Alex Ferrari, Rocky Olivera and Franko Dominicci. Where does Bjorn land these guys?

Returning from part one is bad news brother Bruno Jones, who starts the action on the second DVD with a lengthy, versatile one on one with Jordi Casal, a finely chiseled, handsome man with a strong, angular face.

His sexual play with Jones is quietly explosive, before you realize it, they've blown the cap off the mountain. Two more sets of mind blowing one on ones continue the film, setting the pace at a much more romantic level then part one. An astonishingly sensual suck scene, followed later by sex between bronzed Kaio Castro and Alex Ferrari is intermingled with a volcanic kitchen episode between Marvin and Andreas.

Just like in El Rancho, Marvin and Andreas steal the opportunity to fuck each other bareback, but this is just in the director's cut of Skin Deep. Once again, the hottest real life gay couple on the planet share their intimacy in an episode that only Bjorn could produce.

After this, the builds on its scenes featuring powerful group action. First, Bruno Jones gets his brains fucked out by Armando del Toro, which leads to a sandwich fuck by adding Casal and Ribeiro.

Rocky Olivera (the sexy star of Man Ville) appears at this point, washing his glistening, beefy body in a full standing shower. A Bjorn favorite, and one of ours as well, the Brazilian shares an energetic, hot flip-flop with a stunning newcomer named Franco Dominicci. These two guys are perfect male specimens, fitting together perfectly in musical harmony that once again puts Skin Deep at the highest of the heights.

Next comes another riveting one-on-one between two Spanish speaking newcomers, Artiz San Juan and the tight bodied latin Alex Ferreto. After trading blowjobs and big cumshots, Ferreto fucks San Juan hard, pounding him on the floor in hard thrusts, which leads them to shooting another pair of loads.

Skin Deep's Giant Mafia Orgy Finale

Later, the film goes outdoors, where the beautiful Marvin takes the opportunity to screw Domininni doggie style under an azure blue sky. At this point, the mafia guys suspect that new hire cooks Marvin and Andreas are spys.

Dominicci, San Juan, Faretto and Oliveria confront Marvin with their allegation, and things quickly evolve in the rat getting stripped on his clothes and thrown into a five man orgy. Here Marvin endures the humiliating punishment of fucking Olivera's beautiful ass. Meanwhile, Farettos gets drilled next to them by San Juan.

Fuck their butts. Take the cannoli.
The film reaches its climax as Andres and Ricco Julian are blowing each other in the kitchen. The guys open the doors, and everyone spills into a side room. Rico Julian ia a monster of a man, and just one more member of this cast to dream over. In an unforgettable six way orgy, Castro gets gangbanged, ultimately cumming while getting fucked. More double fucking and wild penetration ensues, even with the surprising power bottoming of Julian until everyone and everything climaxes in rivers of man cum.

The film ends with the revelation of the name of the true traitor. Fortunately his own forbidden love affair saves his life.

Skin Deep may not pack the grand, filmmaking punch of other movies released in 2008. Despite this, the sheer level of sex, passion and artistic beauty make this an instant classic and arguably the best sex film of the entire year.

If Cecil B. DeMille has filmed porn, his name would have been Kristen Bjorn.

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Skin Deep (Parts 1 & 2) Photos:

Rocky Oliveira and Franco DominicciWatch Now or Watch on
Rocky Oliveira tops Franco Dominicci
Skin Deep four-wayWatch Now or Watch on
Ricci Julian, Alex Ferrari, Pedro Andreas, Kaio Castro
Alex Ribeiro and Jordi CasalWatch Now or Watch on KristenBjorn
Alex Ribeiro & Jordi Casal
Kaio Castro and Alex FerrariWatch Now or Watch on KristenBjorn
Kaio Castro below Alex Ferrari

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