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Skaterz (Blader Boyz)

Robert Boggs
Tipo Sesso International  
Brad Michaels , Brad Wood , Brandon Slater , Chad Driver , Ernesto Jordan , Julian Benet , Martin Noah , Steven Davidson , Vince Cotti
Czech BoysUniformsTwinks, InternationalDocumentaryOutdoor SexModel Interviews

Skaterz (Blader Boyz)

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A cute cast of rollerblading boys enjoy six riveting sex scenes, both in and out of their kneepads.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

The theme of young guys rollerblading should be extremely popular. But here is a little gem that may have gotten missed in the massive deluge of DVD releases hailing from the Czech Republic. Director Robert Boggs, who always creates reliable, hot movies using the same stable of hotties, hits all the right notes with Skaterz. (Confusingly, this movie was released under the title Skaterz in the United States by Tipo Sesso. In Europe, this film is more accurately titled Blader Boyz.)

If you saw this as a Tipo Sesso movie, and put it down because they use condoms, rethink your decision. Skaterz rolls fast and furious with six action scenes and a sweet solo from Dion Phillips (billed here with the Americanized moniker Steven Davidson).

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Martin Noah below Julian Benet
There are al The producers also capture some charming footage of the models rollerblading around a public park, with some unwitting fellow bladers in the background. On another nice note, the DVD includes a ten minute Behind the Scenes showing the models, who are a very charming set, enjoying more blading, prepping for sex as well as cute face to camera interviews in their native language with English subtitles.

A nice touch!

Hey, Luke Hamill: Suck My Cock!

The movie begins with Julian Bonet and Brad Wood (Lukas Vymac) taking the well-equipped Vinci Cotti (Vaclav Janders) to a grassy glade. Bonet and Wood wear colorful shirts that say SUCK MY COCK, and Cotti wears his dark kneepads and shoes throughout. In mouthwatering clarity, Cotti plows Bonet on his side, as Wood hovers over them alternating deep kisses.

Then, Cotti plows Wood on his fours, Bonet standing in front so his buddy cab suck his cock. They shoot the money shots while sitting shoulder-to-shoulder on the ground.

After this, the lean Brad Michaels sits on a bench, when the adorable curly headed Martin Noah (Martin Novotny) skates directly up to him. Soon they are kissing in an empty gym, wrapped in each others' arms. Noah is very affectionate, licking, touching and kissing Michaels (in the behind the scenes Noah says he's gay).

After sucking Michaels, Noah bends over and takes it like a man. Both guys have solid, nice looking, uncut cocks. They finish by jacking off together, Michaels sprawled comfortably over Noah's body. This is another opportunity to watch their meat in full action.

The film takes a slow breather at this point. After Davidson (Dion Phillips) wanks out a creamy load in bed, he picks up Wood, taking him to that same glade as in scene one. They enjoy a playful all-oral scene with Davidson sucking off Wood.

After this, Benet and Noah take the temperature back up to boiling point with an outdoor one-on-one, where Noah offers up his tasty butt for full servicing. They perform lots of foreplay with their clothes halfway on, and as before, Noah seems to be a very accommodating bottomboy.

Benet shines here in full versatility, looking great with his slightly too long, moppy hair. These electric boys turn in one of the hottest scenes of the film.

Chad Driver Is a Butch Bottom

The movie finishes with two outstanding episodes. First, Benet chats amiably on a big couch with Chad Driver and long haired Ernesto Jordan. Both Benet and Jordan take friendly turns on Chad Driver's ass. Driver is quite the butch bottom, easily swallowing his buddies' cock to the balls. They all squirt happy loads on their bellies.

The final episode brings back Michaels, who gets it on with the bodacious Brandon Slater on a comfortable couch of a home movie theatre. Slater possesses a built body and round bubbly ass, which he loves sticking out as far as possible when getting fucked by Michaels. This steamy ass-plowing makes for a satisfying, perfect finale to this athletic, uniform studded film.

By the way, bottomboy Slater did some great stuff for Bel Ami as Jeff Daniels (Flings, Out at Last 3), plus as Lukas Wink for Triumvirate.

Another trivia note - Benet, Noah and Jordan all enjoy a great "screen test" over at Bel Ami in their entertaining training film A +, using the names Tobias Hayek, Colin Reeves and Luke Hamil respectively.

Don't overlook Skaterz aka Blader Boyz.

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Skaterz (Blader Boyz) Photos:

Ernesto Jordan, Chad Driver and Julian Benet Watch Now
Ernesto Jordan, Chad Driver, Julian Benet
Skaterz Three Way Watch Now
Vince Cotti, Brad Wood, Julian Benet
Julian Bonet and Martin Noah Watch Now
Julian Bonet behind Martin Noah
Brad Michaels behind Martin Noah Watch Now
Brad Michaels behind Martin Noah

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